20 Ways To Give Yourself a Mini Makeover

If you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut and aren’t sure where to go with your style, then it might be time to get creative and give yourself a mini makeover. There really is on need to spend tons of time or money revamping your personal appearance – all it takes is a little creativity and gut instinct on what is going to make the most impact.

Here are twenty ways you can easily give yourself a mini makeover – without breaking the bank.

Image: Newscom

Image: Newscom

1. Stop by your favorite makeup counter and ask for help picking out a new lipstick (resist the whole face treatment – when you look like a movie star, it will be hard to resist purchasing everything!).
2. Check out sites like Polyvore to mix and match clothes you might not feel confident enough to try on in the store.
3. Organize a clothing swap among all your friends. What one girl is tired of might be a prize to the next lucky owner!
4. Try a new haircolor…but don’t skimp on this one. Go to the hair salon.
5. Pick one trend and test it a cheaper version of the real thing at stores like Forever21 and Target.
6. Get a mist tan. You just have to try it once in your life – it’s an experience!
7.Donate every pair of shoes you have not worn in the last two years to charity. Reward yourself with a new pair.
8. Pick a style icon. Use her for inspiration and invest in two signature pieces of clothing that will carry you through dozens of outfits.
9. Learn how to apply fake eyelashes. They will carry you through a night out better than six layers of mascara.
10. Go dancing. It’s just good for the soul.
11. Don’t blow dry your hair for two weeks. Notice what a difference it makes! Try to limit heat drying to a few times a week instead of everyday.
12. Find a spa that will let you lounge all day, purchase a basic massage (which shouldn’t cost too much) then turn off your Blackberry and soak up the silence for the rest of the afternoon.
13. Go a week without wearing jeans. I bet you can’t do it. Yes, that’s a dare.
14. Get your eyebrows done professionally. Not just waxed, but shaped and really taken care of.
15. Find something to organize your jewelry so you can actually see all those beautiful pieces you own and can chose the right one for the day without stressing or trying to untangle a ball of gold and silver chains.
16. Get fitted professionally for a bra. Most of us ladies have no idea what size we really are. Just what size we think we might be.
17. Reorganize your closet by type and/or color.
18. Sell those accessories you can’t stand anymore on Craigslist and put the money toward your “expensive bag fund”.
19. Cut the late night TV habit and go to bed.
20. Now that you’re getting a good night’s sleep…get up early and go for a run! Okay, a jog. Just start with a walk around the block and see where it takes you.

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    • help me gurls

      i want a makeover but all i have is face and mask cleanser and steam active beads and vaseline mostureiser and chocolate mostureiser what do i do and i dont have much makeup all i have is taning powder for your face and mini dark makeup what do i do im only 11 years old so i cant go to the shops or ask my mum because she’ll ask why and then she’ll say no what do i do??? please help

    • Kaylee

      I loved this article! I think I might try a few of these! :)

    • dollie

      This are awesome ideas. Thanks for the tips.