Kellie Pickler At The CMT Music Awards

I don’t know how previously super cute Kellie Pickler continues to find ways to look like a narsty mess, but…the girl has a knack for it. Here’s Kellie on the red carpet for the CMT Music Awards. Dresses that look like they’re see through, even though they aren’t, are just as bad because we’re all thinking the same thing…trashy.

But, no matter how many times I light a candle for the return of bubbly, down to earth Kellie Pickler, my prayers don’t ever seem to be answered because this bleached out disaster keeps showing up instead.

What happened, Kellie? Where along the way did you decide this was a good look for you?

Tone down the hair, find some clothes that don’t look like they were made for Hookers-R-Us and then let’s talk, honey.

Image: Zuma

Image: Zuma

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