Gale Harold named one of’s hottest men

And dude wasn’t just named one of the 100 hottest on’s 2009 Hot 100 — he made the top 10! The site features news/commentary on gay and bisexual men in the entertainment biz.

He’s in some good company, too. Here’s the top 10:

1. Neil Patrick Harris

2. John Barrowman

3. Luke McFarlane

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

5. Jensen Ackles

6. Chris Evans

7. Cheyenne Jackson

8. Hugh Jackman

9. Gale Harold

10. James Franco

To see the entire list, click here!

I think I’d only make a few small changes: Zachary Quinto and Ian Somerhalder should be up there with Gale!


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    • Zachie

      As someone has described Gale Harold:
      What a talent, what a body, what a face, what a voice, and what a charisma.

    • Lenni

      Lordy, the man is gorgeous, but couldn’t you find a photo that does him justice?? This one really doesn’t. But congrats to GH, he is a hottie tall drink of icy water on a hot summer’s day!

    • milly

      zachie said it all he is the sexy man alive , he looks good even in nothing ,besides being a great actor, he is fantastic

    • Karl

      James Franco at #10? That’s madness, that guy should be a #1 in every “sexiest man on earth right now” magazine

    • Romy

      ” he is a hottie tall drink of icy water on a hot summer’s day!”

      Lenni, great words!! ;) And all about the picture, too

      Gale is a great actor and a very handsome man

    • John

      It’s nice to see him working again but I have to say I was used to seeing him on Showtime’s Queer as Folk. You saw him very differently on that show. network TV vs. Pay cable. I cherish by DVD’s.

    • sandra

      I agree with you-Zach Quinto and Gale are my ‘men that make me go hmmm!’
      Gale and Zach are brilliant actors and their looks and sex appeal make them the hottest in my opinion!
      ps I cherish my QAF DVD’s too John!-constantly having QAF marathon watching sessions!
      later x

    • bethany