Sustainable Wood Sunglasses?

Wooden sunglasses. Interesting. I found these on The Greenloop. Not sure what I think about them. They are made by iWood from sustainably harvested wood. Both my girls loved them.  Bay said, “Do we get to try those?” and was very disappointed that we do not.


iWood Aviators -Retail for $350


iWood Style 315 Sunglasses -Retailsfor $350, but they are only available in a darker-toned wood.

Here’s a pair made by Kayu out of bamboo, a sustainable wood.


Kayu Bamboo Sunglasses – Retail for $180

What is your opinion of wooden sunglasses?  Would you wear a pair?

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    • Phyllis

      Yes,I would wear a pair of sustainable wood sunglasses they are absolutely gorgeous,but the price?

    • Michelle Smith

      I understand what you are saying. I think that they are cute, but I’m so hard on my sunglasses. I’d be really mad if I accidently sat on one of these pairs, which is what usually happens. Oops.