Gillian Anderson Gets All Crazy In Plaid

So, the first thing I noticed about this photo was how ridiculously beautiful Gillian Anderson‘s hair is. Seriously – why were they straightening it all that time she was on The X Files? What a waste! This is so much more flattering. Fine, fine, I get where the straight blunt cut hair probably worked more for Dana Scully, but it’s just a shame she spent nearly all of the 90s denying her hair’s natural gorgeousness.

But as soon as I was done coveting her insanely beautiful hair, I realized this is Gillian Anderson pulling a Britney on some paparazzi in London with a bouquet of flowers. While wearing plaid. The kind of pink plaid that little schoolgirls wear, not 40 year old actresses doing theatre in London.

Disappointing. Well, entertaining…but I don’t think Dana Scully or her red ringlets would approve of this behavior.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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    • moe

      What are you talking about her coat is adorable! She looks cute!

    • Diana

      Stop making hurtful comments! Her fashion choices are great and she should be able to wear something without being critizesed.