DJ Mark Ronson’s 10 Essentials

Are you curious what DJ Mark Ronson considers his 10 Most Essentials? Well here they are.

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

1. Omnichord — a battery operated musical equipment the ’80s.
2. Lagavulin — a drink
3. Band Of Outsiders Shirts — he buys at least 6 shirts every season
4. Duran Duran — he recently worked with them and created 12 songs.
5. The Sunday New York Times – it’s his favorite in life
6. Electric Lady Studios — built by Jimi Hendrix. Ronson goes there for inspiration from time to time.
7. Wiktor Sadowski Movie Posters – he owns the “Zelig”
8. The iTunes Store — he likes how he can download anything and wherever.
9. The Cock and Bottle — a pub in London that he visits frequently.
10. Tsar Cologne — someone gave him a free bottle years ago and the rest is history.

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(Image : Bauer-Griffin)

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