Welcome Back Brad Pitt

It has been a while, maybe a couple of months or so since the last time Brad Pitt was featured here at She Knows Best.

Brad Pitt At Cannes

Brad Pitt At Cannes

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Is there any doubt how handsome Brad Pitt looks? Albeit I don’t get the grey scarf combined with the light brown (almost light pink) colored suit, white unbuttoned shirt, brown and black cap-toe loafers. I really don’t get the grey scarf, but he still looks elegant and dapper with a modern glamour twist added into style.

These pictures of Brad Pitt were taken at Cannes by the way.

(Images : Bauer-Griffin)

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    • Caligula

      He is in Cannes (Europe), we get the scarf. Americans don’t do such things. If only fashion was a part of American culture, perhaps statesments like that would not sound so stupid.

    • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie Wharton

      Caligula, it’s the grey I have a problem of. BTW, if it’s such a “Eurpoean” stylish, fashion thing to do, how come Simon Cowell is always wearing his dress shirt unbuttoned during American Idol finales? He never wears scarf with his suit ensembles ala Brad Pitt here.

      PS : Brad Pitt is an American.

    • jan

      Ugh-brad looks like a pimp or eurotrash. What happened to J.D. form “Thelma nd Louise”?

    • http://iaman.leafo.net/ Iaman

      His facial hair is definitely looking much nicer now! Much less creepy, too!

    • David

      What kind of ring is he wearing? I think its very masculine.