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Eric Bana On DETAILS May Issue

We know Eric Bana in movies like Troy, Black Hawk Down, Munich, Hulk, The Other Boleyn Girl just to name a few. Now he is Eric Bana, DETAILS May 2009 issue cover hunk :) .

Eric Bana DETAILS May 2009

Eric Bana DETAILS May 2009

Not only that, everyone can look forward to watching Eric Bana play a villain in the upcoming movie Star Trek. With all the movies and more coming up under his belt, and a nice ride in the thing we call “fame”, Eric considers himself just a regular race-car nut Aussie guy with a wife, 2 kids , and a poodle name Mario.

He never planned on being Eric Bana the actor, or the comedian, for that matter. What he really wants is to be Mario Andretti. Between shooting movies, Bana can be found “fart-arsing around with my car, getting ready for a race.” Although he has more than one, his favorite car is a fire-engine-red ’74 XB Falcon coupe that he calls the Beast. He’s had it since he was 15.

“Three of my closest friends—our relationship has been maintained because we’ve always worked on this car,” he says. “The car has transcended itself. It has become a campfire.”

Eric Bana DETAILS May 2009

Eric Bana DETAILS May 2009

Read more about Eric Bana and see more of his pictures at DETAILS Magazine.

Photo credit: Steven Klein for DETAILS

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