Caridee’s Fake Tan Makes Little Girls Cry

Oh, Caridee.

This does not bode well for your lackluster career in the spotlight. I don’t know why anyone would purposefully go for an orange glow, but you have done it. Here you are at “Broadcasting Reality: Show Me The Money” Newsmaker Luncheon and all I can wonder is who would pay you to show up anywhere looking like this?

Having made a name for herself on America’s Next Top Model, you might think that Caridee would be a role model for little girls who strut around their living room hoping they are the next Tyra Banks too. But much as I find Tyra to be irritatingly robotic and disingenuous, I can’t imagine any girl would look at Caridee and say,

“Yeah. That’s what I want to be when I grow up.”

Image: PR Photos

Image: PR Photos

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    • Jeanne

      OMG, that doesn’t even look like a real human being. I’ve never been a fan of Caridee’s. She’s crazy as heck and this is a great example of her reasoning skills. Seriously, how can a woman who won Top Model and who has been working in the fashion industry for a few years not know that this is wrong? MelRose shoulda won ;)