• Thu, Apr 30 2009

Amanda Peet’s Oddly Risqué Babydoll Dress

What a strange little tent of a lace dress. Evoking the kind of dress little girls might have put on a babydoll fifty years ago, a couple sizes too big and accented by a black bra or tank top (I will give her Amanda Peet the benefit of the doubt and say tank top) peeking through each eyelet, I can’t get over how disproportionate her bottom half looks here. I did some searching and can’t seem to find any trail that leads to a celebrity pregnancy…so why the bell shape? Something a little less bottom heavy and sleeve-y would have worked better.

That being said, the shoes are cute and hair is fine. There is nothing so wildly out of place that leads me to believe Amanda has lost her touch or is unaware of what is on display here. Let’s hope next time an attempt to reveal a little skin looks slightly less dour and droopy.

Image: INF

Image: INF

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