Do Skechers’ Shape-Ups Really Work?

In April I wrote about Skechers’ “Shape-Ups,” fitness shoes that claim to promote weight loss, tone your muscles, and improve your posture without going to the gym.

To me it was a no-brainer. With a promise like that, I needed a pair ASAP. Luckily, the helpful folks at Skechers sent me the Mary-Jane style in black to try out.

So I took my Shape-Ups for a test drive across the Brooklyn Bridge. First off, I must admit they aren’t the most fashion-forward looking shoes.  They have an elevated sole — apparently that’s where the fitness magic happens — and walking on the wedge “rocker bottoms” takes some getting used to.

I’m a little paranoid by nature, so more than once I thought passersby were staring at my club kid fitness shoes.  But I literally hit my stride by the time I completed the 20-minute walk across the bridge, followed by a 10-minute walk to my apartment. My calves felt taut and tingly and my posture was more upright.  The Shape-Ups seemed to be working, and I plan to wear them again.

My verdict? Although I wouldn’t recommend the shoes for long walks if you live in a busy, crowded city center like New York City, I will wear them while running errands close to home, cleaning around the house, and power walking at the park. And they’re perfect for smaller city working gals, Moms trying to lose the baby weight, or anyone looking for a supplement to their gym workout.

Image credit: Skechers

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    • bg

      I’m sticking with my Earth Footwear. The technology is hidden so I don’t have to advertise to everyone that I am getting a workout.

    • Kim

      I just bought a pair of these and I love them! But you must not over do it with them the first week because you will h ave sore muscles as they say they will. You feel like your walking on a soft pillow or sand and my feet don’t seem to hurt after walking and getting my daily walk in these like they normally would in other tennis shoes.

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    • LaMonica

      I just got a pair…and I think they are awesome. I work out a lot..but I now know that my calves were NOT getting a good work out. because I can feel them working through out my calves, my hamstrings, and my glutes…

      These babies work and their more reasonably priced than the MBT’s. I will be buying EVERY color available.

    • tammy

      Hi everyone…I got these shoes because I work retail…..I love them my feet do not hurt after a 10 hour day on my feet…..I have 2 pair now and will NEVER….give them up

    • Jan

      I bought a pair because I just had a total knee replacement and try to walk daily as continuing therapy for my knee. Of course I had read the ads and all the hype, but Skechers have always been my shoe of choice. In fact when I was going three times a week for PT after my surgery, the therapist told me that my sketcher shoes were cute and matched my outfits but were not a good shoe to rehab my knee in. he sent me to a local gym store that fits you in ‘your perfect fit for your needs’ I spent $140 and absolutely hate them! I bought the Shape Ups and LOVE them. First day I put them on, and took off, and havent slowed down yet. Yes, yes, yes they help my posture, my calfs, my legs, my walk, and even my energy. I am going to buy more!!!! After my surgery, I had to learn to walk: heel . . toe . . heel . . . toe . . . these shoes do that automatically!!!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      I want to know if anyone has compared the Skechers to the fit flops to the Reebok ones or the shape shoes? Which one works best for the money?

    • zylox

      Just walk instead of driving with any shoe. I think that’ll have the same effect. When you buy these shoes you’ll probably walk more because you think you’ll lose weight when wearing these shoes, but wearing regular shoes an walking does the same job.

    • luann parsons

      i want to buy the shape ups but it is difficult for me to buy and not be able try on the shoes/i have foot [problems and very wide feet//isnt there a store where u can buy them?

    • Sharon

      When I first saw these shoes, I thought I so need those. I love to walk, but hate to work out. I started doing some research on them, and found them to be a little costly. I didn’t get them right away. I am in the military, I do alot of walking. Especially where I am at right now. I walk everywhere I want to go. No personal vehicles allowed. I sucked it up, and paid the money to buy a pair. I absolutely love them, and already want a 2nd pair, the Mary Janes. When you have them on, they don’t look any different then any other pair of shoes. I have noticed toning in hips, thighs, calves, and my posture has improved to give me an inch on my height. I have only been wearing them for two months now. I also only wear them in the evenings when I don’t have my uniform and boots on. They are very comfortable as well. I will continue to buy these shoes as mine wear out, and I need to get new ones. I really hope Skechers will continue to make them, and come out with more styles, and colors.

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    • robin

      I just orderd the sketchers shapeups and cant wait to try them out when i get them ill write a review of my own.

    • bsar

      I just brought a pair of Sketchers shape ups. I brought the sneakers (in white). I have had a problem with Plantar Fasciitis (may not be spelled right) since May. A lady at work told me about the MBT’s but I can’t afford them. I did research and found that Sketchers had a similar brand, for about half the price. Another problem I ran into is that no one in town has these shoes (Sketcher shape ups). Anyway, I found a store that had just received a shipment in the day before. I brought the sneakers yesterday. I’ve had them on all day, without any pain. This is unusual for me. I am in constant pain all day usually. But, I’ve been able to walk for a long time today without pain. This is great. I want to buy another pair for work. I guess I’ll have to order on line. These shoes ran me about 100 bucks, but they are so worth it. Oh, I really don’t feel tired at all after wearing these shoes. However, I did take a quick nap after I got home after shopping all day in these shoes. My Podiatrist gave me a night splint to wear to bed. He didn’t recommend the shots for me because of the pain. He also did not recommend MBT’s because he indicated that some patients have had problems with them. However, the Sketchers fit my budget and they are working for me!

    • Bonnie

      I love my shape-ups, I work in a restaurant and I am on my feet all day, I got them because I had knee surgery and I wanted support, they are great.

    • http://sketchersshape-ups?? kate smite

      Hi all. I’m thinking of getting these shoes for my mom b/c she walks for most of the day for her job, and the shoes she has tried give her no support or comfort after a long day. My question is on the sizing…i believe she’s about a 9.5 to a 10, so I want to know if they are true to the sizing. Help?

    • Sunny

      I was wondering if a person has arthritis, do these shoes help them with that problem? Please let me know..and thank you…

    • kent

      Are these shoes really useful in improving posture and promoting weight loss as they claim? If so, how much time duration is needed for this to happen?

    • Karin

      I bought MBTs before finding out about these – bummer since they were about $250. They are comfortable but did not eliminate all of my heel pain from plantar fasciitis (probably nothing will; going to physical therapy next). If I get another pair of shoes, I will likely try these Skechers. Thank you for all of the comments.

    • Cindy Sorley

      Since I am on my computer most of the day selling on eBay, I could see my posture was going south… I read in People magazine about these shoes and went straight to Skechers to order. They were out of my size in every color but black. I called every store I could think of in Utah and no one had them. My husband suggested Dillard’s. They had my size in Jump Up’s in the light blue trim. I have had them three days and I am BLOWN away by how I feel. I even find myself sitting up straighter even after they are off. I am now ordering more on eBay since I know my size. I do have to say to take it easy.. My calves hurt from wearing them 18 hours straight for 3 days but I even want to sleep in them… like that would help… buy them.. great value.. there are things you shouldn’t skimp on and walking or work out shoes is one of those items.

      Cindy in Utah

    • MiMi

      I work at DSW and the shape-ups sell for $99.95 (in store and online). We have been seling a lot of them and everyone states that they are wonderful. I have been trying to decide if I should buy a pair. I am glad I found this site and I have read the reviews. There is one question that I have, I walk 5 to 10 miles a day, do you think this would work? Or should I not wear them daily the first week?

    • maria

      I love my Shape-Ups. I’m motivated and walk a lot more now, and I really feel it on my calves.

    • barb

      Has anyone worn orthotics in the Skecher Shape ups?
      I have MBT’s, but they don’t take orthotics well.

    • Amberly

      Hi, I just tried on the shape ups. I absolutly fell inlove with them. Too bad they cost so much money. Does anyone know a good place where you can get them on sale?

    • Julka

      Macys sells them too.

    • Ashlynn

      They don’t work. It’s all in your head. You can’t feel your posture become more upright, if you do it’s probably worse if anything. Doing an activity like running is much better for an exercise plus weight training at a gym burns more fat than anything.

    • Irma

      I had thyroid surgery in December 2008 and put on 30 pounds, so as soon as the doctor told me my thyroid count had leveled out I started walking every evening but by feet would hurt after every walk, during one of my walks I went into a Skechers store and they recommended the shape Ups they said start of slow 1/2 hour each day then gradually 45 mintues and so on well it’s been 3 weeks now and I feel muscles aches throughout my legs and they really are helping me but my feet hurt even more… why is that? I do walk between 2.5-4 miles each walk, am I over doing it?

    • Hilsia

      I want to know if I could use them to do aerobic excercise? I know it helps for walking, but I’ve been doing some aerobic videos and also have a lot of ankle pain, so I want to know if these will be good for that too. Please someone let me know because I want to buy some if I could use them for that.

    • http://google Loretta Kerns

      Just purchased my shape up sketchers and took them for a trial this evening, I have been walking about a mile and half every day since the middle of June. This evening while wearing the new shape ups, I could see a big difference. You could feel it in the calves, thighs, noticed my posture as well. Especially feel them working going up inclines ! Seemed a little pricey but I can tell it was a worth while investment. If your thinking about purchasing these, you won’t be sorry. I purchased mine at “Boscov’s” They sell the Easy Spirit shoe similar but I tried them both on in the store and walked around and there was a BIG difference with the sketchers !!!! Don’t put it off, get yours and start “Shaping Up”

    • Lisa Packer

      I am interested in puprchasing a pair of “negative heel” sneakers. I have a wide foot–does anyone have any thoughts on which would fit more comfortably, the Skechers or the MBTs? Any specific style? Thanks.

    • Tammy

      I work at a school and I’m on my feet 90% of the day. I have feet problems , and i’m wondering if these shoes would help. I also work out and i was wondering if they would be ok on the elipical machine? Thanks

    • Panda

      I saw the ad for these in Shape magazine recently (though I had heard about same type of technology a good year or so ago in another brand of shoe) and I got hooked into buying a pair due to the purposed benefits. I work out 3 days a week on a high incline treadmill and though I’ve gotten toner through that, I’ve been wanting to tone the back of my thighs, hips and bottom more.

      The minute I put them on in the store I felt comfortable walking in them. I took them up to the front to purchase and when I left the store I was wearing my “normal” shoes and noticed right away how awkward my gait felt now – I actually felt more comfortable with the shape ups on so I took them out of the box and started wearing them immediately.

      Last night was the first time wearing the shoes for my treadmill walk. I don’t know if it’s imagination or not (I don’t think so) but I definitely felt tingling and tightening in the hip area and in the backs of my legs. HOPEFULLY these things will tone up my backside in a snap!

    • Joanne Pinette

      How do the Sketchers Shape Ups work on gravel roads? Does it make them wear out faster since the gravel would harm the bottoms? I live in the country and most of our roads are just gravel.

    • Linda Collins

      If you have heel spurs ‘these are the shoes’. I came home from work crawling everyday in total pain, and misery. Not sence I got these, no pressure on my heels. In one month I swear I bought four types of shoes. Trying to find anything that would take the pain away, so I could work. $118.00 versus $1000′s in surgury was a no-brainer.

    • Kate Ashley

      They seem to be a similar idea to MBT’s (Masai Barefoot Technology?)

    • Jamie K

      These shoes are amazing. It does take a couple day to get to get used to them, but it is worth it. I always had severe back pain. I said i was only getting them to wear while working. I am on my feet 8-12 hours a day. Until I got these shoes i was in sever pain all day. Its been almost a month and I hardly have any pain in my neck back or anything. They are the best money i could have ever spent. For years my back has been killing me and i have triend everthing to calm th epain, including physical therapist, wearing holistic magents to get rid of the pain, excerizing every day,etc….Nothing helped in the slightest capaires to these sneakiers. They feel like your walking on the moon too,they are sooo comfortable. They also help build and work out your leg muscles, for the first day my leg muscles were sore but passed quick. They also make me feel tall i feel tall now and slender. I love them and wear them whenever i leave the house. My regular sneakers feel weird to me now. I need to find my favorite ones in bulk cause im going to be wearing them forever. I only really like one kind, and the cheapest ones i found in the style i wanted was $110 with shipping. I wouldl never spend $110 for shoes, but they are worth every cent.

    • Tajma Turner

      I also have (maybe I should say HAD) a longtime case of plantar fasciitis which nothing seemed to alleviate. Bought the MBTs which for me were quite expensive, and they helped a little but I did not find them spectacularly comfortable, especially for the exorbitant price. In mid-September, I tried on a pair of the Metabolize style Skechers Shape Ups, and had to take them home. Fantastic! My foot pain is mostly gone, and while I tend to be skeptical of claims that mere shoes can make you more fit, I really think my posture is better and my legs and backside are tighter (or so I’ve been told). I didn’t have any soreness at all after wearing them, either. I then ordered the Elasticity winter boots, which are very nice and accommodate my wide calves (FYI, treat them with waterproof spray before wearing them in snow), and am eagerly awaiting the delivery this week of the mary Jane-style Physicals. As you can probably tell, I’m really sold on these shoes!

    • cassie r

      hi, I am waiting to have a hip resurfacing surgery due to a car accident I was in several years ago. Prior to wearing shape ups, I was unable to walk short distances without getting a shooting pain going down my right leg. I also work at a school where I stand 95% of the day. These shoes have been a lifesaver. They are the only shoes that I have worn in the past 4 weeks. I own a pair a fit flops and love them as well, but the sketcher shape ups are good for the winter months. Prior to owning these shoes I would mainly on wear born shoes. I plan on getting another pair. I am not sure if they are helping me loose weight, but they are helping me walk with out pain and as a mother of a 1 and 4 year old boys that is a wonderful thing!!!

    • Joyce

      Would not recommend – Not anything like MBT

    • Gregg

      I just bought a pair of shapeups and wondering if I should wear my orthotics that I usually wear in these type shoes? I also have SI joint and Scoliosis problems….

    • CatsinPoland

      I have been walking in MBTs for over a year now. I tried on a pair of sketchers but I needed a larger size. They felt very similar to my MBTs. I love that they help with my plantar fasciitis. Also after wearing them for so long you don’t feel the pull on your calves at all and in fact I can’t seem to wear other shoes much. As far as walking and weight loss– well at my age of over 55 I walk 4-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes in my MBTs and have not lost any weight at all. My abs are definitely not tighter. I know I walk at a moderate pace too as I wear a pedometer. I know that my feet don’t hurt when I have to walk long distances. So while they are great for legs, posture and feet, I can’t say that they help with burning more calories while walking at all.

    • Adry

      I went to try a pair of these shape ups by skechers today and thought wow these are so comfy but $100? naw…and I left. Then I came home and read all of these reviews on these shoes and am sold!!! I’m going back to get them tonight! Thank you for sharing! I have been walking 3 miles a day for the last 2 weeks in my regular walking gym shoes and my shins are killing me but I push on because I have 30 lbs to go…I can’t wait to see how the shapeups will help me with my shins and my weight loss. :) YAY!

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      I purchased a pair of Skechers Shape Ups and to my dismay wound up at the Podiatrist three weeks later when I coulnd’t walk. I had excrutiating pain in my left foot. My doctor said she just read the latest in a medical journal and it seems that after about 3 weeks of wearing them people are developing tendonitis. Guess what?! I HAD TENDONITIS AND IT WAS THE THIRD WEEK WEARING THEM. I went on some strong anti-inflammatory meds and voila the pain is gone. Never had it before wearing these sneakers and hope it does not return.

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    • carol brown

      I have been wearing shape-ups for almost 6mos, I wear them everyday to work I am on my feet for 9hrs a day standing and walking alot they are the best pair of shoes I have ever put on my feet. My lower back dont hurt anymore my legs feel great and I have HAPPY FEET! I wipe them off once a week and for the first time I put them in the washier! they look great . I am going to buy a darker color for the winter. A+++++

    • Cindy

      I just bought a pair of Skechers Shape-ups. I really debated as the price is high. Today is my first day. I wore them to work, I am a teacher on my feet all day. I could only wear them for 2 hours. I had to take them off because my legs were getting really tired. Mind you I am an aerobics step instructor as well, so I am in decent shape. So if these can give me, a person who visits the gym regularly a workout, then they have to be great for almost anyone. Really excited to see my future results. It feels like I went for a long walk, but I was really only standing. Very cool stuff.

    • Wanda

      I love my Sketchers Shape-ups. I just have one question; my calves and thighs are a little sore (expected)–but what about my lower back. It’s a little sore; is that normal???

    • marika


      I was wondering, I am trying to get smaller calves, but it’s really hard to lose inches off of your calves because usually the muscle just gets toned and stays the same size. Will the Skechers Shape-ups help me lose inches off my calves, or just build up muscle in the calve area? Does anyone have any advice for losing serious inches off your calves? I would appreciate any advice.

    • Lizzy

      I haven’t tried the shape ups, but they look very familiar to the mbt shoes. Would you say that these are better? I would like to try this shoe concept, but there are so many choices these days that I am a bit confused. Thanks for any input.

    • dcanova

      I’m a flight attendant, and have high arches, and i’ve been in phsical therapy for two weeks with a peroneal tendon that is injured due to walking in flip flops and and collapsing my arches, i was told to wear super shock absorbing sole to prevent this problem in the future, my question is I stand on an aircraft for up to 10 hours a day, 3 days in a row, i’ve read about waitresses and nurses feeling relief has any flight attendants worn these on the plane? since the plane is always moving are these good to wear? i tried them on in a store last night and they feel super cushioning, but would love feedback on wearing on aircraft…thanks d

    • Lolo

      Looking into waitressing shoes, came across these Shape Up’s.
      Thinking about the way the foot is moving and that would put alot of pressure on the Achilles tendon,Lateral Malleolus and the Peroneal tendons.
      Thus stretching them to far, tearing the muscles that support the ankle.
      Also the toes would have to work extra hard to create a forward motion of the foot. Thus sore toes, sore top of foot. Also could create ingrown toenails from the pressure of having to force the toes to curl or push forward.
      It would be like walking in sand all day. Sure that’s great for the lower leg muscles and feet. But not all day. That and the softness of the sole would but added burden on the ankle, not good unless you are in great shape and do run or jog on sand. If you wear them, I’d say 20 minutes a day only or risk future chronic foot problems. As for the knees, anything to soft on the heal of the foot will make the knees work overtime.
      Also they will not be continuing the line, not just because of the design but possibly because of the damage it can cause the tendons in the foot and on the sides of the knees. A sole should be supportive but not leave the muscles of the foot creating all the work, that work is done in bare feet.
      As for lower back pain, correcting your posture is an awarefullness. It must be thought about.

    • Michele

      I’ve been looking into getting better running shoes. My hip tendons were pulled and it hurt to actually get up to walk! I really cut back on my running and noticed the weight creeping back on. I bought the K-Mart brand THERASHOE after much debate, but actually they only cost $35.00! I tried them out the next morning, leery of actually running in them. Walking did take a bit of getting used to, but when I started running…. OMG! I ran 3 miles in no time at all! My hips DO NOT HURT! I could feel my legs and bum sore later that day, so something was working!
      I will never run in anything else, and have since gone back to buy the not so obvious leather mules and the boots. Better price, same workout, no more hurting hips, running miles in minutes! Try the K-Mart brand for the more economical route!

    • http://gmail Georgiana Vanhusen

      I am an RN and I have something called Plantar Fasciitis which is heel pain in my left foot. This started 4 years ago. The pain was soo bad I could not bear wt upon getting up in the morning. My doctor told me about some shoes called Chung Shi which have a very similar rocker bottom at a 20 degree angle (kind of elf-like). As funny as these shoes may look they are the BEST shoes I have ever worn. They not only get rid of the pain in my hell but the (like the new skechers) improve posture, works your legs and buttocks and pelvic floor muscles. However, the Chung Shi shoes cost $255.00. Well worth it because I am on my feet for 12 hour shifts and now I can work with NO pain. I very interested to try the new skechers just to see if there as good for they certainly are a lot less money. Thanks for all the comments.

    • Corrina

      so… they’re a complete rip off of MBT shoes that i’ve been wearing for years, but cheaper… hmm.. wonder if they’re as comfy.

    • Inna

      I am absolutely happy with my Sketcher’s Shape-ups. I am on my feet for 7 hours every day. I use to have very bad pain in my legs, feet, back but just after 1 day I started to feel much better, my posture is very good now, my back is strait, I even think I lost some weight, my family could not believe how quick all my pain was gone, I feel great. Thank you to people who created them. I defenatelly recommend Shape-ups to everybody, for work or just for walking.

    • Jes Smith

      I am a 31 year old mother of 3, and I have been watching my weight and trying to exercise, by walking the dog(I get in about 30 minutes a day unless it’s raining). I have a toddler that I have to take care of so a standard daily exercise routine is out of the question for now. I have been watching my weight and my body measurements for 4 weeks without the Skechers Shape-Ups. Today I’m going to go buy a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups and I will be tracking my progress using those now. I will post additional information as to any benefits I have using these new sneakers versus my old ones.

    • Pennie McNutt

      These shoes look like MBT’s which I have been wearing for more than three years with great success. I no longer have knee pain, my back doesn’t kill me by the end of the day and best of all my feet don’t hurt. They are about a hundred dollars less and hopefully as comfortable as my MBT’s which I love. I am looking forward to giving them a whirl!

    • Veronica Robinson

      I have been wearing my Shape-ups for about 3 weeks now. When doing my smaller walks to work they are great, but when I do my 10 kilometer walks on the weekend I find that the balls of my feet really burn. I am walking in Queensland, Australia in the summer time so the temperatures are very warm but my 10 km walks are usually at 6 am. Has anybody else experienced burning? Did you find a solution? I love the shoes as I can feel the work-out they are giving my legs and butt, so I would really like a solution to my burning feet problem.

    • Patty

      I am a 60 year old, 172 lb heart patient (female). I finally got the Shape UPs and have walked on the treadmill twice.. I think they are probably actually going to do what they advertise to do.. I think with exercising 4-5 a week and trying to cut back on food intake (I don’t smoke or drink, but I DO EAT (I tell my doc this)) LOL…. I believe they will help me lose weight. My abdomen is getting sore! That means they are working, I hope. :-) PS You are never too old to get in shape or to try new things… I thought $110 was kinda pricey but think they will be worth it. I work at Walgreen’s and stand on my feet all day! And then about the price, after all I spend that much on my nails in about 2 months! :-)

    • Richie Naggar Broker

      I usually research a product carefully before buying. Then, when I am ready, I look for what I want and what I am willing to pay. I got Sketchers Shape-up for men today. It is as represented. First off, I paid a good price $120. I had trouble locating the color (white) and size (10) and it took 3 stores until I prevailed. Secondly, I do not want to take them off. I am on my 7th hour. Picture your feet wrapped in pillows, blankets or hundreds of Q-tips. I instantly felt adjustments from the neck, upper back, butt, calf, knees, ankle and feet. It is a most satisfying experience. I feel like I am a member of an exlusive club where owners feet are pampered. That is all I know about this product on its first day out. Worth spending the $ to find out. Enjoy

    • Irving Schwartz

      What I like best about these shoes is that dog poop does not stick to them like other shoes I’ve owned. I walk though alot of dog poop and it seems to just fall away from the shoes! Even the warm fresh gooey poops don’t stick. It’s almost like wearing Teflon shoes. I’m going to walk through some horse poop and some cow poop this weekend. I’ll report back with results.

    • Donna Heal

      I have severe arthritis in my ankles and surgery was recommended …I purchased a pair of SHAPE UPS to work in (I am on my feet 8-12 hours a day) and oh my gosh …I love them …My foot and ankle pain has all but left ….thank you Skechers now I do not think I will have to go under the knife ….
      PS I bought a second pair just like the ones pictured and they are just as comfy,
      I have totally recommend these shoes to coworkers and they love them too

    • Maria Nelson

      I just read all the comments and I can’t wait to purchase a pair of Shape ups!! I am going to buy my daughter a pair as well. I have been struggling with knee and back pain for years due to my excessive weight. I know with all the positive feedback I have been reading these shoes just might help me. One of the main reasons I have a hard time going for walks is the pain I endure after I get home. I will report back with the results.

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    • Ruth W

      I’ve been wearing Skechers Shape Ups for a few months. I absolutely love them. I’ve got two pair and I plan on purchasing more in every style. I’ve been a tennis shoe collector ever since I retired. I plan on giving all my other tennis shoes to Purple Heart and staying with the Shape Ups. I sure can tell the difference when I’m walking and shopping, no more back pain or leg pain. When someone sees me wearing them and ask how I like them I go into this long reply about how great they are.

    • Stephanie

      Wow shape ups are super comfortable!!! I love walking in them even though their not so fashionable. I feel like Im getting a real workout just by standing up in them! My legs have been hurting a little but it turned out I lost 4 pounds and I only had them for a week! A WEEK!

    • Lynn

      I’m 25 now with a bad hip and back from a bad fall when i was 18, I deal with severe pain everyday. I have decided to get a pair tomorrow, if the shoes are as good as all you say, i can’t wait. No back pain really?! I’m so excited now, if only the mall wasn’t closed, i’d get them now. I’ll post again once i try them. if it helps my pain its worth the money! thanks!


    • snowangelnyc

      I read another post on Prevention about exercise insoles that are similar to Shape ups and Reebok EasyTone, but are less than $30. They fit right into my sneakers and shoes. I wear them everywhere I go. They’re really comfortable, and I felt the difference in my legs and butt almost immediately. I’m always looking for ways to enhance weight loss and these insoles are a real help. They’re called SmartSole exercise insoles I saw a discount code MB10 for 10% on a coupon board.

    • Kathryn

      I wear Army boots for a living and have major shin splints – I have had numerous surgeries and not much time to exercise – so I am relieved that these shoes are SOOO comfortable- and I felt a difference the first day – WOW and yes better than my inserts my foot dr gave me for me back and shin splints – I wish I could afford more but these magic wonders are pricey

    • Jenni

      I just bought a pair of Shape-ups and they seem to want to roll my foot to the inside. The left shoe in particular feels like it is higher on the outside, allowing my foot to rotate to the inside.
      Anyone else experience this?

    • Den

      I has one knee done six years ago and then had to have a calcaneous osteotomy and tendon transfer done on my right foot. As a rule I have pain all the time.
      I purchased my Skechers Shape-Ups four days ago and have worn them about five hours every day since. I love them my feet and knees hurt very little when I wear them. How long should I wait before wearing them all day. Also
      is it wise to wear that kind of a shoe all the time or can it cause damage in the long run?

    • Shellie

      I,m a hair dresser of 10 years. I’ve had back pain, severe knee and foot pain. My feet hert so bad they would throb some days i didn’t even want to stand. I bought the shape ups. all my pain is gone. The feet took longer not to hurt. From time to time my feet will start to hurt again. Maby its time for a new pair. How long are these shoes supposed to last?

    • Susie Q

      I have Fibromyalgia and have severe pain in my feet, ankles,legs , back…every where!!! I wore them for a little bit when I purchased them. They felt sooooo good!! I can’t go without shoes on my feet it hurts so bad to walk that they are a blessing!! I also have the Reebok Easy Tone so I’ll be comparing.I Do love them and plan on getting another style to have. I thought they were toooo goofy but who care win I can FINALLY be pain free!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!

    • Jessica

      I just bought these Skechers Shape-Ups from Dillard’s (only paid $86 because of a $20 off coupon). I am a huge skeptic when it comes to things like these but I have also worked in shoes for quite a few years now and know the importance of having good shoes. I am on my feet all day at work constantly walking back and forth and have horrible back, foot, and knee pain as a result of walking on the hard surfaces. After one day with these shoes I woke up this morning with no pain at all. I will continue to use these shoes, they are wonderful. And I do feel a burn in my calf muscles and abdomen when walking.

    • Sherri

      i got these shape ups for Christmas and don’t find they do a thing for me! thought maybe I was walking in them wrong, so I tried different ways. I have even worn them for an hour…what am I doing wrong then if everybody else notices a difference?

    • Dr. Johnson

      I cannot believe that people are actually buying these shoes. As a leading biomechanist with the Penn State University, I can tell you that these are a lawsuit waiting to happen. The damage done by these shoes to a variety of bodily structures, such as ankles, knees, and the spine is irreversible. Yes, your muscles may burn but how do you know this is good? Simply put, your joints CANNOT handle the new tension that is put on them from these bizarre shoes has caused terrible joint degradation, tendon and ligament tears, and ultimately back problems.

      Do not believe these ridiculous claims by these companies. If you want to lose weight, feel healthier, and reduce pain- eat healthy and WORK OUT. You all know that there is no magic pill that can get you what you need- just hard work. Dont be lazy and look for an easy way out with these shoes, because they will do more harm than good.

    • Leo

      The results are amazing. Wearing Shape Ups works great.
      For the Dutchies there is a great webshop where you can buy them, with no shipping costs (in Netherlands only).

    • Lissette Flores

      I have been a a Skechers fan since they came out because they were the only shoes besides the nike cross trainers (this particular model was discontinued in 1991) to fit right. When one day me an a co worker were mentioning something money wise she said “well I never buy anything pricey specially not for me, with the kids its hard but I just had to get the Skechers Shape-Ups and I’m loving them” showing them off. So that night I called my sister and mentioned them she said yea I saw them but I could not afford 100 dollar shoes. I replied 100! wow that is pricey so I decided to research best prices there same price everywhere so I said let me get a pair and see for myself. I bought my first pair in November. I fell in love instantly wore them everyday even though kids made fun mom wants her butt to get bigger. I don’t do much walking so really did not notice a difference at first but when I walked i did feel I did not get tired as much that itself had me happy. For the holidays my parents came to visit running late somewhere my mom lost a sneaker said just take mine lets go she also loved them instantly she didn’t take them off for the rest of her trip, jokingly I said ill sell em to you she said na u probably want 50 bucks ill pass lol make a long story short the y day she left back home in Chicago I may add when im in NYC she took them with her when I called to ask she said its christmas i know you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me lmao!. was now thinking do i really wanna spend these 100 dollars again after reading this I defenatly am! oh well gotta start saving for a new pair! off to get them soon.

    • Kelly

      i got a pair of shape ups for christmas – i’m on my feet standing and walking from 7:30 till sometimes 5 and my husband got them for me for christmas – and payed a great price of $73.00 – got them on line at Kohls and had a 30% coupon – but i have been wearing them for about a week now and i dont really know if i feel a difference yet – i don’t think they are that comfortable to stand in – i have to keep my feet moving in the rocking motion – well today 1/13/10 i decided to wear my regular sketcher sneakers to work and i have been here not even 2 hours and my back is killing me and i can feel my feet starting to hurt – will be wearing them tomorrow and from now on – they are still uncomfortable – the breaking in the new shoe im hoping – i’m not standing on a cloud of fluff – but its better then the regular shoe

    • Christy

      I tried Shape ups today in store…I’m sure they take a little while to get use to. My concern is that I have extremely flat feet..and use orthodicts. When I put them in the shoes..and walked I could feel the orthodict pushing into my arch area. I had taken out the insole to fit the orthodicts in there. I tried walking without the orthodicts and felt like my foot definitely leaned inward because of no arch. My question…has anyone else used orthodicts in the Shape ups…is the odd feeling with orthodicts just because of the difference of the shape of the shape ups..and do they work with orthodicts… I hate to spend $100 plus dollars and not adjust to them…Thanks for any feedback!

    • Bprep artsy

      I just bought my first pair of Skechers Shape Ups on Jan 7, to wear on our trip to Disney World Jan 8-16. I took along several other pair of shoes as well. The Shape Ups were so comfortable that I wore them the entire time and haven’t worn any other shoes since then…even after we got home yesterday. I’m going to buy another pair tomorrow. Even walking all over Disney in a brand new pair of shoes, my feet were really comfortable. The first day or two my calves were a little sore, and also my inner thighs, which is probably a combination of walking so much -and- wearing the Shape Ups. I really love these shoes!! I hope they make them in summer styles as well!

    • Stuck in NNJ

      if you are looking for a pair of these try and find coupons online! I got mine for 20% off

    • Hope

      I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks wearing them almost everyday at work (I’m a teacher) and I think they are helping tone my upper legs. I find that my socks are usually soaking wet after I take the shoes off – I guess my feet are working harder than I realize in those shoes!

    • Christy

      I got the Shape Ups for Christmas. I have terrible posture and my back always hurt. Before the end of Christmas day my posture was much better and I have no more back pain – and even when I don’t have the shoes on I stand up straight – no more slumping! 2 weeks later I could wear jeans I haven’t been able to get into for quite awhile. My husband says he can feel how much tighter my muscles are in my legs. I love these shoes and am very glad that I shelled out the money for them!

    • yogy

      I am using it for more then 40 days. I am not sure if it really works the way advertise but I don’ have problem using it everyday. I feel much comfortable walking and going to work everyday.

    • Christine

      I got the Sketcher shape-ups just after Christmas with gift money after seeing several ads and researching them. They were a good bit more money than I usually pay for shoes, but I am a nurse and my feet were killing me. I had been wearing regular Nike athletic shoes and could not wait to get home and take them off, even taking them off at work sometimes. I was a little wary of the Sketchers after all the hype over Crocs and then hearing they were not good for your feet. However, I have been wearing them to work for a month now and am happy to report that I LOVE THEM!! I don’t know if they are helping my legs and butt shape, but they definitely help my posture and my feet DO NOT hurt!! In fact, after a 12 hour shift on my feet I do not want to take them off. Several days after work I’ve even gone shopping and I used to avoid that at all costs. I have 4 other co-workers who have also bought them since I got mine and they also love them. I have suffered from shin splints and plantar faciatis in the past also, and these are helping. Additionally, I have noticed the swelling that I have been keeping in my legs and feet after working is very much reduced. I’m just hoping that some Orthopedic Dr doesn’t decide they are terrible for us and burst my balloon!

    • Cheri

      I just got my sketchers on Monday and already feel that I’m working out my legs and butt. It’s a bit odd getting used to the rocking motion of your feet when you walk. I think that’s were the “helps your posture” comes in since it’s easier to walk when your posture is correct it encourages you to stand straight and tall. Took a 15 min walk this morning and just loved how the shoes felt. I give them two thumbs up for now!!

    • Andi

      I just got these shoes 3 days ago. My calves hurt! i feel it in my upper abs somewhat. What i dont feel is the back pain before a trip to walmart would put me in bed for 2 days it hurt so bad. 3 days pain free I dont ever want them off lol. A little wobbly at first took few hours to get my balance. But now i got that down. Overall great shoes that take a bit to get used to.

    • Cookie

      I have been wearing the shape-ups for over a month now and yes they do work.
      My legs are much stronger than they were and I started dancing again and it felt great. I seem to be toning up even in my abdomen and my posture is straight now even when I take them off. I am even losing weight but of course I am dieting at the same time and taking supplements so it is a matter of everything working synergistically. I am buying a second pair to horde, lol, in case they take them off the market. I am a bit paranoid.

    • odete

      Skechers Shape-Ups Really Work?”,

    • http://SKECHERSSHAPEUPS marcos peraza


    • Sharon

      These are the greatest shoes! I have been wearing them to work now for about 3 weeks. I started off wearing them for a few hours a day and that lasted all of 3 days. My job has me going into a store for about an hour a store. I wore them in the first store, changed into my old shoes for the second store and when I came out of that store, I took those old ones off and put the skechers right back on and have not worn the old ones again. My knees are not bothering me, my feet feel great and the nerve pain I used to have in my toes is no longer ther. I am losing inches and I think weight . . . I’m getting rid of all my other shoes and getting more shapeups! I have 2 pair I rotate now.

    • sara

      At my company,, we were curious like you about whether toning shoes really work. We tested out Reebok Easy Tones and Skechers Shape Ups, talked to experts and investigated which one is the best toning shoe. If you’re interested, we recently blogged about it here:

    • mackenzie

      I am 14 years old and I have lyme disease. The lyme gets in my back and joints and causes me constant pain. I went to a Skechers store in the mall after hearing about Shape-Ups and tried on a pair. My pain got a lot better as soon as I put them on and walked around the store. I didn’t buy them, but I plan on going back and doing so as soon as possible.

    • Christie

      I can not get over how everyone is making such a big deal out of these shoes. The concept of these shoes have been around for at least 2 years. I have had a pair of EMTs for that long. I paid well over three hundred dollars for my shoes but they are worth every penny and I have gotten every penny back by all the use I got out of them. My shoes are alot heavier then the sketchers. I have flat feet and would have servere pain in my legs when I wore other sneakers. My feet and legs do not bother me any more and have strong legs and great posture from my shoes. two years ago people would stare at my feet and thought how strange these shoes are but know people thik that they are great.

    • samantha

      While I do not suffer from any back or knee injuries, I found the shoes to be very comfortable.

      I did not obey the instructions, however, and wore them around quite a bit instead slowing breaking them in as was directed (because I thought the firming/toning aspects were pure marketing B.S.!) My butt and upper rear thighs were KILLING me the next day! I don’t know how these shoes do it, but they work out areas of my butt and legs that no other exercise was getting to.

      I wore the shoes simply because they were comfortable to walk in. Like wearing pillows on your feet. They are my favorite “go to” shoes for running around all day. (And, my butt is still killing me – I guess it was really out of shape!)

    • Mickey R

      out to buy a pair will let you know how they worked for me

    • Kristi

      I just purchased a pair of these a week ago cause I am on my feet all day at work and I love them so much that I actually went back and bought a second pair. I now have a pair for work and a pair for my everyday stuff. I would recommend them to anyone with knee and back troubles.

    • http://hotmail lucy

      i think Sketcher Shape Ups are great theve been really helping me a lot i just cant stop wearing them i wear them for work and parties and everytihin i meen their just great. wow! :)

    • Vicky

      I love my shape ups. I got them around Sept. 09. Is anyone having problems with the bottoms fallen apart? I have to go and get another pair cuz mine fell apart and I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same or if it was just me. I mean I have only had them for 5 months. Thanks. But other then that, I love them and I am going to get another pair.

    • Teddi

      I bought a pair today. i wore them to the car and inside the house. MY FEET HURT! is this normal?

    • D Dunbar

      A few years ago I had major surgery on my ankles where they basically replaced tendons and gave me pins in both ankles, after surgery and the casts I walked in a fracture boot which has a similar tilt as the Skechers, when I saw them advertised I went and got a pair, and so far so good they are very comfy to me and even though I haven’t lost any weight yet I could see where walking in these will give me that end result. I have never worm a pair of shoes that felt so energizing on my feet. So Far I love them.

    • http://msn Cindy

      I recently have bought a pair, and I love them. Wore them the first day and had no problems. Came back to work and was jumped by a co-worker about how unhealthy and how bad they are for your back and legs. Due to some news report on TV. I did not see the article. Does anyone have any input.

    • Linh

      lol I was thinking of purchasing these because I am on my feet at least 12hours a day. I love to firm up and stay firmed up so I thought “why not” found this site, read the comments and was feeling good about it.. What cinched the deal for me was the “cow poop” comment lmao..hey, stay toned, get more fit AND stay out of sh*t lol what more could I ask for?

    • Melissa

      My boyfriend got me the Skechers Shape Ups. Not because he thought I needed them.. but, because I wanted them. lol. I got them a couple days after Christmas 2009.. and have worn them religiously anywhere I go and pretty much all day until I go to bed. I am proud to say I have gone down 4 pants sizes since then! My muscles are really toning as well. In all my years (35) I’ve never seen my calves look like this. I have also bought the Skechers Tone Up flip flops to wear this summer. I stress to you I have no changed my diet nor have I began an exercise routine. My boyfriend and I have 8 kids between us (me 5, him 3) and chasing them is enough. When I first met him a year ago I weighed in at 230. I am now 186.. not there yet but, I’m on my way and I know these shoes have helped a great deal!

    • Gail

      I have had my Sketchers for 2 months and have already dropped 1 pant size by changing shoes. I have always been a walker so the only change was the shoe not the amount of walking. Now I don’t have any pain in my legs or feet. After my positive results with the product, I purchased a pair of black Men Sketchers for my boyfriend who has feet, back and leg pain constantly. Reading the comments from and about the men on this site encouraged me to try to sell him on trying a new type of shoe. Well he won’t take them off. He previously had expensive inserts for his shoes and still had pain. NO MORE. He has also noticed that his jeans are loose after wearing the shoes everywhere for over a month. I just purchased a second pair in white/navy for him to wear with shorts since he no longer will wear any other kind of athletic footwear. He said these are the best constructed shoes he has ever seen and he previously has spent a lot more on his shoes and orthodic inserts. I hope other people with back and leg pain will try these out and I sincerely hope that others have the results we have had.

    • Marni

      I bought a few pairs of Shape-ups in November and I haven’t taken them off since. I’ve worn one other pair of shoes once since then and they my feet were killing me by the end of the night. Since I got them I’ve also lost a pant size and my tush didn’t look this good 15 years ago when I was in the army!!! I had abdominal surgery this past fall and I really feel it in my abs. It takes a bit to get used to them. If you’ve ever done balance training, it feels like that. I started wearing them all day from the start. I’ll admit, I was in pretty good shape when I got them so I didn’t have a lot of problems with muscle pain. I really can’t say enough good about them. I have both the shoe and boot styles and they’re all great.

    • Donelle

      I have had mine for about a month and I love them. I cannot say if they have necessarily helped to tone up, but they have helped my back. I have had three spinal fusions on my lower back, and always have chronic pain. My back feels much better since wearing these. So they were definitely worth the money.

    • http://spledicity pizzuto

      I’ve been wearing Shechers for two weeks when i go on my long walks my lower back is killing me and now i have pain at my calves and thighs. I’ve stopped wearing them and the pain is subsiding except my lower back still hurts

    • Marcia Jones

      Please tell me how and if these shoes are good for planters faschitis problems. Thank you.

    • Chris

      These claims are ridiculous. Eat sensibly and exercise in any kind of shoe and you will see improvement. Unfortunately, many people look for an easy way out and don’t want to hit the gym. Those people will stay fat and say the shoes don’t work while people like me who are in the gym daily anyway will agree that the sole of the shoe matters very little if you are truly challenging yourself and working out properly and regularly.

      • Carol

        well aren’t you just perfect?? If you haven’t got something nice to say, shut up. If you don’t know anything about the product, shut up!

      • Celeina

        For your information I did such a thing, for more than a month. Nothing but fruits and vegetables and healthy natural foods, water and herbal green tea sweetened with nothing but a spoon of natural honey and one packet of sun crystals, green shakes which are fruit shakes that include spinach leaves, and 30+ minutes of exercise 4 to 5 days a week. I made very little progress. Don’t act like you know the answer, everybody’s bodies are different and work in different ways. And you don’t know that these people are using these shoes as the easy way out, sounds to me like they’re including them in their exercise regimen. In other words, shut up. You don’t know everything.

      • Meg

        Myyyyyy…….how smug and condescending of you

      • Rockford Freddie

        Smug? No doubt. Condescending? Absolutely.

        Correct? You bet.

        This is just an updated mass market attempt at something that was done on a smaller scale when I was in high school in the 90′s.

        They had shoes and shoe attachments marketed to young basketball players that said just by wearing these shoes that you would increase your vertical by x-inches… and all the dopey unathletic ballplayers bought them… and looked like fools walking around school.

        One shoe doesn’t “work” any more than another. It’s the feet inside that need to do the work. Is Chris’ comment out of line? I don’t know. But he’s sure not wrong.

        Don’t you think that if between apparel, equipment, pill, or workout programs, that if there were an easy full-on guaranteed 100% way to make yourself fit that it would have taken hold by now?

        Why is this country morbidly obese? Because an easy way to make yourself fit doesn’t exist. I’m overweight, but trying real hard not to be- lost 35 pounds so far this year. I work a full 40, have a son, and do 15 credit hours a semester, and 9 in the summer. Don’t get mad because someone pointed out that many people are lazy. If you feel it was directed at you, then that’s your problem. Wake up a half hour earlier and pound out a couple miles instead. Eat more grain and less processed food. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time, just a genuine effort.

      • steve

        If the promise of a workout boost motivates a person to exercise, even if it’s a placebo effect, it’s still a good thing! Sometimes all I need is a little motivation. I have been looking for some of these toning shoes so I could “see if they work,” when I really just want a reason to take a few more laps!

      • Gfellow

        I eat well and walk almost everywhere. Up untill last year i weighed 220lbs, and even with my diet and exercise was not loosing weight. Then I bought my shape ups and within 3 months I lost 40lbs. I use to have back and knee problems, not anymore because all you have to do is use them properly and if you’re not don’t complain because you can’t follow simple instructions.

    • christy

      i also own the shape ups shoes and LOVE them! but FYI to those who are concidering purchasing them, there are different ones. research the site to choose whats best for you. i think there are over 8 different types with different purposes i suppose. great shoes.

    • Lorraine

      Love mine!! Immediately went out and bought more extra padding makes them great on my feet and since I work standing all night on concrete that alone would have done it for me. Only people I have ever talked to that don’t like them got sore from walking and never wore them again…….But sore muscles tell you they WORK!!

    • Michelle

      I just tried mine today. Holy cow my calves were hurting during the walk. Awesome. They work :):):) I have heal spurs and the shoes actually help them. I also have the tone up sandals. They do the same thing. Super comfortable.

      Well worth the 120 bux I paid for them.

    • Jonie

      I have a tendency to roll my ankles, in fact i have a plate and screws in my left ankle….so i look at these shoes with some suspicion. i have worn dansko clogs i guess that’s what you’d call them but when i managed to turn my ankle in them i gave them away….now that i have hardware in my ankle i fear these would be too unstable for me….has anyone had problems with ankles turning or rolling easily in these shoes???? don’t want to end up giving these away too!!!!


      • Devanelle

        I got Skechers Shape Ups because they were so comfortable and liked them until I fell and broke my ankle because of the way the sole rolled. It was a bad fall that caused a number of injuries, but it’s the broken ankle that’s keeping me housebound for the next month or more. I didn’t stumble over something; I fell because of the design of the shoes.

        I foound this post on another site. Hope it helps:)

    • Dani
    • Sandie T.

      I got my first Shape ups a year ago because they were so comfortable when I put them on. (white and pink) It wasn’t because I wanted to be toned. I power walk all the time any way. I have plantar fasciitis and am on my feet all day. I tried nursing shoes, New Balance etc. and none have worked. These made my feet feel 95 percent better. So I got a black and white pair. And for Christmas this year my husband got me a pair of tan ones and white ones. I can wear them now with whatever color I have on. Once in a while I have to were stylish heals or boots for a special occasion or something and I can’t wait to get out of them to put on my shape-ups. The cushion and the high arch support have really helped my feet heal.
      As you can tell, I love them and would advise anyone to get them.

    • Patricia G.

      Hi Sandy T.

      Thank you posting! I bought a pai of Shape-ups but only worn them once and was just going to post them up on Ebay due to the smirk coments made to me by my sister. Yes, they are funny looking but I really wanted to know if they worked? I am willing to sacrifice fashion if they will get my butt toned! So glad I stumbled across this article because now I am having second thoughts about listing them on Ebay. Was gonna get rid of them for $30 when I paid almost $100!

    • Carrol

      I bought my Shape Ups about 2 months ago, and fell in love with them immediately. I also suffer from plantar fasciitis and strive to find something to ease the pain, which they have done. I haven’t had pain in my feet since I switched shoes. However, I now find that the cushion in the bottom of my shoes has become uneven and bothers my feet, and my walk. I’m extremely dismayed as this was a terribly expensive price for a pair of Sketchers to only last approximately 2 months.

    • Ilya

      I bought a pair a few months ago, upon the advise of my 12 year-old daughter. Initially they were fine, the only difference, between them and my regular tennie’s, that I noted was that I could walk the 2 blocks from where I parked to the office with ease. My only concern is that about a month ago, my lower back began hurting. I didn’t think about it much because I have a rigorous work schedule and I don’t always move properly; it happened in the past and never lasted long. This time, it not only did not go away in a short time, it grew worse. Last year I was told that I had 2 dessicated disc; all of my research indicated that the pains matched the symptoms. I tried everything to relieve the pain from pain pills and muscle rubs, to heating pads, massages, and soaks, finally, I stopped wearing the shoes. While the relief was not immediate, within a few days of not wearing them, I was able to get up out of a chair, and my vehicle, without having to sit back down due to sharp pains shooting up my spine. I could get out of bed without having to have my back rubbed first, and I could walk with a semi-normal stride. I still have some stiffness, and must be careful when bending or stretching but it is bearable. I do not know for certain that the shoes exacerbated the condition; however, I wanted to leave this message for those, who are considering the shoes, who may have dessicated or bulging disc disease, or any problems of the spine, consult a doctor and self-monitor for any discomfort. You may save yourself more than the cost of a pair of shoes.

      • Lizzy

        If 2 blocks gave you trouble before, you may have bigger problems than these shoes can help you with…

    • KC

      I bought mine, wore a few weeks, suddenly had terrible pain in my knees, went to neurologist and he did testing, said I had a pinched nerve in my spine that was causing pain & numbness to my knees & legs. Now am going to see a surgeon for pinched nerve in my back. Was fine before I bought the shoes,even researched them. Am VERY unhappy there were no warnings of the potential risks. I now own 120.00 pair of door stops.

    • Cate Jones

      I have 2 degenerating discs in my back and when my pain starts I can put on Skechers on and it helps!! I’m not sure if any toning has taken place though. I originally purchased them to begin a work-out regime and weightloss program, but never was consistent. Found the shoes to be so comfortable that I wore them to work everyday!!! LOVE THEM!!!

    • Lee

      I bought a pair of Shape-ups in July and pretty much wore them every day for about 4 months. I started getting soreness and a very stiff lower back, which continually got worse. It got to a stage where I could no longer run properly as my back was locked tight. I had noticed that my walking pace and running times were getting slower and slower. I started having pains shooting out from my lower back. I stopped wearing the sketchers about a month ago, started a stretching routine and I am starting to see some flexibility back. But still a way to go yet.
      I really like Sketchers, I have lots of different styles, but I think if you are going to buy a pair of Shape-ups use them in moderation. Perhaps use them to exercise with and then go back to flat shoes. I believe that wearing them all day every day, puts a lot of pressure on your lower spine.

    • Wolfprincess

      Well, seems to me that the shoes are not for everyone. The folks that are complaining about the lower back pain, are you keeping your back straight when using them, or are you slouching? Slouching your back causes back pain more than you think. Of course its going to be uncomfortable to keep your back straight if you’ve slouched your back for so long. I’ll catch myself slouching and straighten my back agian. I’ve noticed a huge difference between slouching and keeping my back straight no matter if your standing, walking, or sitting. The shoes are going to hurt your back if you slouch, because they are putting pressure on alot of things including your back. Stand, walk, and sit with your back straight and you will notice a huge difference. Yeah, your back is going to feel sore, because the muscles in your back are being used in a different way then they are used to. Just like muscles in your legs, arms and buttocks. Try it for a week and feel the difference. You should still stretch your back everyday if your planning on trying to keep your back straight because like i said your back is not used to being straight, so its going to build back those muscles and feel sore for a few days. Thats why you should stretch.

    • Dani

      I absolutely LOVE my shape ups … I work in a operating room as a scrub nurse. I enjoy zooming around the halls on my “boats”!! Also, since I’m not known to be able to stand still and I’m easily amused, I like rocking the time away up at the sterile field … At the end of my shift, my feet do not hurt, I can feel the work out my calf muscles get as well as my inner thighs … I do not feels anything in my abdominal muscles … perhaps I am not utilizing the shoes to the best of my abilities?? But I don’t really care … I did not get them for weightloss … the “rocking” motion is what actually appealed to me .. : – )

    • Stephanie

      I have to admit I loved these shoes when I first bought them. I bout the slip resistant black ones for work and they were great. My feet didn’t hurt and I was actually losing weight… BUT after a few months of wearing the things not only was the slip resistance wearing out on one side much sooner than it should have but my knees were absolutely killing me and laying down at night from the pain in my back was putting me into tears. I figured maybe it was just muscle pain- maybe the shoes were really working… But the pain didn’t stop, it just got worse. I kept wearing the shoes for a while, but I was starting to slip in them so I stopped wearing them. And once I did, the pain went away. These shoes are probably great for wear during excercise or for someone that is already in good shape and needs another challenge, but for those of us trying to get in shape without setting foot in a gym (as the shoe itself is marketed for, so in a way Chris has a point) its probably not your best bet. Mine are now shoved under the bed cause I don’t even want to look at the expensive things.

    • Wardie G

      Got my toneups for Christmas. Wore them all day and even went walking in them. Next day I noticed a pain in my achilles tendon. Now my whole anke is hurting. Tried wearing them again and the pain got worse. Anybody out there experienced the pain in the achilles?

    • William

      For those who have complained of pain after wearing them. Let me point something out. Your body is out of shape, once you wear these shoes you start to tone the muscles and reshape your stance. Meaning if there were any underlying problems that you didn’t notice before cause you were out of shape. As your body starts to get into better shape, those things that are wrong will start to appear. Like the pinched nerve, or the achilles tendon/ankle problems. if you ever had a sprain or a twisted ankle no matter if it was a little twist. The little bit will cause damage. and not fully recovering will cause more damage. So these shoes while getting you in shape are showing you that there are many underlying problems that need to be taken care of. So stop blaming the shoes, start blaming yourselves.

    • Gloria

      Believe it or not, once I wear the shoes I don’t want to take it off until beding time.
      I did lose 7 lbs in 2.5 wks. I had very hard time before to lose weight. I am just like a shoe sales lady now. I introduced at least 150 people to use the shoes after X’Mas 2010. Weight control is so important and finally it works for me now and I wish it will work for many people too.

    • Kelli

      bought a pair of Danskins shapeup shoes. I’m a pharmacst and stand all the time.I wore them all day, My back didn’t hurt or my feet. These are great and I know they are working because my calves and shins or sore…Love them expecially for 20 bucks

    • Lizzy

      Everyone who is complaining of leg or back pain…did you by any chance read the pamphlets and instructions that came with the shoes or did you just slip them on and wear them the entire day? You have to start by just wearing them for 15-20 minute intervals at first so your body gets used to them. You can’t just buy them and wear them all day at work.

      • Beebee

        and THEN do you use it the next day???

    • T. Bergmann

      I certainly read the instrucitons AND followed them but I still have pain in my achilles tendon that is excruciating. I am no stranger to working out but I kept the walks short during my first week and I’m still in a lot of pain. I’ve tried stretches and using the foam roller to relieve the pain but as soon as I try to slip the shape-ups on, my achilles starts to hurt. I’m bummed. I actually liked them.

    • char bonse


    • Amy

      I had no pain wearing the shoes, but I didn’t tone up or have any noticable changes because of wearing them.

      They made it into the trash after I sprained my ankle while wearing them, which was the 4th major fall I had in those stupid shoes. It’s like wearing platform shoes and when you fall sideways, your foot doesn’t just fall over with you – it bends the ankle and causes a sprain.

      I’m in physical therapy now and will be stuck with this ankle issue for awhile. I’m back with normal shoes and that’s where I’ll stay.

    • WW

      Plus side:I feel it in my calves when I wear them. I suffered from a broken femur and ankle a long time ago and my legs always give me grief because of those past injuries. When I wear shape ups, they feel more comfortable.
      negative side:I do notice that I have to really watch my balance in the shoes, because I do not want to fall. When I wear them, I have to be more careful than normal. After reading these posts, I will be even more careful

    • hul

      ce sont de simples baskets avec effets compensés

    • randy

      I LOVE my shapeups!!! Love them so much that i have bought 4 pairs. I have a heel spur. Since i have worn shapeups the pain has pretty much gone away! I recommend these to anyone and everyone. You will not regret it if you suffer from any type of foot pain.

    • Ashley

      It’s sad to see everyone trying to get the “quick fix” to getting in shape faster. A shoe is not going to get you in shape. Cardio with weight training combined with eating healthy does! Sure you think you’re getting a workout because your calves feel sore but once your body gets used to the shoes, there will be no more results past that. You have to do mixed work out for muscle confusion. If you do the same thing everyday, you won’t see results. Stop walking only for workouts, you have to get your heart rate up and down to loose weight. Try interval jogging. Buy a heart rate monitor to see how efficient your work outs are.

    • j rivas

      my lower back hurt after three days of wearing the shoes. i would say dont wear them all day every day.

    • Alison

      If you READ the pamphlet it says you will feel soareness in your back, butt, and legs. Also, you have to wear them 15-20 mins a day several days before wearing them all day. I have a fractured back and it shows while wearing these shoes, BUT I know my back is weak so it is fixing the problem. I also go to the gym 4 times a week to strengthen my body. I only bought these shoes because of how comfortable they are on my feet. The plus side is the strengthening effect on my stomach, lower back, and legs. My physical therapist is getting them now since he notices how they are helping my posture, etc… I suggest buying them online (1/2 size bigger than your reg. size) because it is cheaper.

    • Gladys

      I suffered with plantar fasciitis for a year.At the 8 month mark,I bought the sketcher shape ups.They felt like heaven on my heel and within 4 months-the pain was gone.I loved the shoes but………If you fall in them,you will definitely injure yourself.I fell twice which was not the fault of the shoes but once you are falling,you are propelled forward and unable to stop.Both times I knew I was falling but unable to stop and went forward and seriously injured myself.In the trash went my like new shape ups I had just bought.I wouldn’t even give them away for fear of someone getting hurt in them.Loved them for comfort but please beware.I am going to the ortho doctor Monday for an injury 2 weeks ago that has not subsided.I have nothing to gain or lose by my comment here.Just please be warned about the inability to stop a slip, slide or fall once it has started.

      • Amy

        This is really helpful as i suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and Severs Disease and i really struggle with finding comfortable shoes as all normal trainers/shoes hurt/irritate my feet. I find i have to buy shoes with a high arch inside, if that makes sense. I’ve been looking at shape ups and reading your review has really helped. Do you wear them everyday? Any other shoes you can recommend, I’ve suffered with it for over 10 years and so far have not come accross anything thats perfect? Thanks

      • Dawn

        I find it hard to believe that these shoes made any difference to the outcome of your fall. Once you are in the motion of any fall it is hard to regain your balance.

    • yolanda vega

      2 yrs ago i bought my sketcher shape ups before i had sciatca buldging disk lower back pain i never fell and my back has improved wonders i stand alot in my job and the thick cushuon helps my feet on the concrete at first you feel a little awkward but after a couple of weeks my back was streighter my spine was relieved i work hard like a man i bought my shoes at dillards well worth it i then bought a pair on line velcrow 1/2 price and i noticed the quality was not the same the shoes were narrow even though they were the same size and the quality of sewing wasnt the same the velcrow ones dont stay closed and its better to get them at a reputable place even though you might pay more its your feet but i woulnt wear nothing else to work thanks scethers shape ups originals

    • Cindi

      Regular shape up tennis shoes are great, wore them for 2 years, walked 2 miles a day. Bought the WORK SKID FREE shape ups and several friends and I have severe pain in the back of one leg. Right behind the knee. What is wrong with the WORK SKID FREE SHOES? Pain that will not allow me to sleep or bend.

    • MB

      My verdict: a very good supplement to getting in shape. Yeah it’s not a ‘gym’ in a shoe, but they do make a difference, and are VERY comfy.

    • Lisa

      I work in surgery and obviously I walk ALOT!! I’ve been wearing my shapeups for one year now, and I haven’t seen a difference . A number of my collegues wear them also, and we all agree that they are great for COMFORT!! However, a number of them have stopped wearing them due to knee and/ or hip pain!! How safe are these shoes? I was told by several surgeons that they cause your achilles tendon to stretch. Hasn’t happened to me, but I’ll keep u updated.

    • Lisa

      Shame on you Skechers!! I recently saw your commercial as well as advertisement in the mall where your company is using a certain reality star (Kim Kardashian) as a spokesperson for your shape ups. Any person who is using a personal trainer, should continue! This shoe does not work!! There are individuals with low self esteem that might decide to buy your shoe based on her commercials , and that would be WRONG!! These shoes DO NOT provide results this company claims!! Diet and exercise are key factors in staying in shape, not a pair of shoes.

      • Keely

        Not to discredit anything you may have said. I am wondering where you get your information that you seem so sure of. I have bought a pair and i can tell you for sure i do not have a problem with self esteem or not one of these people who diet like crazy. If your information is based on facts and not assumption i am very interested in knowing where to find these facts. My email is I would love to know where you get your information. It seems to me you may be a personal trainer yourself. And i think that is great for the people in this world who can afford one. But those of us who can not i thought with all the information i could find this would be something that would help someone who over the years has lost good posture and does not have time for a gym. Please send me information on what you have as far as where you were able to find facts of these shoes and the fact they do not work. Thanks! Keely

      • nathalia

        shame on you lisa!!! i have since i was 13 much knee and back pain i going 3 times in the week to the therapist since my 15th (im now 28) but since i have these shoes (3 months ago) i dont need therapy anymore i dont have pain in my knees and back these shoes really works!! and i can tell anybody to buy this shoes because it worth is :D

    • Crystal

      So, I have these black, suede low boot type shape ups and I have none of the problems you all are speaking of. I woke up today and my behind was sore, but I take that as a good sign. Maybe its because Im young (17), but my behind is more toned than it was before, and I wear my shape ups everyday to school where I do plenty of walking.

    • Kathy

      I bouhgt my shapeups, used them for one hour and the pain behind my knees was excruciating. I could not sleep and could hardly walk the next day. Altho they felt great to walk in, the pain behind my knees is not worth it. Oh yes, I work out with a trainers 3 times a week so its not that I’m out od shape. These shoes are dangerous and painful. Even my trainer tried to discourage me from wearing. So tomorrow I’m taking them back tot he store for a refund.

      • paula stopper

        You didn’t give it enough time. I tell everyone that the 1st 2 days your legs and ankles will hurt, the next 2 weeks your upper legs and butt will hurt, but then you feel great after that!!!

      • Betsy

        I bought them. Wore them everyday for a week, they felt so comfortable!! BUT, then I woke up and could barely walk up and down the stairs my calfs and back of my knee hurt so badly. Dr. told me to lay off for two weeks and start gradually. I have but I don’t I don’t know if I’m going to be able as my knee is also bothering me. My granddaughter said she read they are not good for your knees. I may give them a couple more days and see how I feel.

      • Robin

        I have never seen a commercial for these and I was sceptical of all the hype. But I have a pair and have been wearing them consistantly for a week now. I walk a great distance across a compound to get to my office and figured I would take advantage. Yes, my legs and bum hurt, but is is muscle pain. I have a bad knee which I had to work thru that pain the first day or so. I would say they are not a ‘workout’ shoe, but if your going to walk anyway, this is only going to benefit as the muscles are being challenged and calories are being burned. Someone said, ‘the shoes are not worth it, just skip the donut in the morning and get the same benefit.’ to that I say, ‘I CAN HAVE A DONUT IF I WEAR THE SKETCHERS?!!!’ =D

    • Fumiko kumawasakii

      Well everyone is different and I think only way to really know how they work on you is to try them out…that’s what I do and we all have different results.

    • paula stopper

      I disagree on the “not for long walks”. I am only 47 but am having hip problems, they were ready to talk about surgery when someone reccomended I give them a try. I am in love!! I have walked in them every day for a year now. if I wear another pair of shoes my hip starts to hurt again. I am at my lowest weight since 1985, my posture is much better, my hip does not hurt, my rear end looks better than ever. The longer the walk in them, the better it feels. I reccomend them to everyone.

      • julia

        hi, i saw your comment.
        They really work? Did it really make your butt look great?
        I really would like a great butt. If they really work for you and did give you a great butt please tell me

    • Deborah Tjalma

      I am considering buying a pair. All the information posted is very confusing, obviously it is very personal as to how these shoes affect you. I have a dog which means that I walk a lot and I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and have a workout at the same time. However I have a tear in my meniscus in my knee which doesn’t give me too many problems day to day – the question is, will the shape-ups aggravate this injury – anybody help?

      • Michelle Osmond

        I am no expert, but I have done quite a bit of research on them, it seems people are saying if they had NO knee or back problems & get them that they end up having knee or back problems. And if they have bad knee, back or hip problems that they ARE a miracle! shoe, no more pain or problems. Now from two close people to me my friend in her late 20′s has had them for a few months and loves them, says she can feel her getting toned as she is on a weight loss program too. My Mother-in-law in her 60′s has had them for over 2 yrs and loves them and she is tiny so she can c the difference right away that they r helping to tone her legs and butt! So I got them for this Mother’s Day coming this wk end and I am going to try them around the house, the store said I had 2 wks to decide. I should know by then, I have no doubt that they will tone my legs and butt as i felt the burn as I walked laps around the store, its just weather or not I will have knee pain or something along those lines. lol According to the statments I read if you are going to have knee pain it will happen right away as soon as one day to 3 days. especially if you revert back to normal runners. So I say give them a try you have nothing to lose just return them by the date the store says if you don’t like them. Now one thing to remember I kick boxed for yrs so I know a lot about my leg muscles, if they hurt doesn’t mean the shoes r bad, you have to feel the burn then u will feel pain as muscles build (a muscle builds by tearing and then getting bigger,) so it would in fact hurt, so don’t over do it just try them out for an hr or so inside and then again the next day. take some type of anti-inflamitory like advil or aleve for the pain and any swelling if needed. It is always the worst the second day in when working out, meaning 2 days after. your muscles will eventually get use to being built and toning them from then on will feel like nothing. I may not b a Dr. but I have been building my calf muscles from kick boxing for yrs and I do know lots about how they react to building muscles and what to do about it. Take it slow! p.s. I am 41 yrs I don’t kick box anymore but I do keep fit by walking & I am putting my good hard cash towards trying them out I just loved them in the store & I put them through a good long trial there, I also tried out the Reebok ones and the Keds, Keds gave more a work out then Reebok for half the price. & I bought the Sketchers-shape ups Diamond Backs in pink and black. (the other style that Sketchers makes with the balls on the bottom like Reebok, sucked! felt nothing. ) Hope this helps anyone sitting on the fence of yes or no. lol But thats just my opinion. I am not offiliated with any company I am just sick of people not hearing it straight. !

    • Julie Ann Brown

      Seriously, I am a tenured professor of marketing and stand approximately 20 hours a week during lecturing and I love my SHAPE UPS. I have worn them approximately one year…consistently (throughout Europe for 4 weeks on a study abroad with 29 California college students) along with MBT’s. Since that time my heart rate has lowered, my need for prescription orthotics were no longer needed, my posture improved, and my stamina walking and climbing. I love them and hope that the need to sue or blame a product that helps so many will not be forced in the United States to be taken of the market…If so, I will go to Europe and purchase MBT’s or SKETCHERS…as it appears people in the EU are not complaining about there usage.

    • Justin

      Hello all, my name is Justin and I am new to the shape ups. I have friends and family that have tried and found really good results using this product. Though as some of you may know the week 1–2 will be the toughest. Don’t become disappointed with sore muscles! Just as anytime that your body undergoes a new and maybe more accelerated exercise, the muscles in your body tear and then rebuild. That is how we build muscle. So just realize that when you feel that soreness the next day, you’ve gained more muscle! Be careful though just as any exercise we must work our body up to the more advanced workouts. Therefore you silly people don’t go out and walk 5 your first day. Have fun, gain confidence, and lose weight using the shape-ups. (P.S.. BOOMER!!)

    • nathalia

      keep up the good work sketchers, i have bought this shoes 3 months ago because i have much knee and backpain and it is all gone thanks to the shape ups… im so happy this shoes works and i lose 20lbs :) so i have told all my friends to buy some of these shoes :)

      • Sanuk

        Wooow… less than 100 comments!!… I have to take advantage of this and write my comment on your site… ok… what should I write??… mmm, I don’t think my criminal history would help me gain your sympathy, uh?? haha… anyway, I would like to say that I think you’re a incredible blogger and writer… so, thanks for that.. now I know I’m not a robot. well, this comment is getting too long to be read, so i’ll stop now…

    • Eileen

      Don’t buy them I’ve had serious medical issued with plantar faciitis for 8 months since i stopped wearing these shoes. They are not natural and give you a false sense of fitness. They tighten your calves and shorten the muscle then when you take them off they rip the tendons in your feet. Don’t buy them

      • Jane

        Eileen..I am just the opposite, I had surgery for plantar facitis and these are the only shoes that my feet can tolerate. I stand all day working in a hospital setting and I can not wear any other style. My back stops hurting and my knees feel less impact. I love the shape ups

      • buddy

        It sounds like you may have been misdiagnosed, i was also told i have plantar faciitis by my primary care but when i was seen by a podiatrist he told me i actually had achilles tendonitis which is commonly misdiagnosed as plantar faciitis. when i approached the subject of shoes he was very stern about me staying away from designs like the Sketchers Shape-Ups. he said that they would do more harm than good but said they would be great for someone with plantar faciitis. may be you should have a second look at the issue with you feet. my wife wears the Shape-Ups and loves them.

    • jujary658690

      I just purchased a pair of the new style (much lower than the old) that are made for people that work out, I work out but have come to a stand still in my weight loss and thought these might help. I am concerned however as I have been told by people that they cause back issues. Has anyone noticed any medical problems since using the shape ups.

      • Sandi

        I wear the sketchers for work, Dental Assistant, I do not think they helped with my butt, but my lower back and feet no longer hurt after 9 hours on my feet, also have more energy after work.

      • tina

        i was told by a doctor, the back issue was do to poor posture while wearing the shoes..

      • Michelle Osmond

        FYI: Please don’t wear them all day expecially if you are going to work and lifting things, then your bound to find problems. They are ment to walk in not live in, according to all the posts I am reading most of their problems stem from over use and incorrect use, some may be legitimate, but I guess they r not for every one. Keep in mind if you were lifting weights or working out you wouldn’t do it all day would u? For my full opinion read my above statement

      • Brandi r.

        No i havnt had any back problems. My pain all over my body has actually stopped. my feet dont hurt or anything. THESE SHOES ARE AMAZING. i will NEVER buy any other shoe.

    • Susan

      I have owned a pair of shape ups for one year and purchased them for the comfort (standing and walking up to 12 hours a day for work) they have been amazing for everyday walking (I do not use them for long walks or exercise) I have noticed a definite toning of the butt! Do not purchase these for weight loss, this can only be done with diet and exercise, however highly recommend if you are getting tired legs from standing on concrete.

    • amanda

      I am 47 and had knee pain for 30 years. I had a pulled hamstring that would not heal for seven months. I gave these shoes a chance. The first week my legs, back and stomach muscles were sore, but I noticed my knee pain and pulled hamstring felt better. I decided to keep wearing them all day at work and at home. Now six weeks later my knee pain and hamstring pain are entirely gone. The muscle soreness I had the first week is gone. I wish these were invented 30 years ago. And for an added bonus, I have way more energy and my butt looks 25 years old!

    • MamaG

      I bought a pair of shape-ups 3 months ago and I love,love them. I too stand alot on my job and walk quite a distance to the school office and my posture is better and my calves and butt are tighter. They are not magic but they are comfortable and they help with toning muscles and posture for sure.

    • MamaG

      I bought a pair of shape-ups a few months ago and I am feeling toner and my posture is better. I,too, walk quite a distance to the school office and I stand for longs periods in the classroom. I am 59 years old and I notice that when I wear my shape-ups, my back and knee pain is gone. I think if anyone is having problems with pain it is most likely not from the shoes. I will buy more shape-ups.

    • Joya Shoes

      Coming soon – Joya – the world’s softest comfort shoe

    • Tommaso Petrella

      I just bought a pair and I must admit they felt very akward at first, but now is the third day and they have become very comfortable. I feel tightness in my calves and I am definitely using muscles I don’t often use. The tightness is not unpleasant at all, It feels very similar to how my muscles feel after a good work out. I like that feeling.

      I can tell the tighness is going away now and I am very happy with these shoes to say the least. I just need a couple more months with them to see if they perform as claimed.

      Tommaso Petrella

    • Cathy R.

      Excellent, comfortable, giving total comfort for 3 – 5 miles walks. Help to be able to move at a fast pace, toning legs, butt and stomach core. I have lost 20 lbs. in the last 3 months and find them very helpful in getting the maximum out of my walking exercise.

    • aaron

      when i first got the shape-up, i did the London River walk. i started from Hyde park – wentminster – pass by big ben – the london eye – went to St Paul’s church – took the millennium bridge – walked to the tower bridge and ended at the tower of london. the total time it took me to complete the entire journey was 5 hours. the ridge felt like walking on pillows. i wonder if the sore muscles i had was from the 5 hours walking, but the very next day i feel like i stand much straighter, better balance. knee feels fine. im definitely wearing this to the gym. best shoe i’ve ever had.

    • jet

      They do develope muscle when walking but not so much by trying to balancee on them but because the sole is rounded. The heal is a lot lower then the middle of the shoe resulting in the body traveling more up & down when walking. Landing on the heal then pulling the body foreward with heal on front foot when walking will work the butt more.

    • Leslie

      Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. I bought my first pair one year ago. I too was sceptical. The first thing I noticed was that my back and right knee stopped hurting. My co-workers say I stand straighter, which is why my back doesn’t hurt . . . but whatever it takes.When I try to switch to “normal” shoes the pain returns. So now I have 3 pairs that I rotate around. I wear them everyday, everywhere. I just recently realized that my butt was getting firmer. I was just happy to be pain free from wearing them but this is an added bonus. I recently went to visit my daughters and sons-in-law and I just had to have them feel my butt. They were all so impressed that now they too are going to invest in them. Lucky for me, if they don’t get the same results, we wear the same size and I will get yet another pair.

    • Diane McCarthy

      I have purchased 14 pairs of shape ups so far, 10 pairs for my self, I am 52 years old, 2 pairs for my mother who is 70 years old 1 pair for my dad who is 76 years and1 pair for my husband. I wish I had known about these shoes before I let a doctor touch me. I have problem with my legs and these shoes have helped me so much, that’s all I wear. Well I do wear the tone ups as well, when it gets too hot. When people ask me about them when ever they see what I have on, it doesn’t matter where I am . I will tell everyone, just like anything else it is not a lose weight miracle worker you still have to watch what you eat and excercise. But I will tell you what it does tone in time. I love these shoes, there is too much to say. I always take the time to tell people about these shoes because I know what they are doing for me , don’t do it for a week and give up, like anything else give it some time before you say that it is not for you. I have had people tell me that they are glad that they talked to me because they were going to try them again. I just explained how to use them because you do not sell something with out explaining how to use and how it works especially if you wear them all the time, and I do. There is so much explaining to do so they can understand, like I said I love my shoes and will continue buying them. I forgot to mention that I have arthiritis on my right and I just did a 5k with my shape ups, the ones that you can jog in. I was so excited!! I live in these shoes, I promise you I am not getting paid to say this, I sincerely mean every word. Try them especially if you have back problems which my daughter does and leg problems which my dad and husband do, and my mother just because they are so confortable for her. There is a right way and a wrong way to use these shoes, that sounds crazy but if you learn how to use them the right way you will not settle for any other shoe. I know I won’t.

    • lisa

      shape ups are amazing for me, thank GOD for technology, i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, first to wake up in the morning it was a hassle because this disease affect all the joints i try the most expensive sneakers and shoes nothing work for me i couldn’t walk, not even a block now i feel that i can walk for long distance, when i wake up in the morning i have to put this sneakers, because i can not walk bare foot, all my toes getting destroy because the disease, now i have five pairs for every day use, my back my legs my behind is firm i lost 30 pounds with exercise and eating good food, this is not a miracle sneakers that will repair all the body damage but make your life easier I’m so happy i tried them, not i don’t want anything else, i will recommend this shape up to any one with back, knee, foot, neck problems it does work , give a chance because first use you will sore but after that you can reach the sky. thank you so much sketchers you cure me mentally and physically.

      • Marvin Standridge

        It would have been a whole lot cheaper to just drink 3 cups of green tea every day, it works for me!

    • Paula in FLA

      I purchased a pair about 2 months ago, and like most of you I feel a difference in the firmness of my calves, thighs and butt. However…my bones ache something terribly. My feet, ankles, hips hurt like heck. My sister in NY also bought a pair and she mentioned that she hurt all over, too. I walk 3 miles a day, and don’t know if I’m wearing them too much, but I’m now looking for another pair of walkers/runners. The model I have is the Shape-Up AT Diamondback.

    • kathleen mchale

      6/3/2011 how can you walk on those shape-up sneakers? the bottoms are rounded,like a rocking chair,instead of flat.

      • Maya

        That’s the point. That’s how they are suppose to help tone your legs. If you have flat sneakers they won’t do the same thing.

    • Kati-Texas

      I read it before on a review about the metal breaking off holding the strap. I was walking back to work from lunch when the metal broke off my shape up shoe. Lucily my husband was with me and replaced it temporary with a medium paper clip.

    • Pat Wilkinson

      I bought a pair of Skechers a few weeks ago, and did all the right things – i.e. wearing them for short periods, gradually increasing to longer periods. Now I find that my 4th and little toes on my right foot are crushed together. My GP and chiropodist are both firmly of the opinion that it is the shoes that have caused this problem. I’ve been walking for many months and my old trainers didn’t give me this problem. A few weeks into Skechers and my toes are agony. Why are they made so narrow? You can’t try them on successfully in the shop – it’s not like wearing them for a proper walk, just taking steps in the store. Such a massive waste of money. I’m really disappointed.

    • Debbie

      I have bought 2 pairs of Skechers. I had a pain in the ball of one foot that wouldn’t go away no matter which inserts I used in my shoes. I finally bought a pair of Skechers, and they worked like a dream. I could take my dogs for long walks and my feet wouldn’t hurt at the end. But after a few short months the foam part of the sole started breaking down. Now the heel is noticibly lopsided, making my ankles hurt after a long day. I am on my feet a lot during the day, plus taking my dogs for walks in all kinds of weather. I am dissappointed that both pairs of Skechers are breaking down in the soles like this. The shoes are far to expensive to keep buying like this. This is 2 pairs in far less than 1 year.

      • robbin

        Dear Debbie,
        I was a consultant for Foot Locker. Whether it’s running, tennis, cross-trainers, or shape ups, athletic shoes are not designed to last more than 4 months. Its for the health of your foot. After months of weraing an athletic style foot wear, there are parts of the shoe such as the last, the sole, and the insole of the shoe that naturally wears down because of constant wear. It’s kinda like a car tire. Of course a brand new tire is going to give you perfect performance because it’s new. But after a while the tread begins to wear down and the traction is not as good. If you continue to use the tire rather than replacing it, eventually, the tire will blow out. It’s the same with athletic shoes. It’s best to replace them before they blow out for the health of you feet!;-)

    • Deb

      I am having a love affair with my Sketcher’s Shape Ups. When I went to purchase them, I went to a reputable real shoe store and inquired about them. The sales staff educated me on the many different versions and what each of them do. Not all shape ups do the same thing, I did not know that. I got the extended wear shape ups and can go all day long in them and have no foot/bone pain at the end of the day. Well done Sketchers!

    • Gloria

      No entiendo nada , porfabor necesito que alguien me traduzca esta página en español . Me interesa la información sobre estos zapatos tan especiales como son los Shape – ups . Gracias .

    • KEN

      My wife and I both purchased these shoes to enhance our daily 3 mile walk. After 2 months the shoes show extreme uneven wear.

    • Linda

      I love mine! I walk anywhere from 2-4 miles a day and since I began wearing these, I do not have knee or leg pains after walking. I also feel them building my calves, thighs and butt areas. I highly recommend these! i bought the sneaker style sketchers shape ups for walking and the maryjane style shape ups for work (I am an elementary school teacher). Love them both- they are the best!!

    • Tania

      I didn’t buy the sketchers brand for $80+ dollars I bought a LAGear Brand for $25 on sale. Although I am in pretty good shape as in, I really can’t tell a difference in my butt (where I need it most) I do get shin splints (painful pointy pain in my shin bone) but I still where them and am getting more use to them. But I can’t see how they help tone up the way the ad says it does.

    • Marjorie Wagner

      I love my shape ups till they started to fall apart not even a year later if you pay that much for a pair of shoes they should last awhile. I wear them once a day almost everyday to walk my dogs for a morning walk not even a year later and the sole started to fall apart (like it is rotten)

      • Em

        Running shoes should be replaced every 3 months if you are using them every day. Most good running shoes costs over $100, so if you got a whole year out of shoes that cost about $70 then I think you are really lucky.

    • Shelly

      I just bought my shape ups yesterday. Tried te 15 min workout on the DVD and my toes are killing me. I wear a size 7. bought a 7.5 because the 7 were too tight. Do they run so small that I need to buy a 8?

      • Pat Wilkinson

        Me too, Shelly, mine squashed my toes (more on my right foot than my left) and I was in agony. For the time being I’ve gone back to my old trainers for power-walking. It’s so annoying as Skechers cost a lot of money and they’re not as good as they seem.

      • Serena

        I have been told that they do run small, but a friend gave me a pair of 6.5 and I have 7.0 in another brand. 6.5 fit just fine. Love mine shape up and the other kind.

      • Sheetal.

        I have same problems with shape ups, my toes hurts and also i usually wear 7 or 7.5 size but, shapeups i am wearing size 8…i think thats one poblem with shapeups.

    • Bernadine Schriner

      Had to quit walking because my knees were hurting so much the Dr. recommended considering replacement. I bought a pair of Sketchers and had to build up to my usual 4 miles a day and I walk it every day and no longer have knee problems. I am 70 years old and consider my Sketcher Shape ups a miracle and life saver. I recommend them to everyone I can.

    • Kathryn M. Dirickson

      I not only bought one pair of skecher shape ups but two pairs and wore them as directed for over a year now I have serious propblems I developed a plantar facia of the left heel on the flat surface which in turn has developed svere tissue inflammation of my left heel I can hardly walk, and since I use my left heel to brake it is even very painful to drive. being a hygienist and standing to polish patients while wearing my shape ups I feel may have contributed to my condition please reply to your thoughts on this matter. I had to discontinue using them but the condition has not improved I am under the care of my podiatrist at thr present

      • maria hassan

        Hi, I had the opposite to you I suffered with plantar facis until I got some shape ups now my heels no longer ache after a day at work.
        Down side is I am now reliant on them and really don’t like wearing other shoes!

      • greg

        I also suffered from plantar fasciitis for over a year until trying these shoes. The pain goes away wearing these shoes. I now own 4 pair. Any other shoes will put pressure back on my heel and aggravate my condition.

    • Bea Shoughrow

      I have been wearing skechers work shoes/sneakers for about two years now, every day, 9 hours, 6 days a week. I love them, but now have problems wearing any other shoe. When I come home I feel the best going barefoot. When I wear flipflops or low heals my feet and ankles hurt like heck. Has anyone else had a problem wearing other shoes? Skechers are really comfortable to wear on hard cement floors but do break down after continued wear. I am trying to decide if I should continue wearing them or if they are causing problems with my bones.

    • alyanna

      arhhh any shepe symaym

    • Ethel

      I’ve bought 3 pairs of sketchers, love them, but find that after awhile they get a very bad smell, like cat pee, and have to throw them out. Has anyone else noticed this problem

      • Loretta

        I’ve only had my skechers shape ups for a couple months now and recently they started smelling like cat pee also. I thought I had gotten cat pee on them somehow, so I washed them with clorox and they still smelled the same. I am going to return them to the store, with this website page, including your comment. It’s a shame too, because the shoes helped my sore heel, because there’s no pressure on the heel.

      • Gita

        After only a month I got the strong cat pee smell too. After multiple washings, it only made it worse. I had to throw them out because I literally would have made people sick had I worn them in a closed space like a bus. I wish I could get my money back…very disappointing!!

      • Jana

        I have noticed the same cat pee smell the last few weeks. I also notice at school that some the of the students shoes smell, thinking it smells like cat pee and they need to wash their shoes. Since I have now experienced this
        same order in my shoes and I know there is no way any animal could have messed on them, I’m thinking now that the students shoes may be the same situation. I have washed my shoes two times, taking the foot pad out of each shoe and washing them separately, they still smell so I am now at this moment, washing the sketchers again after letting
        them soak with shout stain remover. Tonight I googled “why do Sketchers have a cat pee smell” and this site is what came up. It’s a shame that others have this same trouble. Sketchers needs to investigate this problem.

    • Lissa Lane

      I love the Sketchers Shape Ups. I think they are great. I wear them running errands, walking on the treadmill and on any walks I take. When I first started wearing them I could definitely feel it in my calves. I don’t think though that they replace a work out by no means. They are a great tool to use with work outs. Like the old saying goes, if it were that easy…..everyone would be doing it. Wear the shape ups and do your work outs. As I said, a great tool, but nothing can replace a good work out.

    • Lee

      I was looking for new sneakers and Shape-Ups were the only thing the store had that day in the color and size I wanted. They looked intriguing, so I tried them on. Once I got used to how they felt, they were actually very comfortable walking around the store. So I gave them a shot.

      I have circulation problems in my legs and usually my legs and feet ache by dinner time. I wore the sneakers the next day, all day (7 AM-11PM straight). When I got home, my legs and feet felt great. Been wearing them ever since, and even bought another pair.

      My wife tried them, but her foot hurt after the first day. So they may not be or everyone. I might have a bit of “placebo effect” happening too, but the bottom line is my legs and feet feel great, and I no longer slouch.

      As for the weight loss and muscle toning claims, I’m still skeptical. And they do look a little clunky from a fashion perspective. Regardless, I personally have found some unexpected benefit to them.

    • Dave

      I am a 28 yr old male, 5″8 and was 168ish pounds.

      Got my Sketch-Ups last spring to use at work (I am an auto detailer and am on my feel most of the day, and do a fair bit of walking.) At first my calves and some other muscles got sore after wearing them (as expected) but into the summer they felt like regular shoes and I still wear them every day, all day, and they feel great. I am not eating any healthier than normal (love my burgers and pasta), nor am I exercising or doing anything differently than I have the past several years but I am down to just over 155lbs I have not been that weight in like 10yrs! Almost thinking of ditching them (which I will have to do when I wear boots) so I can bulk up a bit for the winter! lol

      I have had a positive experience with them but not sure if they are for everybody as they are very different than most other shoes. Just be careful when you first start wearing them that your legs don’t get fatigued or you lose your balance or something, and don’t wear them on ladders due to the shape.

    • Kristoffer

      I am glad I ran across this article. I have been wearing mine for a few months and by the end of the day I can’t wait to take them off because my feet will start to tingle. I thought I had bought the wrong size (even though I went up a 1/2 size from what I normally wear) because the front part of my feet and toes feel crammed into the shoe – but sounds like others have the same problem. After searching online this seems to be a problem for many people – along with others claiming major back, feet, hip and leg issues. There is a class action lawsuit going on now from what I understand. Beginning to wonder if people are going to start having major problems after wearing these type shoes for years.

    • Karen

      I finished chemotherapy about 18 months ago and I had significant neuropathy (loss of sensation) in my feet. I purchased a pair of Sketchers and I have been amazed at the change. My feet do not become numb. If I switch back to my old shoes, I loose sensation is an hour. I have tried the copy-cat shoes, but they are NOT the same as Sketchers Shape-ups. I think they have helped me significantly. I wear them all the time.

    • Colleen

      I love them! And the first place I wore them was on a 2 day walking adventure in NYC! 8-9 hours on my feet both days and I felt great! Admittedly, my feet were beginning to rebel about being cooped up for 8 hours but that would have been true in any shoes. These sneakers performed wonderfully!

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    • Cheryl

      I received my skechers as a gift. At first I thought they were the answer to my prayers for a work shoe. After about 2 months of wearing them my leg and knee begin to swell. Not thinking it had anything to do with the shoe I continued to wear them until I had so much pain and my knee was double in size and not going down, I had to eventually go to see my doctor who in turn sent me to a orthopedic surgeon. To make a long story short I had knee surgery. The surgeon went into surgery saying a had a torn meniscus but after surgery advised it was not torn and he just cleaned it up some. (??) After all the healing and therapy I decided to start wearing the shape ups again and within a week I had developed a pain in my ankle that traveled to above the knee. With all the symptoms my coworkers felt I had developed a blood clot and urged me to go to the emergency room. I am glad to say it is not a blood clot but I have been sent home still in pain and leg still swollen with prescriptions and the advice to follow up with my primary physician. Needless to say, I will be throwing my skechers out.

    • Debbie McMichael

      I had been wearing them a year or more and begin to have pains in the back of my legs my hips and muscle spasms in the thy area. I went to the emergency room and they told me that they had seen several people that came in with a complaint about their legs or the hip area and that I was having muscle spasms and to stop wearing the shoes. I am still having pains to this day and I think that the shoes should be taken off the market.

    • chazzyb.

      I bought a pair a month ago because I am prego and just wanted a comfortable shoe. They were so comfy when I put them on I thought awesome. After wairing them twice I began to realize I was in more back and foot pain then usual and before you say it’s because i’m pregnant I was only four n a half months no belly or swelling yet. My boyfreind gave me a foot massage after the second time and I was nearly in tears. I tried taking them back to the store and they wouldn’t take them back I tried calling the sketcher helpline and they said there was nothing they could do(not warenteed). Will never buy sketchers again. Made an awful product and didn’t even care. I don’t wanna have to be afraid when I buy shoes!!!!

    • Jimi

      I have had shin splints and severe knee pain to the point I almost gave up walking. I found a pair of shape ups in a discount store for $29.00. I thought it couldn’t hurt. I walked a mile on Friday last week. NO PAIN! I was shocked. I walked a mile and a half on Saturday. NO PAIN! I was really shocked. Today is Monday! I walked two miles, with the fastest time in six months. NO PAIN! A little winded, but NO PAIN! My knees have stopped hurting. I had no shin splint pain. They may not be for everybody but so far they are MIRACLE SHOES FOR ME! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

    • Shanty

      Just bought mine last month. It felt great! it felt like gliding when I walk, my feet would automatically do the “heel to toe” motions so its like power walking every time. Never had any problems with the imbalance or such. Not great for working attire though ( I wear skirts to work). But I wear it for shopping, doing errands, etc. I feel I could walk for miles and rarely feel tired. My posture improved, no signs of weight loss though.

      I was really surprised with all the complaints, cause mine never had any severe problems for me.. just the weight loss part, I dont really feel any difference with my weight.

    • Cheri

      I have been wearing my Skecher Shape-Ups daily for over a year. I wear them inside the house and out for periods of 10 to 16 hours at a time. I love them for many reasons: 1) They have alleviated my faciitis pain, 2) I can stand in place for as long as 9 hours at a time (for work) without any ill effects on my feet or legs, 3) The height of the shoes keeps my feet warm (in the winter) because my feet never touch the ground. I wouldn’t consider wearing any other shoes.

    • Kathy M Allen

      I had a wreck in 2009 and hurt my back. I started wearing Sketcher shape ups and it helped with the pain. I tried to go back to the regular shoes and, no go. I am now trying to find the same in solid black and having trouble doing so. Nothing but Sketcher Sahpe ups for me.

    • Danielle

      I wear Shape-Ups during my workouts. I don’t know that they burn extra calories while walking, but they do seem to add extra intensity to my workouts. The shoes are heavier than typical workout shoes, so it adds some extra weight to moves that involve lifting the legs off the ground. It also adds a bit of instability to squats and lunges, so I have to work harder to maintain my balance. I don’t think one can reasonably expect to lose weight and get in shape simply by wearing Shape-Ups for daily activities, but I definitely think they add a little extra something to workouts. I can also see how they can help people with knee or foot pain because they feel like they cushion my feet.

    • Johnny Salmons

      I previously had trouble with over-pronating and have had key hole surgery for torn cartilege in both knees. With the help of shoe supports over two years I’ve made a full recovery. I bought Sketcher shape Ups and at first I thought awesome – no shoe supports needed, super comfy – what a find, but then after two months the knee twinges started. At first I thought it might be exercise related but then I noticed the pain was only on work days, very quickly I could barely walk. I’ve stopped wearing them now and the last couple of days I’ve been in less pain but I am concerned thatthe damage is done and I have torn cartilege once more as a result of wearing shape ups. If I have – I will be tempted to take legal action. They may work wonders for some but for others they clearly cause problems so should not be on general sale in my opinion.

    • Dianne

      I have been wearing shape ups for 18 months. I walk an average of 4 miles a day at least 6 days a week. I love, love love these shoes! I’m on my fourth pair!

    • Travis

      I find it hilarious that some of you can be so dumb. “I think im going to file suit on sketchers”. “I felt pain in my ankle, knee, and calf so I just kept wearing them till my knee was double the size and now im at the DR”. Whats wrong with you? U must be the same people that we see on you tube trying to parallel park a bus where a smart car might fit.

      I bought mine in like new condition at a thrift store for $10. If they start to hurt my feet or cause any trouble otherwise I will STOP WEARING THEM! Im amazed at the lack of common sense

    • christina

      My husband wears shape ups and introduced me to them. We both LOVE these shoes. My husband has been trying to buy a new pair for the last several months and every store we go to seems to tell us the same thing “We are no longer selling them for men” I feel this is a crying shame for those that like the shoe and feel that Sketcher may lose some valuable business because of this.

    • Robert Jenner

      Shape-Ups are a bad buy no matter what. They have been shown to cause damage to your feet and not improve health. My firm has actually just filed a class action lawsuit claiming the shoes are bogus and anyone who has bought a pair may be eligible for a refund.

    • Robert Jenner

      Shape-ups are a fraud. They can actually cause foot damage. My firm has actually just filed a class action lawsuit and those who bought them may be eligible for a refund,

      • cherie

        I wear the easy spirit version- I had foot pain from regular walking/ running shoes and now wear these for my walks . I think they give more support because I have high arches. I wouldn’t run fast in them or expect them to get me in shape but for some people they are better for the foot. Everyone is different.

      • Jessie S.

        I do believe this 100%. I wore these shape-ups for a year and a half and now having trouble with my foot and hips.

    • esha

      i like shape ups but these are not available in india

    • David

      I have read almost all of the posts here and other sites. I have worn Shape-Ups for over a year and they work for me. Everyone must realize that people are built different and what works for one will not be right for another. There is no magic bullet here. Just as one medication can cause problems for one person it works great for other, this is how it is with Shape-Ups. If they make you hurt, stop using them!

      • Carolyn

        I have four pairs. Running!walking,sandals,and I wear each pair all day long It helps my back a lot and has toned my legs but the greatest thing about theses things is they are comfortable all day long . I cannot wear other sneakers.

    • Gayleen Alexander

      I bought shape ups about two years ago, worn them walking a few times and my back ache every time I use them, so they are sitting under my bed

    • michael enfing

      i sto p useing mine,because they made my lower back hurt alot. i took them off , and they stay under my bed. they said they would help ha ha help hurt more.

    • Pat vandemark

      These we the greatest shoe I ever bought if u ware them like the paper said they do work. I’m a waitress and on my feet all day my legs and back feel great after a shift So when it comes to toning it work and you have to wear the shoes plus move for them to work helps me also in losing weight. Now where can I get more of the kind I likein my size. Bought 2pr five yrs ago. And need new ones. Please help. Size 10

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    • Daniella S.

      I just checked out the site for Earth Footwear. Interesting looking shoes…but definitely not my style. Sorta elf-like to me. After reading about what they do they seem to have fewer benefits for a higher price. Isn’t having a rounded bottom (from front to back) one of the major factors? Has anyone tried the reebok shoes? The colors aren’t the best…but at least it’s a name that has validity. But again…no rounded bottom like the major competitors. I would rather pay a reasonable price to a name I know and trust. At least the Skechers have cute styles on their site. The one above isn’t really a ‘looker’ to me. Anyhow…just my opinion(s). Thanks.

    • yogamaster

      I have a pair of the shape up shoes flip flops from A huge difference from the sckechers especially the $70 that I saved buying them over the skechers and MBTs. While they aren’t the most fashionable, the incline of the shoe is so intense that I only need to wear them for thirty minutes a day. I mainly wear them around the house or walking the dog. Be careful not to wear them all day though, as you will DEFINITELY have some trouble walking the next day.

    • Yasmin D

      Thank you Tracy for putting up this post. I was going through a Cosmo magazine and noticed the add about the Sketchers Shape-ups. I was really interested in finding out more, but my question is, are these shoes sold in Canada? I live in Ontario and I know mostly everything is sold in the U.S. I hope I do find them, because I really want to try these babies out. Thanks for the review, I’m going to have to do my research about if they’re sold here in Canada and take it from there.

    • marilyn

      avon is selling the same shoes well blue and white sneakers for $39.99

    • Tracy Hopkins

      Hi Yasmin,

      You can go to the Skechers’ website and order the shoes there. Here’s a link:



    • Tim the Shoe Guy


      You can purchase these shoes online via, here is the Canada specific website:

      There’s a good store finder option on the page so you can find a retailer near you that sells Shape Ups, or you can simply buy them online!

      Tim the Shoe Guy

    • Susan

      I bought the fit flops and love them. You definitely feel it in your calves and hamstrings. I’m thinking of buying the Sketchers Shape Ups next.

    • Tim the Shoe Guy

      Skechers Shape Ups are really more comparable to the MBT shoes than they are to the EasyTones by Reebok or the FitFlops. The rocker bottom design of the Shape Ups gives you a different effect than the others, and provides more of a workout while allowing you to walk naturally.

      I have heard several reviews that state that they did not care for the EasyTones, which provide cushioning via moving air cushions, and they far preferred the Shape Ups. While FitFlops give some of the same effect, the Shape Ups should give you more of a fitness effect when walking.

      Tim the Shoe Guy

    • beth

      I’m sure you’re right and that people do walk more because of the shoes. However, some of us can not walk more comfortably do to a variety of issues. For me, it’s ankle problems. I have not tried these yet, but I have recently been wearing MBTs. They are my miracle shoes! I can walk all day with no foot or ankle pain, but I feel all the benefits they claim for other areas. If these shoes are as similar as they seem, I’ll be buying them in the future!

    • Tim the Shoe Guy

      While that’s part of it, the Shape Ups really go “supercharge” your walk so that you can get more of a fitness effect by walking less. Walking a half hour in Shape Ups provides much more of a fat burning, muscle toning workout than walking in regular shoes.

      There have been clinical studies that prove they work, there’s a link above.

      Also, as Beth points out, the Shape Ups provide a lot more support and cushioning than regular shoes, and help alleviate foot pain for a lot of people who use them – people who never could walk much without pain are able to walk just fine in Shape Ups.

      Tim the Shoe Guy

    • Milliw

      I agree with you, but I had a hip replacement last year and still require the use of a cane for support. I am hoping someone who has had hip replacement surgery can comment. I was not in the best of shape prior to surgery, so it has been hard for me to get into action. I live in a nice little neighborhood, and want to start walking after work everyday.

    • Lori

      Walking instead of driving would be ideal if your where you live can accomodate!

    • Bex

      I’ve been wearing mine for a few weeks now and already I’ve seen a big difference. I’m definitely slimmer, seem to walk taller and feel much healthier and more confident.

      I was very sceptical about buying these though, but I thought I’d give them a try after reading the shape ups scientific study.

      You can read the study here

    • Tracy Hopkins

      The Shape-Ups are available at all Skechers’ stores. Use this link to find a store in your area, .

    • Tracy Hopkins

      I look forward to your review : )

    • Tracy Hopkins

      Hi Kate,

      That’s a good question. I originally received a pair of the Mary Jane style in a size 10, but returned them because they were too big. I exchanged them for a size 9.5 and they fit much better. I hope your Mom enjoys her Shape-Ups!



    • ellie

      They actually run a little small. I usually wear a 7 or 7.5, I bought two pairs, the maryjanes in a 7.5, and the tennies in an 8. Hope this helps.

    • susan

      True to size for me

    • Joan

      Thank you! I had total knee replacement in June and just began walking again. Boy, it’s tough to get that muscle strength back, isn’t it?!! I was concerned how these might affect my knee but now I’m going to give these a try. Thanks for your review! **HSN is selling them for $100 with free shipping.

    • Darlene

      I had knee and patella replacement surgery on both knees and I would like to hear from other people who have had the same sugery and what they thought about the shape up shoes. Do they really work or am I wasting my money buying them????

    • Jennifer

      I have severe arthritus in both my feet, ankles, and legs due to a motor vehicle accident. I also have a rod in my left ankle with many other fusions. My doctor recommended the MBT, but I am unable to afford them so I bought the shape up’s as soon as I saw the ad!! I LOVE THEM!! They really help out alot!!! I am not experiencing near as much pain as I did before I bought these shoes!!

    • Jan Penney

      I bought two pairs, as I waitress and have not worn them yet to work. I am afraid the drinks will spill because of the bounce in the step. How are they to wairess in, and carrying drinks and trays of food?

    • sunny

      thank you so much..but I was wondering does your feet hurt around the toe area after you walk in them? mine hurts really bad what can cause that??

    • Jan Penney

      I wear these to work, I waitress, legs feel great, no pain in toe area, and I walk 2 miles after dinner every night. My husband complained of the toe area hurting, but I am wondering if you went up a half size larger, like I did, if you would still have that problem. I usually wear an 8, but the shape ups run a half size shorter so I got an eight and a half. I also wear a crew sock with them.

    • Marilyn

      Hi Sunny. I just bought a pair of sketchers last week. I have arthritis in my toes as well. It is hard to bend them when I walk. These shoes felt wonderful right from the start. My toes did hurt after a while but I kept wearing them and the pain stopped. I think my feet were just not used to being closed in. I have been wearing crocs because they were the only thing that did not hurt my toes or bother my heal spurs. Both are so much better and it’s only been a week.

    • JoAnn

      Do the Avon toning sneakers work as well; I know they cost less for us budget minded individuals.

    • Sandy Griffin

      To make a long, painful story short, try FitFlops. Cured my plantar fasciitis, and as an added bonus,helped alleviate my lower back pain. I wear a size 6, ordered a 6, and life has been pain free. I ordered the Walkstar. I also have a pair of the Sketchers, they’re comfortable, but I find them heavy,and weird to walk in. I wear them if I’m mall walking, the smoother the surface the better. Hope this helps you!

    • bangsandthangs

      i love my shape ups! i waitress and havent spilled a drink yet cuz of the bounce. i can also move around first thing in the morning! before my shape ups, i was in so much pain by the end of the day and even more pain in the mornings. i honestly noticed my mobility improve after just one shift in my new shape ups. i am afraid sketchers is going to stop making them…i have an urge to go stockpile! lol

    • Lisa Packer

      Do you have any thoughts as to which brand might fit a wide foot better–Skechers or MBTs?

    • Molly

      [In response to Ashlynn] Wow…way to be blind to other people’s disabilities.

      I would love to be able to run, or weight train. I have been diagnosed with several dibilatating diseases and cannot. Some days, I cannot even walk. Due to this, my muscles have deteriorated. These shoes have been a blessing to me. They DO help my posture, and allow me to get tone and strength back in my legs, back, and abs that I had lost before.

      It’d be great if we were all capable like you, but we aren’t. Think before you assume everyone is like you. That’s all in your head.

    • Lori

      Yes, you absolutely CAN feel when your posture is becoming better! I have two herniated discs and am unable to run as exercise. Weight training is fine if you want to bulk up and get muscular over being “fit” and healthy. Ask ANY nutritionist, or exercise professional…..WALKING is the healthiest way to get fit! And remember, not all of us can afford a gym membership….especially if we have a family to support as well!

    • Queen Creek Cattle Company

      Research and reading consumer feedback on any product is very important – especially when spending a lot of money. People who are critical of a product w/o providing any valid reasoning or details or the negative feedback, offer no assistance in an informed purchasing decision.

      I’m curious if Ashlynn’s comments were made after she tried these shoes out or if she is actually an accredited authority to assert the allegations “They don’t work. It’s all in your head. You can’t feel your posture become more upright, if you do it’s probably worse if anything”. The comments were very insensitive. If an individual does not personally benefit from these shoes – a more appropriate response would be “they didn’t make a difference for me”. I am acquainted with many people who have injuries and disabilities (who cannot workout at a gym or run) – and all have benefitted from Sketcher Shape-Up Shoes. Myself, I’m blessed with the ability to work out at the gym, run, walk, ride horses daily and keep up with the rigorous routines on the ranch – but I wanted to try the shoes out (One can never be too fit!). My personal opinion: When I walk with the Shape-Ups (2 miles every morning), I definitely receive a better workout vs. wearing regular shoe/boot wear. As with any new ‘routine’, it’s best to ease into it – you will work/move your muscles in ways not utilized before – possibly resulting in some initial discomfort or soreness. I believe many people notice better posture b/c they are more aware of their posture and make an effort to stand taller and straighter.

    • Audrey

      The Avon shoe is not as durable and not very comfortable. Ths sketch shoe I ware at work, (Iwork in a hospital) I wear them all day my feet feel great. they do take some time to get use to I just purchaed the winter boot> Do you want to pay for quality!

    • Tajma Turner

      Just to update…I received my Mary Jane-style Physicals today (great deal on Footwear, Etc. with free shipping and no sales tax), and love them. I got the Toffee color — they are much nicer looking than I was expecting, and super comfortable. Also, they are true to size, unlike MBTs which I had to buy a size larger than I normally wear. Very pleased!

    • Jo Ann

      If you shop online, ebay customers sell various styles, but mostly the walking sneaker style, for less than $90 plus sometimes free shipping. That is the cheapest place I have found; nothing local in my area.

    • /sheri

      I will have to agree with Molly that they do indeed work, proof in that is I wore them around the house for an evening and I could def tell in the way my leg muscles, lower back and calves felt, and very conscious on how I walked and stood and the placement of my feet.
      I am a hairdresser and stand on my feet all day. before the shape-ups I suffered from back pain, tired and sore legs and feet and I would be very stiff and sore at the end of the day on LONG days, I did have to break myself in to my shoes wearing them for 8-10 hrs a day at 1st is not a good idea(they do take some time to get used to.)So what I did was to wear my regular shoes for the 1st half of the day then switched and felt like I was walking on clouds. Now I just wear them all day.
      Ashlynn, if you can’t feel the way your posture is and how you stand then maybe you haven’t given them a chance or just not aware of your own body. Good for you if you are physically fit and you are able to get to the gym and work out and lift weights. Like Molly said you should not be so narrow minded about what other ppl can or can not do, or how the shoes affect each and every single person differently. Think before you blog.

    • Wendy

      Thank you so much for the information about the shoes and your Plantar Fasciitis as I suffer from the same thing. I wear the normal skechers tennis shoes with supports in them. That has helped my condition but still gives me some pain. I wanted to try these shape ups but was worried that it would flair up my foot pain. I am excited and will be purchasing a pair of these shoes….thanks again!

    • Queen Creek Cattle Company

      Personally, I don’t believe they should be used for aerobic exercise. I might suggest using a mini trampoline to minimize the impact of jumping around during certain aerobic exercises.

    • Kristen

      Does anyone know how to order them on line for canada? the store sells them for $145 but i have seen them for $99 – 110 on various websites including the sketchers one but when i proceed to the check out it asks for a “zip code” and “state” with no option for a diff country

    • The King

      Hi. I’m a personal Trainer and loosing size in your calves will only come from wieght loss and any body fat that is stored in that area. Calves for the most part are a genetic gift as to how there shaped and there size. So if you have nice shaped calves be very happy with them….


    • allybur

      I have the same problem and just bought the Shape-ups in the black tennis shoe style. I LOVE them. To me they look really cute on and my feet are finally not hurting. There is nothing worse than having to work on your feet and feeling constant pain so to me it’s more than worth the money.

    • pmcnutt

      Make sure you are walking heal-toe, heal-toe. If you are walking on the balls of your feet you will feel the burn.

    • http://google TomFast

      Hello! veronica, I just read your comment on the skeetchers shapeY-ups. You m ight try a pair of Dr. Sholes insoles especially if the shoes are some what loose fitting. Their are also foam heal pads that are available. You might have to check with a podiatrust s.i.c. for this item . Tom

    • Hanna

      Yes I love the shoes as you do but I did feel burning when I was walking on my treadmill and I thought perhaps it was from my socks. This is the first time I wore the shoes and will try tomorrow with thinner socks and see if that makes a difference.

    • slakr73

      sounds like a sketcher’s employee

    • June Satler

      My husband has run marathons and spent a good 20 years running on cement, and as a result, has a right knee that gives him nothing but misery. He has been to doctors and has been contemplating knee replacement surgery for several months. We happened to go to New York last week and he was dreading the vacation because the part we love most is wandering the streets of Manhattan, and he has so much knee pain when overdoing the walking. We went into DWS at Union Square and while I was looking for shoes he saw the Shape-ups and tried on a pair. For $109 he thought what the heck and bought the shoes. Lo and behold, he spent the rest of the vacation walking everywhere — and without pain. It’s almost miraculous. He just walked in the house to tell me that he did a three-mile walk at Mission Bay in his Skechers, and felt no pain whatsoever. I’m sure the ortho will think we’re nuts on Monday when he goes for a surgery consult!

    • Kelli

      HI! I just bought a pair of sketchers shape ups. I work in a shoe department for the holidays and decided to give it a whirl. I have heard nothing but good things about them. Unfortunately I have wide feet because I am flat footed. I was amazed with these shoes because they do not feel so snug and like they are squeezing my feet. At my full time job I work 10 hour days on my feet the entire time… I am so excited to come home from work without sore feet. I hope you find the same with the Sketchers. And by the way I do not make commission or reap any benefits from selling shoes. -Satisfied customer.

    • Thandi

      I have a wider foot and Skechers always work for me. I don’t have MBTs so I can’t say that one is better than the other, but again, I like Skechers.

    • Ginger

      My foot is very wide and I was also worried about Skechers not having the W. Not to worry, they are very comfortable and I wear my regular size 7 1/2 in them. Too comfy. Walked for hours yesterday and was not sore at all, so only thing is, am hoping they are working. My first time in them.

    • JessicaB

      I was really on the fence about buying these until I read this comment.

    • Linda

      Can’t stop laughing – thanks I needed that!!!

    • Julz

      Really don’t think this type of comment was necessary!

    • Tiffany

      thanks. I have a problem with the neighbor’s dog coming & doing his business in my yard. Every time I go check my mail, I seem to end up with poo on my shoe. Now I’m sold on these shoes.

    • http://splendicity staci

      i liked your comment most of all. i was cracking up instantly.

    • rachell

      How funny is this?? Actually, I do have “dog poop phobia issues”… so this made my day!! Thanks! :)

    • mooly

      Oh thank you! I cannot stop laughing! You have got me crying with laughter…..Keep on walkin’ clean and fresh!

    • Josie

      I just wore them yesterday and I’ve been going to a chiropractor twice a week, well today I woke up feeling a lot better. I sleept better than what I had since the pain in my hip started. I came down the stairs without groaning, I don’t know if it was the shoes, but I sure hope so. They are cheaper than the doctor visits for sure.

    • deoboed

      I seriously LOL’ed. Internet stranger, you have made my day.

    • Mac

      We’ll be waiting.

    • Laura

      I’m sold. :-)

    • SilverBullet

      Oh wow! I’m looking forward to getting the Shape-Ups, now! Although I don’t step in poop that much, it’s good to know it will slide right off if necessary. Maybe I’ll step in some just to test ‘em?

    • Jacqueline

      It’s the perfect time to have a standard daily exercise routine when you have a toddler, if you can get a jogging stroller. A toddler will fit nicely in a jogging stroller. You can power walk, jog or run. It’s right when the child outgrows the jogging stroller that you have a problem. They’re still too young to leave at home alone and too big to run or power walk alongside you.

      My son is now 8, and he remembers those precious times in the jogging stroller when I’d be out exercising with him. I even had a plastic drape to place over the stroller for when it rained. He’d enjoy being out there with his little blanket over him. He outgrew the stroller some time ago, but now he’s turned 8 and actually want to get out there with me now to jog. He’s about the right age now, and we can get out there again together. YEA!

    • Brandy

      Get over it! Some people have a little sense of humor and you apparently don’t :)

    • http://splendicity staci

      if you’ve got dogs its useful info + you need to laugh some. don’t be so dry.

    • Christine

      Julz needs to get a life! It was funny!!! I’m hoping to get a pair tomorrow and it adds to the plus factor for me!

    • jenna

      I thought it was hilarious! Lighten up Julz.

    • http://yahoo Sandy

      I have a bone spur in my right foot and has been bothering me for about a year now, I have been wearing skecher shape ups to work everyday, Medical Assistant, but my back hurts alot, havent lost any weight, or seen any toning in any areas.
      But I can say my feet dont hurt at all while walking in them, but the minute I take them off my feet hurt again, dosent repair anything but at least I can walk like a normal person.

    • Tracy Hopkins

      Thanks for the tip!

    • pmcnutt

      I wish.

    • lynn

      I got my shoes and absolutely love them, i can finally walk more with out pain in my back and hip. they were funny to walk in at first but like someone said before its like pillows and q-tips surrounding your feet. Now when i have to stand around for hours, i won’t be in pain. yea! I’ve tried the insoles before, but my foot didn’t fit in the shoes afterwards. this are very nice shoes. If they firm my booty thats a bonus! i just wanted back relief without surgery. Thanks for the help! happy new year and take care everyone!


    • Beth Linder

      I would like to see your data to back up your statements. If you have proof that these shoes in fact does damage as you have described, please post here. Also would like to know the studies that were conducted, and what time period and how many people and what people were included in these studies.

      If you make such claims as a Doctor, surely you have this information available.

    • XyraKhari

      What if i stretch first? will that help prevent tendon and joint damage?

    • Mandis

      Sorry. We ain’t all doctors. Besides, you sound more like a lawyer looking for a quick buck…….

    • Cara

      I don’t believe Dr. Johnson has read all the posts by people who no longer have pain. Not everyone feels the burn, but many, many people feel (and see) the benefits. I and my husband suffer from lower back pain. We’ve been walking two miles every night in our Shape Ups for the past six months and are happy to report no more pain.

      If he had said, ‘if it feels good, keep it up but if it feels bad, stop’, I might have believed his story, but I’m just not buying his shtick.

    • Steve Nordquist

      If you don’t have something to cite, at least suggest/URL-us-out-on how people can tell they’re going to tear ligaments etc. just as they gain enthusiasm for exercise wearing these things. Which aren’t that outre, given the high-altitude running races won by Native Americans wearing arcs of old tires. Or say whether you wear Tevas unironically. Heh heh.

    • LolaT

      Which “Dr. Johnson” at Penn State are you?

      Oh wait, there aren’t any.

      In all seriousness, I am very interested in what actual doctors and people who study kinesiology think about this type of shoe, but posting vitriol under a fake name (and likely a fake association) doesn’t help anyone who is trying to find real information. If you have some real information, please post it.

    • Denise Galante

      Listen I went to a chiropractor and my back is worse I thought they were supposed to help make you back stronger..somebody has to stop them before people start to die from injurys or falling.You cannot even walk without losing your balance..any lawyers please?thank you

    • C S

      I disagree, God forbid, what would docs do if something worked so well to relieve pain as do these shoes, more than pain meds and other meds the docs keep feeding us. They would deffinately lose money and maybe patients ;). I’m sticking with the shoes, they feel great and no pain what so ever now!!!

    • kris

      This has made my day. I think I have sit here and laughed for atleast 5 minutes. I tried these shoes on Saturday when shopping with my husband and I can’t stop thinking about them. Up until now I have thought they were the most ugliest things ever, (still they do not do anything for an outfit) but after putting them on I’m hooked. I am going back this weekend to get my first pair. And after reading this post, it looks like I will not have to say those few choice words after stepping in dog poo. Yeah!!!!!

    • sheryl

      I am also an MA, and i am on my feet all day as well, and i have noticed the toning in my bottom,and legs, ive had them a month now, keep it up girl, and you will soon notice :)

    • jerri

      you may have planters fascia. My feet hurt terrible (heels) if that is where most of your pain is check with a therapist. I just started yesterday and hoping for a good result.

    • sheryl

      Hi Sherri, i also got mine for Christmas and i wear then to work everyday because im on my feet all day, and i also walk 2 miles on Saturday morning, and i have notice a huge differance in my butt and legs, try walking more and you should see good results:)

    • countrymom

      Where can I get that $20 off coupon? I am planning on buying a pair of shape ups if they feel right

    • Sara

      S/he isn’t either.

    • Daisy

      Try wearing really thin socks under thicker socks. I do that to avoid blisters. It works maybe it will for the burning. Oh and I am so buying the Shape-ups ASAP. Thanks for all your feedback on the shoes. I will post comments on how I feel afterward.


    • kimberly

      It might be the Sketcher brand itself. New balance and Saucony are much better shoes for walking and running. I work on my flat feet for 12hr days sometimes and have no problem at the end of the day. I kind of agree with the Dr. on this one. Your muscles and joints don’t need constant pressure on them, they need periods of rest. People who workout regularly know this. One can tell by looking at your feet what shoes should work and which ones won’t. I was curious when a friend mentioned these and wondered what they were really all about.

    • http://HotMamaDaily Chris in Florida

      Hmmm! I am experiencing that problem , but it’s my right foot that seems to roll inward, otherwise I really LOVE SHAPE-UPS and can feel the difference in posture and toning only had them and walked in them for 4 days- does anyone wear orthotics in them, as I have a prescription pair and wonder if I wore them ( any Podiatrists out there? ) if that might solve the problem .

    • Cardiff Cathy

      Do you wear motion control shoes regularly? I do and have been contemplating purchasing these shoes, tried them on in the store and they felt a bit funny at the back inside heels. That’s what I am worried about – not having the motion control and having my feet roll inwards (pronate).

    • pat richardson

      I have felt the same roll its on the right foot. also it feel like my arch
      collapse on that foot. My left foot is in heaven. I had a sciatic nerve damage and L4 & L5 in my back. right side. going to continue to wear and maybe train that side will get back to you on that.

    • Karen

      Yes, Jenni! I thought it was just me. I returned the first pair because of the left heel rolling inward. My mom felt it too when she tried them on. It actually became painful after a few hours. I’ve got on a new pair and an starting to feel the same thing. What’s up with that? Are these going to be more pianful than beneficial? Anyone else?

    • http://HotMamaDaily Chris in Florida

      you need to purchase the Cool MaX brand quarter socks. they wick moisture away from your feet- I got them @ Lady Foot Locker where I got my shape-ups and walk an hour a day with “no sweaty feet”. Try it- you’ll like them!!

    • Alison, uk

      I have a pair of boots in shape up and my right foot rolls in more than the left…. I’ve had them for almost two weeks and my right ankle and shin are hurting in them…. i’ve only worn them for the prescribed time..

    • traceyd

      I have flat feet also and have worn orthotics in the past. I have had my shapeups for 3 days and my feet and ankles have stopped hurting. My orthotics never helped me as much as these shoes have! And my orthotics were more than $100! I will say that you should make sure you get the right size with no wiggle in them and always make sure the laces are snug. I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day on concrete floors and I love these shoes!

    • Jenny

      I too have hip pain and I bought my Shape-ups in May 2009 and was shocked when my hip pain went away while wearing them. At 28 I shouldn’t be walking like I’m broken but when I don’t wear my Shape-ups I do so I had to buy another pair to alternate the shoes so I don’t wear them out as quickly! I plane on buying a 3rd pair as soon as I can save up the money because being pain free is so worth the price!

    • molly

      Hi Ruth! I just read your post while doing research on shape-ups. U say u own 2 pairs, would u mind if I asked which ones and can u tell the difference between action-packed, strength, motivator, metabolize, optimize, fitness junkie, foottracers, trim step and jump start?

    • Mickey R

      I am going to JC penney to get my first pair. I hope they are as good as people say they are. I will let you know

    • Alison

      I bought the ankle boot version of shape ups… I thought the boot would give the ankle more support. I have never had trouble with my feet rolling in before… nor any ankle pain nor shin pain. My ankle hurt on the inside of my left leg behind the ankle bone and I had pain in my shin. It was my left foot that rolled in significantly more than the other, I could not walk with it straight so I think there was a problem with that particular shoe. I could actually see the shoe turning in. I took them back to the shop, and I was given a gift voucher which I am happy with.. I had worn them outside you see.
      I have narrow feet and ankles and I don’t think these shoes are good for thin feet. I recommend them even less if you have feet that turn in naturally…
      It’s a shame because they look so nice and felt bouncy… I really wanted to like them. So many people seem to love them though.

    • Alison

      Lol it was my right foot… I am having trouble telling my right from my left these days….it must be old age.

    • pat richardson

      I usually need wide width also. I was at big 5 and tried AVIA-motion
      Its the same idea and the normal width felt great I was expecting the toe crunch or the bunion press but they felt like bedroom slippers.

    • Sarah

      I got mine at Famous Footwear and they had one style that had a bunch of wide width in stock (black ones).

    • gjcalves

      HaHaHa!! I live on a ranch and step in “stuff” all the time! Thanks for this and update soon!

    • C S

      probably a doc afraid of losing out due to the shoes doing so well ;)

    • Blou

      Hi Josie, I have been looking at these funky shoes for awhile now. I too have pain in my hip which radiates to my back and down the front of my right thigh. I tried a pair today and instantly the pain came on full force. But after reading your reply I’m wondering if that wasn’t my body getting an alignment. Are you still noticing a difference and do you continue feeling better? I look forward to your reply. I do hope you’re still feeling better…not just cause I want the shoes! Take Care.