I Love Marion Cotillard’s Chic New Bob

If Marion Cotillard and I were best friends and she had come to me with this crazy idea to cut her hair off and get a bob that fell a couple inches below her ears, I may have started to well up and begged her to forget that madness and preserve her long, beautiful brunette locks. Then maybe we would laugh, have a quick girlie hug and then head out for a sophisticated night on the town drinking dry martinis and listening to jazz.

But if this were the case, my advice would have been misguided. As much as I loved Marion’s luxurious waves, this chic new look for her is fantastic, working amazingly well with her face and style.

On top of the super cute haircut, I am in love with this wrap dress, which fits her perfectly and is the least boring take on beige I’ve seen in a long while. Marion might just develop into an international style icon at this rate.

Image: INF

Image: INF

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