• Mon, May 11 2009

Eminem’s New Look

Eminem is always controversial in his music (and personal life). Have you seen his new look lately?



Eminem came out of the “Forbidden Planet” event last weekend wearing a mask with white baseball hat. Nice huh? Especailly his cross pendant necklace :) . Not that Eminem needs any more attention but hey, what’s a few more by donning on a mask. Unless of course it was a party where guests are required to wear a mask.

Frankly, he is talented, but I’m not impressed with his tactics anymore. It’s so over and done with. Too redundant and a bit hypocritical but that’s just me, heh.

Nice mask, nonetheless.

(Image : Bauer-Griffin)

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  • http://gearmoda.com/ GearModa

    You got to hand it to Eminem for just being a weird dude.

  • Ginny

    Eminem is growing with his music andI will never get tired of looking at him or listening to him weather he is talking, rapping, or singing.