Max Factor Discontinued in the US

So…remember my super-enthusiastic review of Max Factor’s Erace? Well, US girls, you’d better snap it up fast – along with any other favorites from the brand. Women’s Wear Daily reported today that Proctor & Gamble, parent company of Max Factor, will begin phasing out the brand here in America early next year, though it will still be sold globally.

max-factor-adI, for one, am surprised and saddened.  First of all, the company still makes great products at an affordable price point.  But perhaps more importantly, Max Factor (the man and the brand) are a big piece of makeup history.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you – Max Factor perfected the first makeup specifically created for motion picture use all the way back in 1912 – it was a thinner greasepaint in cream form, packaged in a jar and created in 12 precisely graduated shades. Amazing, right?

Will you miss any Max Factor products in particular?

Image via Seeing Stars.

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    • Terena Lovern

      I am having a very hard time finding Max Factor pan stick in the stores. I wear pan stick #129 and that is all that I can wear without breaking my face out. I have very sensitive skin and this is the only kind that doesnt bother me. Could you please tell me where I can find your product? Wal-mart no longer carries this and K-mart doesnt either. Please help me.

    • Liz

      I also use panstik #129 and am very bummed about this. I switched to MaxFactor when my Physicians Formula pankcake makeup disappeared at all my stores. This is the only affordable makeup that covers my birthmark on my face. Tonight I picked up a CoverGirl pankcake type makeup, wish me luck. This sucks.

    • Victoria sells the pan stick. I don’t know how much longer they will continue to sell Max Factor. I’m stocking up.

    • yolanda

      Love there reds…good bye mac now were stuk with revlon

    • christyshook


    • Anna Marie Giordano

      I, too, am in disbelief that Max Factor Pan Stick will no longer be sold in the US. What are they thinking. I have been wearing Pan Stick since I was a teenager and have NEVER used anything else in the way of foundation. Why not stay with a winner!

      Max Factor, please rethink your decision about not selling Pan Stick in the states. I have just purchased 15 Deep Olive from Walgreen’s and am hoping they actually have the stock available. Please, please, please…give us back our Max Factor Pan Stick!

    • Sannyd

      i am going to miss the vivid impact mascara. bought it at walmart on a lark and i love love love it.

    • Michelle Floyd

      I, too have been wearing Pan Stick for 27 years…My face has never seen another foundation on it since I was 13….And I , too cannot find it anywhere…I was completely out and have looked everywhere…Why do you decide to stop selling something so fantastic…I am very upset as I cannot wear any other foundation….I have had to buy some covergirl product which I do not like at all…..I need my Panstick…Please, Please makeup Gods, put it back on the shelf….Why fix something that isn’t broke…..???? I need my Pan Stick.

    • Barbara Dethample

      My daughter and I are the second and third generations of women to use the pancake makeup. It never fails something else to be outsourced and lost. My mother, who loved to sunbathe used the Tan 2 for years. I am much lighter and have always used Tan 1. My daughter much lighter still uses natural I beleive. All three generations have always been told what beautiful complexions we had and that our makeup was always perfect. It stayed on, never looked oily, it was perfect. When my mother died I actually had the funeral director use it for her viewing where possible. I am 59 years old and now is a crappy time to test new makeups when there was nothing wrong with what I loved.

    • susan vetter

      I can not believe that MAX FACTOR pan stick is no longer available, I have uses it also since I was a teen I am now 65 and I don’t want to try another brand, I use #125 it goes on so smooth stays on all day. WHO can we complain to Proctor and Gamble? HELP!!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      This is not right! Even though we can still purchase the pan stick on the internet, it is costly now! You have to pay shipping, leading you to pay 14 bucks for the makeup now…ouch!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caryn

      I am soooooooo disappointed. I have worn Pan Stick for over 30 years. I cannot find any base that works for me. The others don’t cover, look oily and wear off. I was getting many comments that my face did not have wrinkles and I looked so much younger than I was when I wore this makeup. Now all I see when I have other base on is wrinkles and I certainly am not getting compliments! I need my Max Factor back!!!

    • Tina Boroff

      I have been using maxfactor panstick since I was 16-years old, now I’m 48 and have never used anything else. I don’t understand why they are taking it away from us. Every where I went, women would always ask me what kind of makeup I used because it looked so good. I hope they reconsider all of the loyal customers and at least put it back in one store in each state or let us order it online. Before I started using maxfactor, I tried covergirl, it smelled like noxema and did not cover or stay on, now that I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, I’m buying other makeup trying to find something that compares to maxfactor, so far all that I have tried fails with a big fat F. They said they would stop selling it in 2010, our stores have been out since September, 2009!!

    • Haley

      I for one am outraged! I have used the pan stick since i started wearing makeup, as well as my grandmother and an aunt of mine. Being that it will only be discontinued in the U.S., I am not stressing too bad about not being able to find the product, as I am for what it will cost me to get it. EBAY will probably soon be the one and only place to purchase it, and I have researched prices and the pansticks are going anywhere from $12 to $20 a stick!!! I do not mind paying $12, but it is outrageous to pay $20! Sadly though, I have tried about 10 different foundations from CG to Elizabeth Arden(about $60), and none of them compare to MY PANSTICK!!

    • Sonya Rose

      My mother has used Max Factor Pan-Stick Make Up for 57 years. And something just popped in my head: Wanted to briefly share … I was a model back in NYC years ago. Though, I worked every type of job you can imagine to make ends meet. Well, once for a company called CTI, I greeted guests coming off of a big ship. Well, before it arrived, it had been delayed for sometime. So, I soon began talking with the people waiting, like their family members & friends … chatted with a nurse-caretaker or could have been a wife (in her 40s I think at that time) who was waiting for someone very important. And that someone turned out to be the owner of Procter & Gamble. He needed a wheelchair (he was up there in age I recall … could have been in his 90s; although not real sure). I escorted them to their limo, which was waiting for the couple & wished them off well. I sometimes wonder if that nice man had passed & someone else took over … made this company change. I feel real sad about it…. Not everyone can be that loyal to a make-up company like my mother or others in my family or so many others out there in America. I think that the company is giving up way too easily. Something as simple as Pan-Stick is a big deal. It’s part of a women’s security. It makes her feel happy. And I am so tired of happiness being taken away from the people one by one by one. So tired…. Even one of my favorite Make-Up line – Prescriptives is being discontinued as well. And it’s not just the Make-Up … I’ll get by … It’s the Beauty being taken from our lives … It just harder & harder to see the Positives in this country of America … I will tell you that. I fight for it … daily. I truly do.

    • Marjorie

      I also have been using Max Factor Pancake makeup for 55 years. Is it discontinued just in the US? I travel alot,can I buy it some place else? I also use the MaxFactor smoke alarm(120) eyeliner. I have been unable to find this, has discontinued it. Please help. I had just stared using the lipstick also. Thanks.

    • Dina Fierro

      Hi Marjorie – Yes, Max Factor will still be distributed in Europe. Hope that helps!

    • Beth

      I never really wore any make-up until about six years ago. First was Merle Norman, but it always had such a shine to it and I didn’t like the way it appeared or covered the sun marks on my neck…..Then a friend of mine turned me on to the Max Factor panstick………OMG!!…it was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been using it for four years now and everyone always tells me how great my skin looks!! This really sucks that they would do such a thing as to remove their product from the USA!! The only other panstick I’ve found is made by Loreal but it just doesn’t cover as well as the Max Factor.

      I’m with those who beg……Oh PLEASE, PLEASE do not stop production and sale of your product in the U.S.!! I just don’t know what I’m going to do now… sad…..

      If anyone has any knowledge of another product……..PLEASE post it!!!


    • SHERRY


    • Kim of Santa Clarita

      Well, apparently I’m the last one to know about MF not selling in the U.S., I just thought it was getting trickier to find the store carrying the brand. Unlike someone who wrote earlier, I am stressed about finding a replacement. I’ve been using this product for as long as I can remember, and at being 47 now that’s a good amount of time. It covers unlike anything else, but still doesn’t appear heavy or fake. I took get compliments all the time about how good my skin looks; if they could only see what it really looks like without the makeup hiding blemishes, red spots and so on. I’ve tried other makeup brands and it doesn’t cover well, it feels dry, and it settles in the fine lines. OMG, what am I going to do. BRING BACK OUR FAVORITE MAKEUP!!!!!

    • lorena

      I’v been using Max Factor since I was 15 and could not use nothing else!now I’m 34 and just want to die! when I found out they where gonna discontinue the best makeup in the world! I went out, and bought all I could find in all the stores, that was about 3 years ago and now I’m running out!!this really sucks!!!!

      • christine

        I have been using Max Factor pan stik nude ivory since i was 13. I am now 39 and am still using it. Just go online and type in what you are looking for and you should be able to find it. Thank God for the internet, otherwise I would not have my pan stik.

    • elvira kintanar

      i am now 64 yrs. old and have been using max factor pan cake for a long time. i belong to the brown race so the shade that i am using is so suitable to my skin tone. with this make-up, everyone who sees me, says that i look very young for my age. i am currently running out of my pan cake trying to scoop out whatever i could coz i can’t buy it anywhere here in ajax, ontario. could you please help me to locate a store where i can buy one? thanks much.

    • Angela

      I use pan stick in medium beige. I found it online at and bought 5! You save 20% on your first purchase and shipping was free. I spent less than 28 dolllars……gonna make another order next month!!

      • Kim

        Thank up so much for ordering my max facctor pan stick…I love iy. and as u know i”ve been using it since i was a teenager and will b 40 0n Valentine’s Day!!!

    • jackie barrett

      I also have been using mf pan stick since i was 15 i am 52 now wish there was a company that would copy the brand of pan stick here so we didn’t have to order it we could just buy it here it is more exspencecif to order

      • lynda smith

        How can still order this product? The article said that it would still be sold so how do I go about that? Anyone know? Thanks so much.

      • sophia1111

        try ebay, or

    • Kathy from Georgia

      Well, I’m way behind everyone on this website, mainly because I’ve been unemployed full-time since March 17, 2009 with the recession that created major lay-offs for our economy. I’ve been actively seeking full-time employment for four years in my field and am slowly approaching social security age. I only wear make-up for work and let my skin have a rest on off days. I’m just now learning that the Max Factor Pan Stick is no longer available in the US. I never needed foundation make-up until the age of forty. And I’ve used True Beige 125 since 1995. I have every Pan Stick that I ever bought, and yes, I’m a pack-rat. I’m now using what is in the bottom of each pan stick with wedge-shaped sponge applicators. I’ve been searching for about a month in the stores that I used to by Max Factor with no luck. I’m glad to know that I will be able to purchase this product online. I’ve never liked liquid make up and Max Factor is the only product that doesn’t make me feel like I have on face paint. Now that I’m in my late fifties, I depend on this product to help hide aging spots and redness. I’m sure glad that I googled what’s happened to the Max Factor Pan Stick.

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    • salina

      i cannot believe max factor is being discontinued,i been using the panstick makeup for over 15 years and my moms been wearing it for 35 years why is it getting discontinued???so sad!

    • Dina Fierro

      Hi Terena!

      Have you tried shopping the Max Factor site? They still have some items, including your Pan Stik -

      Hope that helps!

    • http://ebay Tina

      Hi, i was just searching on ebay in cosmetics, foundations and you will find what yr looking for. Hope this helps…. Tk’s

    • Jo Butler

      They sell on for very reasonable price. although I just recently noticed that they are raised the prices about $2 to take advantage of the discontinuation.

    • Anita

      go to I also wear 129 and that is where I get mine. A little more money because of shipping but worth it.

    • CHERYL

      I also do not know what to do without my panstick.I just found out my local walmart is not carrying it.I was down to my last day and went to get it at the store and can not find it anywhere.I have been wearing it for years!What else is comparable?

    • susan vetter

      Have you found it anywhere? All the Wal Marts will not have it, I was in Georgia and check I live in Florida, what to do?

    • Anita

      go to That is where I get mine.

    • christy

      Even if I got Max Factor now from the website,unfortunately I would eventually have to find another makeup to replace it anyway,unless they were to keep it online.Which would b great!! It said they were still sailing it overseas,so I don’t know why they wouldn’t keep saling it online.I don’t know what else to use!!!

    • Diana

      Try buying it on That’s where I got mine. I think they have all the colors. If not, you can find one close.