• Tue, Jun 30 2009

AXE Instinct

AXE has added a new scent in their growing list of grooming collection. This new line is called Instinct.

AXE Instinct

AXE Instinct

AXE Instinct features the power of leather. The quintessential suave and cool aura from the black motorcycle jacket inspired by rock ‘n’ roll icons. Leather has definitely been a huge part of history thanks to the rugged hides worn by primitive hunters, all the way to the cowboys of infamous outlaws.

AXE took all of that timeless details as inspiration for this bold new fragrace which they have labeled as INSTINCT. The scent is a combination of raw-hire leather, spicy pink-pepper and warm pepperwood to achieve a masculine yet sensual fragrance.

AXE Instinct includes deodorant spray, antiperspirant stick, deodorant stick and shower gel. You can find them at Drugstore.com and most food & drug retail stores.

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