BET Awards Hair Don’t: Who Scalped Cassie?

What on earth possessed singer Cassie to shave off one side of her luscious locks? I’m all for cutting edge hair styles, but the petite songbird  looks like someone took a Tomahawk to her scalp.


Cassie's shaved do is a hair don't.

Cassie's shaved do is a hair don't.


From one angle, Cassie is stunning. Then you catch her from another angle and you think, “What in the world happened to her hair?” Perhaps P. Diddy, Cassie’s mentor and rumored boo, is to blame for the pretty young thing’s shorn raven locks. I won’t even discuss her tattered dress. 


Cassie rips the red carpet, literally.

Cassie rips the red carpet, literally.


But perhaps I’m being too conservative, so what do you think?  Is Cassie’s asymmetrical cut Hot or Not?



Image credit: Bauer-Griffin

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    • taki

      A big NOT!!

    • TiFFANY

      Wooow, Im lost for words

    • Samantha

      Omg. ThiS betta b a jOke. Eww . wtf r u seious

    • girl

      Cassie is feminine and beautiful. She pulls off the edgy, masculine look, just as Demi Moore and Natalie Portman have with their buzz cuts. It says more that she didn’t do it for a role, but as an expression of her own, individual style. This is how fashion evolves. I absolutely love it.

    • p.Halliwell

      Don’t you just hate for the individual who had to write this piece knowing that he/she does not have what it takes to do such a thing. Because what it takes is a quick snip and personality to do you and not someone else, but i digress. But Cassie you know if you are not being hated on you are not doing it right and obviously you are. Now you are all in the know…

    • nicole

      Cassie hasss balls! not ur style cool, but i give her kudos she doin as she pleases nd not being like every other boring trynna b prissy barbie conservative like most out here. she really steppd her cookies. some of yall should do the same

    • Jackie

      I think it looks pretty hot… She must be a pretty confident woman to have the guts to pull that off. AND SHE CAN! She looks badass!

    • Roosjeedoosjee

      She is stunning! This is who she is! Her own fashion with a cassie-twist! Love it..

    • antonio tchiyaya janguelo

      i love bicause you is fashon
      i good if you to my usbana

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