Jack White’s Awful Triangle Head

Curlyhaired girls all over the world know what I’m talking about when I say Jack White has a serious case of Triangle Head at the “It Might Get Loud” Premiere in Los Angeles.

Remember Cathy? The annoying comic strip that starred a girl with a single frumpy outfit and a bad case of the frizzies? Cathy had Triangle Head.

You see, when curls aren’t properly shaped and cared for, they hate you. They will do everything they can to make your world a miserable place and cause people to laugh and stare when they walk by you on the street.

Image: INF

Image: INF

I can’t tell, nor do I really care, if Jack White has any idea how awful his hair looks (or, for that matter how horribly pasty and sallow his skin is) but it would do him some good to get that ugly mop shaped and properly conditioned.

No one should resemble a bad comic strip.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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    • Navajo

      Maybe he’s more concerned with making his music than worrying about whether or not he’s fashionable. I’d listen to music from this sallow, triangle-headed musician any day over someone who spends excessive time in front of the mirror worrying about what people like you think.

      Wait… do you even know a White Stripes song? lol…

    • KungFuRooster

      Yeah since when is Rock ‘n Roll about a perfect hair do? Jack White is the man.

    • Alex

      Normally I wouldn’t care ,but if he has time to put on foundation he has time for a haircut.

    • author_is_retarded

      Haha this ‘article’ is ridiculous – Jack White is an originalist, a guitar God, and a musical genius. Unlike all of the other guido/guidette wannabes, Jack White does not care to have orange, damaged skin. By the way, if you knew anything about high fashion, you’d know that the paler, the better.
      Jack’s hair is insane, weird, and therefore, cool. Listen to his MUSIC. He is after all a musician.

    • Maria Jarzyńska

      Foolish article, foolish editor. Jack White is a musician, could you, please, stop complaining about his look? Although Jack White has many, many, maaaaaaany fans all over the world. Men love his music, women love his music AND his look. So don’t try to argue about it. His hair is wild and it fits him, because he’s a rock star. And let’s not mention that he looks good with it.