Cocktail Dresses For Under $30

Gorgeous and affordable cocktail dresses for under $30. Guess where I found them? Forever21 of course.

Origami Cocktail Dress

Origami Cocktail Dress

I can’t get over how stunning this origami strapless cocktails dress is. And it’s from Forever21, no less. The pleating design from the neckline and all over the dress is amazing. I would wear this with black pumps, black clutch and a simple bling on the neck. I can see anyone in their 20′s and 30′s looking stunning in this origami dress. $27.80

Charisma Cocktail Dress

Charisma Cocktail Dress

I would recommend this Charisma Cocktail dress to someone in her teens or early 20′s. It has that playful and youthful touches that is perfect for that age group. As beautiful as it is, a woman in her 30′s might look desperate wearing it. Now, if the bunched tiered skirt and lace hem were extended a little bit longer, say below the knee, then it would look beautiful to someone my age. $27.80

(Images : Forever21)

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    • Marga Putter

      Hello there,
      I’m from South-Africa and I’m really interested in that red “origami cocktail dress” with pleats and folds. I’m just wondering if you can make that dress according to my measurements and prevered colour? And then send it to South-Africa.

      I look forward hearing from you


    • Lauren


      I am also from South Africa. I would also like to enquire about the ” origami coctail dress” would I be able to order one to be sent to South Africa.

      Look forward to hearing from you.


      • Maria

        you can order them on

    • Karleigh

      hi i am a 16 year old girl and i found that Charisma Cocktail dress on google and i feel in love with it but when i clicked on the $ sign it said it was no longer avaliable i was wondering if there was ANY way i could please plese get it. I really need a dress for my yr 11 ball.