Giveaway: Confessions of a Shopaholic!

One of my favorite movies of the year was Confessions of a Shopaholic - the story of a flat-broke fashion junkie who writes a column on budgetting.

cpnfessionsofshopaholictwodiscdvd(Gee, I wonder why I’m a fan???)

This movie is beyond self-referential, it’s hilarious and cool, and I think everyone I know who saw it got a kick out of it.
Like, the all-important scarf.
Or the temple of shopping.

This movie is based on Sophie Kinsella’s best selling novels of the same name, about a fashion-loving New Yorker writer who trades frocks for finance and finds love! (Well, with a little drama in between.)

Even if you saw the movie already, you will want to read on, look what you will find on the Blue-Ray and DVD!

Both the Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD Editions of Confessions of a Shopaholic include:

• Bloopers
• Deleted Scenes
• “Stuck with Each Other” Music Video by Shontelle Featuring Akon

Plus, available exclusively on Blu-ray Hi-Def:
• “Accessory” Music Video by Jordan Taylor

• “Takes Time to Love” Music Video by Trey Songz

• Behind the Fashion – A collection of insider peeks at the making of Confessions of aShopaholic, including:

*Wardrobe by Patricia Field – A look inside her studio!
*Temple of Shopping – The inspiration for Rebecca Bloomwood’s fashion wonderland
*The Green Scarf – Learn more about the all-important accessory that drives
Rebecca to take desperate measures!
*New York Fashion Central – A style-centric tour of the home of more shopaholics
per square foot than anywhere else on the planet.
*Sample Sale Madness – The filming of the film’s hilariously chaotic shopping spree.
*Window Shopping – The Shopaholic team brings store windows to life along
shopping mecca Madison Avenue.

To add to the excitement, I am doing a contest – one grand-prize winner will receive the blu-ray of Confessions of a Shopaholic, and two runners-up will each receive a DVD copy. To have your chance to win, please share what makes you a shopaholic. Deadline to enter is June 26!

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    • Marilyn Wons

      I would love to see this. I like fun movies!

    • Deanna

      I go to the mall every day for lunch and *ahem* window shop while I’m there. My husband constantly laughs at me with my bags I bring home. HOWEVER, he fully appreciates that I find Christmas, birthday, and baby presents on sale (75 % off) during the year and we spent a fraction on gifts that we would’ve spent if I waited until the actual holiday. He calls me a shopaholic, but I call myself a smart shopper. :)

      By the way, I’ve loved Shopaholic since it first came out- I hope they turn the other books into movies too.

    • Latoya

      What makes me a shopaholic? Well, I go out to the stores even when I know I don’t have any money! I tell myself that I just want to look around so that when I do get some I know exactly what I want to buy! And whenever Im bored I like to go to department store websites and see whats on clearance. Its hard habit to break!


    • Sara

      In between calls at work I’m shopping on the internet. Looking for the next “it” shoes. Or my next favorite smelling lotion, bauble, or dress. Hopefully my boss doesn’t see this…

    • Jennifer C.

      I am a shopaholic because I know what days my favorite stores receive shipments, so I can be the first to see the new merchandise! I would love to win the DVD! Thanks!

    • deka

      i shop online sample sales constantly.
      i browse union square SF every week always finding something i have to have.
      i’m great at approximating when something i want will go on sale and for how much.
      i only work part-time and shouldnt be shopping at all!

    • shel

      What makes me a shopaholic? Come peek in my closet..lots of the clothes still have tags and I bought them because I had to “have” them. When my friends need to borrow an item of clothing or accessory, they come shopping at “Shel’s Closet”.

    • Tracey Byram

      I’m always on the lookout for a bargain. I spend hours going from rack to rack and store to store. The perfect therapy for shattered nerves.

    • Anne

      I think its genetic and its been passed down from past generations lol I belong to countless beauty and fashion blogs and online sample sites! Hubby thinks I’m a bit koo koo!


    • Kathleen

      I am a shopaholic because I am in a store of some type on a daily basis, mostly using all of my coupons and getting the best deals. Thanks.

      kport207 at gmail dot com

    • Marti

      Shopping is my therapy, when I am sad it makes me happy, when I am stressed, it calms me down. Shopping is a reward for doing something right, it is a compensation for doing something wrong. Shopping is the answer to any situation. I am a proud Shopaholic.

    • Karen B

      Actually, I’m not a shopaholic anymore – I leave that to my DILs, grand/greatgranddaughters!

    • Heather

      I’m trying to be a reformed shopaholic, but I still go a little crazy for great shoes!

    • Cheryl W

      What makes me a shopaholic is when their are great sales at my favorite stores. I can’t resist going to check it out!

    • Margaret Smith

      I’m a shopaholic, but I do have one rule, never pay full price. I always buy items on clearance or that has a really good sale.
      Thanks so much!

    • Amber G

      I am a shopaholic because if something is on sale – I will snag it! Doesn’t matter if I need it or not. It’s so dumb…I will say, look I saved $50 on this Michael Kors handbag and neglect to mention that I still SPENT $500!

    • Lisette

      I’m a shopoholic because I can’t stop buying things on sale! Mainly books though so it’s not too bad haha

    • Ladytink_534

      I’m a shopaholic because nothing makes me happier than having new things! I’m a thrifty spender though :)

    • Jacob LaFountaine

      Anything Isla Fisher is good

    • Debbie B

      i’m a bit of a shopoholic because I enjoy my shopping trips with my daughter!
      We have lots of fun!

    • bina edwards

      love to win this

    • Apple

      Hi, I’m a shopaholic. I love it when I get new things, it makes me happy. And I always dream of having my own mall. Haha! :)

    • Linda

      Count me in!

    • Eric Breunig

      looks like a goos movie. When I start buying…can’t stop.

    • Donna L

      I am not a shopaholic but I still would like to see the movie

    • tracy

      i’m a shopaholic because i calendar gilt, ruelala and hautelook on my iphone >.<

    • Shelly T.

      I have read all the Shopaholic books, and love them! I have yet to see the movie and would love to win it.

      “Hi my name is Shelly, and I am a SHOPAHOLIC!” Yes, I will admit it. I can’t pass a sales rack or shelf. My eyes are always peeled for that wonderful sign marked SALE or CLEARANCE, two of my most favorite words ever. I will look and look through racks of clothes, dig through shelves and bins, just to find the right item. Oh, the joys of shopping.

    • Mia H. Beaudet

      What makes me a shopaholic is my daughter!! She always wants to “just look” but we always walk out with some bags of stuff!!

    • Janna Johnson

      What makes me a shopaholic is my love of the deal and clearance section!

      Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

      Janna Johnson

    • Erica C.

      I haven’t gotten to see it yet, pick me :)

    • Meredith Rogen

      Buying books by the wheel barrel load makes me a shopaholic.


      looks fun- I am a shopaholic when it comes to finding great bargains

    • Laura

      I’m a shopaholic… I’ve had to buy more hangers 4 times since I moved into my new apartment a year ago (and I’ve thined the wardrobe 2x!)! I usally go on a monthly shopping spree and can’t pass up a good sale!

      Ps. as good as th movie is, the book is better! (and set in London)

    • Heather S

      I love findng bargains so I am always at TJMaxx and Marshalls looking for designer items on sale or going to some new clothes boutique. It is fun!

    • Halifax

      I stalk cosmetics isles at drugstores and subscribe to online stores’ newsletters, so I’m always in the know of sales and discounts. I sure am tempted to buy more

    • Cynthia C

      I am so NOT a Shopaholic! I’m more like Rebecca’s sister. I did enjoy the books, though.

    • Miranda

      I am always at the outlet stores trying to find the best bargains. We’re talking one or two times a week here. With two toddlers.

    • Djp

      sign me up

    • Teresa

      Must be a story about me-got-to see it!

    • Jeffrey Beckett

      Finding things that are a big bargain.

    • Tawnda

      bargain shopping! Always watching to save as much as I can…

    • Michael Kuntz

      What makes me a shopaholic? hahah… look at my credit card debt! But seriously, I bargain shop till I’m broke. It’s a bad habbit.

    • Denyse

      I shop and shop and wait for everything to go on sale/clearance before I buy. I love to get things on clearance when it’s like 75% off.

    • adrienne Gordon

      i can’t stop buying shoes

    • hazel

      I think the internet makes me a shopaholic, there are so many deals and savings that sometimes I find myself shopping way more on the internet than in stores.

    • Erika e. M.

      I’m a shopaholic because when everyone else is dead tired from a day of shopping I feel like I just got started!!

    • Joy F

      I am not a shopaholic, can’ afford it. Would love to be, but I guess will never happen. I would love to win this movie, looks like a great comedy. Thanks.

    • david basile

      a funny my wife kind of movie

    • Deborah Wellenstein

      I’m a bargain shopaholic. If it’s on sale, it’s probably in my house! Thank you!

    • Katy

      I am a shopaholic because I shop all the time & love it!

    • mindy

      can we say clearance rack!!! thanks for the giveaway

    • Shirley Brown

      Haven’t seen this one yet, but it is something that my granddaughter would love!

    • Sylvia Belle

      I would like to see this movie and as a shopaholic I would relate to this movie.

    • janeh

      the uncontrollable urge to buy shoes………

    • Grace L

      Haven’t seen the movie yet, and would love to buy lovely dress.

    • Mike W.

      Clearance racks here I come!! Can’t pass up the shoe department either!

    • Saim

      I’m a shopaholic when it comes to buying presents. I feel like buying my close friends & family everything!

    • A. Ozair

      my uncontrollable urge to buy makeup..urrrgh..i have soo much which i know i won’t be able to use in TWO lifetimes..but still all the colors attract me!! :(

    • Kirsten

      Well, I suppose I am not a TRUE shopaholic…except where it comes to makeup..oh and shoes…..and handbags….and jewelry….and bath products….umm…I can’t resist quite a few things, eh?

    • Debra Bashford

      I can not go a single day without shopping, staying home is no longer safe as I now cruise Etsy! Weekends I hit every yard sale I can find looking for treasures. And I love it!

    • paul haddock

      The book was funny, I use the inet more

    • Jill H

      Well, I think my $30,000 in credit card debt will signify me as a shopaholic since that is all spent on clothes, furniture and electronics. Enough said :)

      I am on shopping detox right now from my husband. :(

      If I win, I’d prefer the regular DVD since I don’t have a blue-ray disc player (another item on my wish list ..hahah).

    • Lydia S

      Semi-annual replacement of credit cards because the magnetic data strip melts from the friction of running thru the card readers.

    • Daniel M

      i don’t shop, i’m dirt poor

    • Janet F

      Sales, discounts and clearance make me a shopaholic.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    • mj

      When you’re willing (like me) to spend hours and more digging through sales racks after sales racks, trying to find the perfect pieces to finish off the perfect outfits, you’re a shopaholic!

    • Tesa S.

      Haven’t been a “crazy” shopaholic for years, but recently found a store I really like and “bugged-out” a little bit. I used to be obsessed, but the economy has everyone tightening their budgets lately, and I’m included in that.

    • herblady

      Being online makes me a shopaholic! I have no interest in schlepping around to stores and waiting in lines to be attended to by rude salespeople, so being online is both a curse and a blessing! Now I hit all the sales I can every day and my hubby always wonders how much I’ve spent!

    • Nicole

      i can’t pass up a good sale and i live in the mall!!!

    • Jacy

      I loved this movie! I could relate to the characters wants not matching up with her financial means.

    • chris h

      i wonder the thrift stores all the time

    • Nate

      Malls make me a shopaholic. So many nice stores in a convenient location. I literally go to 3 different malls every week.

    • Kevin R.

      Ive spent all my money from work on stuff I rarely use anymore…lol

    • David

      Electronics stores make me a shopoholic, thanks.

    • Nell

      I’m a shopaholic because I shop all the time and I can’t bare to return anything!

    • whippetmom

      Sale and clearance racks make me a shopoholic.

    • Ashley

      im a shopaholic because i have designer tastes.. without the budget

    • Charm

      I have become a PERFUME junkie! My husband bought me ONE perfume for Mother’s Day…and now I’m hooked. I have bought 3 new perfumes, swapped 3 perfumes with friends, and ordered (and received from friends) over 20 sample fragrances all within 2 and a half months!! It’s RIDICULOUS! My husband now says I have addictive habits….because once I get started with one thing….I’m just going to want more more more! Makeup is turning into another bad habit….and I rarely even wear makeup!!! I try to stay away from shoes because once I get my eye on one, I want to stay in the store forever! And we won’t even talk about handbags…

    • reeseG

      What make me a Shopaholic is that I will spend hours online to find the best deals for an item that I have been coveting. I love the thrill of the hunt I guess lol

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    • Jessica

      I’m a Shopaholic because I’m a big bargain hunter, I love estate sales and roadside stands, anywhere I might get a good deal. The fun is in the hunt!

    • Vicky Boackle

      i am not a shopaholic but would love to see this movie.

    • barbara wright

      I am a shopaholic because I have radar that, as soon as I walk into a store, can immediately point me in the direction of my favorite red signs – “CLEARANCE”.

    • Marianna

      The thrill of finding a bargain!

    • Jennifer M

      I visit shopping sites daily and if I find a deal, I can’t stop myself from picking it up.

    • jan koontz

      just to cool, thank you

    • Anna

      Thanks for the contest!

    • Steve Scott

      Sounds like a good movie.

    • Randy Bailey

      Yard sale shopoholic, some of the stuff I really don’t need, but buy because it is cheap. I need 2 work on that problem

    • Kathy Scott

      I think that I would enjoy this movie.

    • Melissa D

      I’ve read all the Sophie Kinsella books and would love the movie! Thanks!

    • Denise

      My shopaholic weakness is ordering books from amazon.

    • Cindy

      I was taken to see this movie by my husband as a joke because he calls me an e-bayaholic. I will by clothes music toys dvds you name it I will by it off e-bay! Everytime I get on e-bay I have to buy something anything it doesn’t matter.

    • Megan B.

      I’m a bagaholic! I love to shop for accessories, no jewelry, shoes, scarves, or handbags are sade around me! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Gabriel J.

      Great movie, great contest!

    • Laura DeLuca

      My daughter is dying to see this movie

    • dianne

      I love shopping clearance. I’m a shopaholic:)

    • Sandy Y

      I’m a shopaholic especially when it comes to shoes and handbags. I have way too many of both!

    • Brinton S

      I can’t resist beautiful designer clothing!

    • ilja

      What makes me a shopaholic is i can not have enough shoes shoes shoes and shoes!!!

    • Ken Robinson

      Low resistance to salesmen makes me an unintentional Shopaholic. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

    • Danica D.

      Everytime I go out, I have to buy some type of clothing. EVERY TIME! Even if it just a pair of shoes, or a scarf. LOL

    • ky2here

      I have a cease and desist order from ebay.

    • Peter Orlowski

      I shop lots on Ebay, I buy stuff on Ebay that I could get in the car and have in 5 minutes, just addicted, Thank You!

    • katiea

      I’m a shopoholic because I’m pregnant with our first child. Every time I see a cute onesie or comfy looking nursing chair or, well, anything, I just have to buy it! I have bought enough stuff for 10 babies already and I’m only having 1! I don’t know its sex yet either, so I have to buy 2 of everything… 1 blue and 1 pink! HELP!!!

    • Heather

      I am a deal-addicted online shopaholic! I can’t help my obsession with checking for deals and steals!

    • Lucy Schwartz

      Home shopping network has all my info at fingertips when I call.

    • Deanna

      i just love a good deal

    • Tim

      I have about 50 hats and everytime I see a new one I like I get it no matter what.

    • Lisa Lo

      I forgot what it is like to shop so maybe the dvd will remind me.

    • mike kittle

      Whenever I go to the store, it is a rarity if I don’t back having spent more then $75.

    • Erma H

      A good sale makes me a shopalic.

    • Julia Smith

      My weaknesses are shoes, handbags & jewelry. Need I say more.

    • Rose

      looks like a really fun movie, would love to add it to my personal collection

    • Sara Sicotte

      I hope I win

    • Jay F.

      I think I’m an offshoot of a shopaholic. I’m a dealaholic. I research extensively to find the best deals, which often delays actually buying anything…

    • Ed Nemmers

      I am a shopaholic, but of the bargain ilk. I search out the reduced racks.

    • Ellie W

      What truly makes me a shopaholic is my two little grandsons. I can’t stop shopping for them.

    • Abby C.

      I’m a shopaholic because I’ve been known to waste whole paychecks on shopping (soo worth it though).

    • Samantha Miller

      What makes me a shopaholic are coupons and sales. I love to get more for my money. I am always shopping because I get great deals and can spend a lot more for less money!

    • Isaac A.

      I’m not a shopaholic, but I like Isla Fisher, and I would love to see this movie, please pick me.

    • Pita

      I have so many clothes and shoes I haven’t worn and yet, I keep buying more. I can’t stop shopping!

    • Kathleen S.

      I am a shopaholic because I can’t resist buying new handbags, especially if I can get a great deal on one I’ve had my eye on. Thanks for the DVD giveaway!

    • R Hicks

      I am a shopaholic because just thinking about going gets my adrenaline pumping

    • Molly Capel

      What makes me a shopaholic, is my ability to sniff out a deal!

    • Mishia

      Every time I’m out I buy something!

    • Terri L

      My daughter makes me a shopaholic! She LOVES to shop and there is ALWAYS something she “needs”.

    • J Chaborek

      A $11,000 shopping debt over the last year screams shopaholic! I’m thinking about starting a donation website like that one woman who spent $10,000 & asked for donations online to pay off her debt, LOL.

      Count me in for a DVD. Being the shopaholic that I am though, I still don’t have a Blu-Ray player!

    • Susan Smith

      Good movie

    • phillip stacy

      advertising on tv

    • Barrie

      I need new shoes all the time- I have worn probably only half of what I own.

    • Alexis

      I always buy sunglasses- I always want more more more.

    • lou

      Whenever I have a bad day I know that a shoe shopping spree always makes me feel better.

    • Joanne Schultz

      eBay is wonderful for shopping when stores are closed! I bought a lot of 53 pairs of sunglasses last week :-)

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • kathy pease

      i love nothing better than going out and looking for great sales especially at the end of each season :)

    • Chuck

      I would rather have a new outfit than eat for a day.

    • DanV

      Mostly that I shop to take a break from other things

    • Latisha DePoortere

      Im crazy about movies that is the one thing I always buy dvds!

    • Lori Walker

      I need a new pair of shoes for every outfit!

    • Miranda Allen

      i always buy from craigslist

    • Annemarie

      I love the thrill of finding a bargin/deal!!

    • Tammy

      The fact that sale racks make me tingle lol! (No Blu-Ray player here so if I am the winner of that one I’d just take a regular dvd :) )

    • Betty C

      I search for just the right outfit for a specific event. Of course, there are sooo many great deals I just have to have before I find that special outfit.

    • Chrysa

      Shoes make me a shopaholic!

    • Helen

      I’m a shopaholic because I’m always on the hunt for my next purchase. I have a wish list of items I need to have for no known occasion and with no specific time line, I just need them – I know it!

    • Jarrett

      Shopaholic here because I have every type of store card and use them

    • x

      hello, just wondering – how are the winners of contests on Splendicity announced? Thanks! :)

    • Gianna

      If I don’t shop a couple times a week it drives me nuts :)

    • Lily Kwan

      Great deals make me a shopaholic.

    • sylvia kriksic

      i love sales

    • jayne

      I can’t pass up a bargain! I just can’t!