Aubrey O’Day Gets Judged By A Maltese

You know the moment where your tiny dog (that you cart around to public events, private parties and shopping expeditions just to up be one of those cutesy celebrities that can’t live without something being right there loving them unconditionally every minute) is looking up at you thinking “Good lord, what are you wearing?” that this is no ordinary fashion mistake.

Aubrey O’Day, seen here at the Icons Exhibition at MOPLA in Los Angeles has found yet another perplexing way to piss off her curvy figure. Pink pantsuits may work for waifs – but when you have a booty you should not put it in an outfit  that will only make your hips look enormous and out of proportion.

9 out of 10 Maltese dogs agree that this is a pantsuit not made for public appearances or shapely Aubrey. Better luck next time, darling.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News

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    • Star Stevenson

      Goodness! There’s way too much going on there. The ensemble AND the orange skin.

    • sarah_b

      i dont mind the skin, sh’e just got olive skin and lives at the beach in sunny so cal, but this is the second time i’ve seen her wearing pants that are not hemmed. Aubrey, get some SAFETY PINS if you’re on the run, geeezzz