Rose McGowan Used To Be So Cute

What happened? Where did sultry, sexy Rose McGowan go -and who is this awkward looking, plastic mess in her place?

Rose McGowan is tottering down the red carpet for the premiere of Terminator Salvation (yummy! Christian Bale!). But you would never know she was once a reasonable accomplished…or at least well known…okay, maybe reasonably well know…actress.

No, this pale prize is a greasy haired shell of her former super hot self. The shoes and the dress have no business being together – and really, neither does anything for Rose individually either. It’s all too frilly, too filmy, too not-at-all-something Rose should have considered for the premiere. Maybe if she was headed off to her junior prom, that would be fine. But Rose, I hate to break it to you…it’s been a long time since your prom.

Image: INF

Image: INF

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    • A. Nonny Mooose

      Not only were those comments out of line but lame. I happen to think she looks wonderful :)