• Fri, Jun 12 2009

Anti-Aging for Your Lashes with NeuLash

Anti-aging for your lashes??  Why not? With all the hype surrounding prescription lash enhancers (they have tons of listed side effects, including discoloring of your iris…yikes!)  this is most definitely worth a look.  According to studies, an eyelash has an average lifecycle of about 150 to 200 days. Taking into consideration the number of external aggressors that most women expose their lashes to everyday, including mascaras, eyelash curlers, makeup removers, and environmental aggressors, this lifecycle is often cut even shorter, meaning lashes rarely have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

neulashConditioning eyelashes with a new product called neuLash may provide protection against breakage, hydration, and will possibly make lashes healthier (just like conditioner does for the hair), therefore extending their life and allowing lashes to stay on the lid longer. This gives them the opportunity to appear longer and thicker – naturally.

neuLash is said to offer maximum protection for lashes by delivering essential proteins, vitamins, peptides, moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients to replenish and strengthen lashes. The result is healthier and thicker-looking lashes in as little as two weeks, with maximum results at eight weeks. On the other hand, the prescription drug does not contain essential vitamins, proteins or peptides, does not condition lashes, and can take up to 16 weeks to achieve results.

In addition to providing conditioning for the upper lashes, neuLash can be also used for the same purpose on the eyebrows. The result is healthier and fuller-looking lashes and brows, which enhances the overall appearance of the eyes.  It should be applied once daily in the evening before bedtime to the base of the upper eyelash on a clean, dry area, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. It is made for both men and women, and it can be used by those who have eyelash extensions and contact lenses.

“Years of extensive research and testing resulted in a product that is ophthalmologist and dermatologist safety-tested and that really works,” said Richard Carieri, President and CEO of Skin Research Laboratories, the cosmetics company that created neuLash. “When you compare them side by side, neuLash offers many benefits that the prescription drug does not.”

With its consumer friendly and easy to use eyeliner-like applicator, neulash is also more economical than the prescription drug product and contains about a three month supply, for an average cost of $1.67 per day. The average cost of the prescription drug is $4.00 per day for a one month supply. Also, you do not need a doctor’s visit or a prescription to obtain neuLash, which is available at www.neuLash.com, Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide and, and at top spas, including Qua Bath and Spa, Essentiels Spa et Beaute, Select Ritz Carlton’s, and Langham Spa.

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  • Lexie

    I didn’t have much success with this product so bought another lash-growth product called Revitalash. I seen amazing growth in 9 weeks. The company also makes a mascara that’s awesome. I never realized what a difference lashes make to the face. I get comments all the time.

  • http://none Lin

    I’ve been using neuLash for weeks now, and, I love it! What a differance. My daughters think it is an awesome product!

  • malou

    My eyelashes grew in just as short as 2 weeks, now im on my 6th week and I am really happy with my lashes’ length. Girls! Use Maximum Lash if you want to have longer lashes like me.