Should Men Get Pedicures?

The answer to the question Should Men Get Pedicures? is both a Yes and a No. It really depends on who the guy is, and his lifestyle. I suspect most Metrosexual guys like Ryan Seacrest do get pedicures. Heck, I remember my own Dad getting pedicures.

Should Men Get Pedicures?

Should Men Get Pedicures?

Since I’m being honest here, I might as well share that some of my girlfriends give their husbands pedicures, respectively. There’s nothing wrong with getting your toenails cut, filed, and buffed. Or your feet rubbed, massaged, and scrubbed with callus stones.

I think the major misconception when someone mentions Men’s pedicures is that Men getting their toenails painted. I know a few Men who has done that, except with clear coats. Nothing in bright colors like pink or red like Women do. I could assume that Punk Rockers get their toenails painted in black but that might be generalizing in my part. I’ll take this opportunity to apologize if that’s the case.

Like I said from the beginning, it’s really up to who the guy is. There is nothing wrong with a guy getting a pedicure. Consider it as part of your foot grooming routine and just go for it.

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    • dak

      hear hear!

      i think it’s proper hygiene.

      • Fred

        I am married and also like to get pedicures. I always get clear polish but
        Will consider painting the toes with a dull brown next time
        I also wear a tie ring, not sure if this will be over the top
        If wear painted nails. What you think?

    • jake

      Many men do enjoy pedicures for similar reasons that women do – it feels great and makes their feet look much better.
      And, is becoming more common for men to wear polish on their toes as well. One nail polish company recently introduced a mens line of masculine colors, BB Couture. This kind of acknowkledgement by a major nail polis company is a sign that it is becoming more mainstream for men to show some style and diversity.
      The mens polishes are available from


      Men, today are realizing that they need to take care of themselves. I think any man that has style and cares about proper hygiene appreciates a good pedicure.

    • Jamie

      I am a guy and I get a pedicure every two weeks in a nail salon. I always wear red polish on my toes and get many compliments on the choice of color. After all, women wear all articles of men’s clothing and there is nothing off-limits. If men have pretty feet, there is no reason that they shouldn’t get pedicures and wear nail polish in all colors including red and pink. After all, women wear black, blue, gray and other colors that are considered masculine. We need to stop creating these stupid gender-based boundaries that really have no purpose. My favorite color is OPI Vodka and Caviar which is a really pretty red that leans toward a bluish-tone. It is very pretty and I love it especially with my red sandals. I get so many compliments on this color and it is a lot of fun when both my wife and I are wearing it and we have matching toes.


    • Richard

      I say yes! Guys need to be doing something with those nasty feet and nails. With all of the info I’ve seen lately on the net about guys getting pedicures, and or painting their nails. I decided to go into a nail place to get a pedicure. I have to say women really have it figured out! It was a great experience!! I am sold, and now go in on a regular basis. Guys have been missing out.

      I have a super nail tech, and my nails and feet have never looked so good. She even applies a very sheer white polish that has a matte finish. It’s just an added touch that makes my nails look even better. Nobody really knows my nails are polished (just looks like clean, healthy nails), except you ladies probably can tell (knowing about nail polish).

      I am a straight 37 year old contractor, so if I can walk into a nail salon and get this done, you other guys out there should give it a try.

    • Arnold

      I have had a few pedicures and enjoy them very much. My feet end up looking and feeling a lot younger and smoother afterwards. I have tired polish as well (a nail tech suggested I try silver because it was a ‘gender neutral’ color) and I loved it! I had never really liked the way my feet looked before – just plain, but with the silver polish, I am now wearing sandals more often and enjoying my new-found freedom with it.

      So far, feedback has been all positive too!

    • Michelle

      My husband’s feet used to be so gross looking that I hid all of his sandals so he wouldn’t show them in public! I finally convinced him that pedicures are beneficial for men too and he agreed to get one.
      His feet look so much better now. Gone are the rough callouses, the dry scratchy skin and the ugly uneven toenails. I not only gave him his sandals back, but I bought him a couple of nice pairs!
      I am even considering having him try the polish thing too. I have seen it on a few guys and it can really look good if done well.
      Gals, do not hesitate to “push” your guy to the nail salon! This is one thing that will pay you back big-time.

    • Marcie

      Most definitely men should feel free to enjoy a pedicure! If a guy cares enough to take care of his feet and have them cleaned up and made more attractive, I think that is awesome. My BF’s feet used to look pretty bad until I talked him into having a pedicure with me. He now has the softest feet that I love to snuggle with in bed. He has also tried polish in black and silver and I think it looks very sexy on him! I agree with others here that allowed their guy to have some fun with this. If used tastefully, men can wear polish on their nails and looks quite good. Mine does!!!

    • Dave L

      I began getting regular pedicures about two years ago. I had an ingrown toenail that was really bugging me, and so my wife suggested I have a pedicure because she thought it would help.
      It was a very enjoyable experience and my feet felt a lot better, even after the first time I went in. I also had some thick callouses that they were able to soften and reduce so that now they are hardly noticable.
      I do get clear polish because it helps keep my toenails stay clean and clear looking, even when I wear work dirty boots all day (I am in construction by trade).
      My wife likes the way my feet are not scratchy anymore, and she even used me as an example to talk her Dad into trying a pedicure as well.

    • TS3232

      I have worn nail polish for a couple of years now but never in Public. As of yet I have not seen one guy wearing nail polish in public. I do live in Phoenix. I would love to wear it in public but it does not seem like a trend that is catching on fast over here.

    • Mark

      well, just jumped into this pond and had my first pedicure. Certainly won’t be my last either. Clear polish on too. maybe in a bit some color, but for now the clear is good. I have diabetes and my doctor was always telling me to take care of my feet. So, tell you what guys, do NOT knock this til you’ve tried it.

      Interesting though as I walked into the salon, light day, but a few women there and they actually smirked a bit when I walked in, liked I’d just enetered the estrogen fortress, but I ignored it and waited.

      Thought to myself, F*** Off. You complain about guys all the time not taking care of themselves and you’re living proof why that is. So I just was confident about what I was doing. The lady asked me if I wanted color, I said know, clear overtop is fine. Tell you though it was great. The massage the bath, the toes look great. I’m hooked.

    • king

      im a guy, 18 years old. i like to have a pedicure on my feet 4 me its for proper hygine.. im straight guy. i also wear black polish, im wearing it now its cool, but i never tried silver, the next time i will try it :)

    • Jim

      I’m 49 year old male and got my first ever pedicure 2 months ago and just loved it. So much so that I got another one just the other day. I sometimes get ingrown toe-nails and tear at my nails. Not any more since my wife told me to try a pedicure. I will go every 5-6 weeks until my nails are rather long and have the nail technician take care of them. These gals work hard and do great work. For $20, it’s a bargain. I also love the massage of my ankles, calves and feet. I tip around $7, which I heard is on the high side but I don’t think so.

    • Russ

      I am a strait 42 year old man. I am married, have 7 children, and 5 grand children. I get pedicures on a regular basis. I ususally get polish, mostly french pedicure, and I love it. I even wear flip flops most of the time out in public. I hardly ever get negative comments, but if I do I just blow it off. I say don’t be afraid guys, just do what feels good.

    • Tiny Piliki

      I am straight with a foot fetish. I love women’s feet and never considered getting a pedicure til reading these comments. I think the idea of wearing gunmetal or silver nail polish on my toes would be great – if I had the nerve to actually display my toes.

    • FTB

      My wife has decided to take me to her favorite nail salon as my wedding anniversary present this year…She says that since she is paying (including a big tip) that she’ll decide the color my toe nails will be painted.

    • Kevin

      I have been getting pedicures for over 3 years now, sometimes even with colored polish. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and it says nothing about sexual orientation (I am married and straight). The way I look at it there is nothing un-manly about taking care of your feet, and if you’ve got the “nads” to wear painted toes in public, then you must be pretty secure in your sexuality. I get great comments from the ladies too.

    • Leon the Lion

      Ever since I started wearing wrap around open toed,open heeled slippers with a flat heel (mainly for foot health via the excellent research of William A. Ross DpM, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Author of “The Sex Life Of The Foot And Shoe”) I’ve never painted my toes, I’m excited to do it. I am a Flamin’ Hetero and love women’s feet and toes and could make love even only to their feet…wow. But when they do that for me…I’ll be be orgiastic orgasmic fits and starts…Great blogspot for Men paying attention to the health of their feet.

    • john

      Can anyone give me some advise, i like nail polish on my toes i love color black. gray and tan. . but i don’t have the courage to show it on public. i am a straight guy 18 years old. can you help me?

    • Bonnie

      You can certainly wear nail polish on your toes! It’s not going to change your gender nor hurt you at all. The hardest part will be to convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with it. Many men wear their toenails with polish. You don’t have to show it public if you don’t want to. Many girls would be happy to polish your toes – just ask them!

    • Joe

      I am married with three grown daughters. So I know the drill with mani pedi. I regularly get a mani pedi. For 25 years I did a clear polish pedi, that got quite boring now I do French and colors. The girls in the salon are great, we get some laughs and they choose colors to go with my complexion which is fair. My daughters think my feet my feet look great. ( My wife is jealous) I have no problem wearing flipflops. The men don’t notice and the women smile or say something like nice pedi. I have had some nice discussions with women while waiting online to check out in a store. So guys “just do it” and enjoy it. It is temporary not like full arm and body tats which is considered normal.

    • Jim

      I have terrible calluses . Wife and I have tried to scrape, cut, file off. Finally after a walk which was terribly painful because of the calluses, I said the hell with it, and looked around for the first decent looking nail salon I saw as I was driving. Lucked out. Wonderful salon and a great experience. Have gone back for a second pedicure plus a manicure also. Have been wearing OPI S86 Bubble Bath now for eight weeks on my toes and I love it. Feet and toes look great. I have worn open toed sandals for the past eight weeks and no one has said a thing and I feel great with the professional look and feel of my feet. Had a buff polish on finger nails. Looked great too.