Goat Milk Facial

Looking for something naturally luxe for your skin?

goatLegend has it that Cleopatra, are very favorite seductress of all time, used goat milk when bathing! While this may sound a little weird, goat milk facials are super relaxing and even diminishes the appearance of fine lines!

Here’s a recipe for one you can try at home.

1 heaping teaspoon of ground almonds–pulverized to the consistency of corn meal.

2 level teaspoons of MEYENBERG® Powdered Goat Milk

A few drops of warm water sufficient water to make a smooth paste

To do:

Apply to face and neck. Massage gently to cleanse and exfoliate. Let dry for 5 or 6 minutes. Gently rinse and gently pat dry.

Thanks to Meyenberg Goat Milk for this great recipe!

Image: Sxc.hu

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