Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry

Another Sunday, another Etsy look-around.  If you’ve never shopped Etsy before, take a look. It’s a cyber mall full of unique handmade items.  I’ve purchases perfume, candles, a tote bag, and earrings there. All beautiful items unlike anything I’d find at Target (although I enjoy Target, as well).

Today, I found jewelry made out of vintage typewriter keys – typewriters from the 1800s-1940s. How cool is that? 

I love words and letters and anything to do with words and letters, so you might be able to guess how much I am coveting a pair of tab key earrings. The jewelry is all handmade and unique. Take a look at PreciousPastime’s shop for the Typewriter Treasures.


Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings


Vintage Typewriter Key Watch

Image credit: PreciousPastime’s Shop at

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    • Phyrra

      That’s really neat and unusual!

    • Daisy

      I love that watch!

    • Michelle Smith

      I know! Don’t you just love Etsy shops. I really want that watch. Or the earrings…the pendants that they have are great, too.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • joe vintage

      As long as the typewriters you are cutting keys off are in non-working condition that’s fine, its when people destroy working beautiful vintage machines, is just WRONG!!!!

    • Jennifer

      I am in complete agreement with joe vintage! I am also an antiques dealer, and that is why no typewriters were harmed in the making of my jewelry. I only salvage keys from “dead” typewriters that are not able to be restored. I also have a growing collection of beautiful vintage typewriters that I have saved and enjoy displaying in my home and studio. Thank you for your comment – I wish more people felt the same way! I hope you will visit my shop at Many thanks, and have a beautiful day! :-)

    • vintage typewriter

      It’s great to hear that the development of our technologies is very helpful because of creating such gadgets that make our daily perform in addition to requirements simply and automatic.

    • Michelle Smith

      Thanks for commenting, Jennifer. You design lovely pieces. I appreciate that you treat those antiques with the respect that they deserve.