• Mon, Apr 27 2009

8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Sporty Moms

Is your mom an athletic lady? Does she live to work up a sweat and feel the burn? There is no reason you should settle for a boring old flowers or card when you have a mom who is regularly out for a run or can be found at the gym. Plenty of gift options are available for sporty moms, depending on your price range.

Image: Newscom

Image: Newscom

Here are 8 gift ideas for the sporty mom in your life.

  1. Get her a new sports watch like the Polor 411 Fitness Monitor or Niki Imara Kylo.
  2. Sign her up for a personal training session at her gym so she can get some one-on-one advice and tips.
  3. An indulgent bath set like LUSH Sugar Mama will relax tired, sore muscles.
  4. A new pair of running shoes that also support a good cause, like New Balance’s Lace Up For The Cure Collection (of course, make sure she likes New Balance shoes – otherwise, maybe stick with a colorful, supportive accessory).
  5. iNeed Shiatsu Foot Massager will soothe her tired feet after a long workout.
  6. Trapeze Lessons! Not only will your muscles feel it, but this is an incredibly fun activity your athletic mom should enjoy – provided she’s not afraid of heights.
  7. Comfy yoga pants from my very favorite athletic equipment store, lululemon.
  8. She might already have this if she is a big workout fiend, but on the off chance that she doesn’t, you should pick up the Nike + Runner’s Gift Pack which comes with the iPod Sport Kit as well as a Nike Gift Card and download card for a 30 minute iTunes sports mix.
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