Ashley Olsen’s CFDA Dress Overwhelms Her

Oh darling…I usually consider Ashley Olsen to be the more fashionable twin, but unfortunately this dress she picked for the CFDA Fashion Awards last night is a bit of a contradiction. Such heavy, strict shoulders completely overpower her tiny frame. She looks like she is dressing up in her mother’s closet, not celebrating all things stylish and chic.

Considering how severe her red dress is, I’m even less impressed by the messy hair – so unlike Ashley to look so awkward and inept when it comes to putting an outfit together.Were she wearing something a little bit more youthful and playful, the hair might work. But with this…it just plays once again to the ‘dress up’ vibe.

Are we sure this is the right twin here? Mary-Kate is that actually you?

Image: INF

Image: INF

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