IQQU Beauty by Michelle Phan

One of the newest skin care companies to hit the world of beauty is IQQU Beauty by popular YouTube guru Michelle Phan. You might have heard of Michelle if you follow the popular make-up gurus on YouTube and she has a personal blog under the name RiceBunny.

(Image: IQQU Beauty / Michelle Phan)

(Image: IQQU Beauty / Michelle Phan)

IQQU was created and inspired by everyday people who were never happy with their skin care products.
The name IQQU means inspiration.
The letter I represents IQQU as a person. The dot as a head, and the long shaft as the body.
In ancient times, the letter Q use to represent a thread going through the eye of a needle, it symbolized sewing. This represents unity.
The letter U represents you!
So it means IQQU uniting with YOU to create the best skin care to fit your need.

The IQQU line is still in its infant stages but the products available right now look to be quite promising.

(Image: IQQU Beauty)

(Image: IQQU Beauty) IQQU Product Line

IQQU Skin Rejuvenator ($37) is a light-weight face moisturizer for day. It’s non-comedogenic, fragrance free and paraben free, too! All of us want skin that’s well hydrated and evenly toned and this Skin Rejuvenator promises to do just that. It also gives your skin an extra life and stimulates collagen production while protecting your skin from the sun.

Key Ingredients
Saccharide Isomerate- is a carbohydrate that acts as a highly effective moisture regulator resulting in long-lasting water retention in the skin.
Lycopene- is an antioxidant derived from tomatoes that helps improve the skin’s texture and provides natural SPF.
Retinol- a purified form of Vitamin A, which purportedly has rejuvenating and restoring effect of tired, sun damaged skin by stimulating production of collagen in the skin.
Ginseng- helps maintain the vitality, elasticity and relieve stress on skin.

If you check out Michelle Phan‘s make-up tutorials, she demonstrates how she uses these products as well as give you updates on upcoming product launches.  If you place an order today, you can save $3 on each product when you use the coupon code: grandopening upon check out.

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    • Brenda

      Michelle Phan you are so awesome!!! :D

    • Megan

      Hmm it sounds an awfully lot like Suqqu….

    • crazygoldfishy

      the sunscreen works amazingly great! i have combo skin and i use a tiny little dime size amount of my daily moisturizer with IQQU advanced sunscreen OVER it. just a bit. and it works great. if anything…. i hate hate hate hate hate HATE GREASY SUNSCREEN. and this one is the complete opposite of greasy. =)

      order this product! now!

    • passerbee

      i know this really sounds awfully like suqqu found a way to launch in the u.s. under a different name. they are both made in bkk. the style, estimated buyers, packaging…maybe it’s like ballea and nivea?

    • veronica

      i love you michelle you are so smart and prety and awesome!!!!! you really taught me sooo much. thank you!

    • MELUR

      i want to buy it…where can i get this product urgently

    • hanan

      I want to get this product , I’m from Kuwait, how can i?

    • Alicia

      Hi girls, I’m Alicia and I’m French. I just want know iQQU is tested on animal, and the ingredients because I’m vegetarian and I always use products no tested on anmals (maybe it’s written tested on animal free, I don’t know, I can’t writte very well ! )
      kisses =)

    • Elena

      It’s full of sylycones!! Rather awful to say the least!! Yucckkk… will clog adn dilate your pores. I wouldn’t use it.

    • donna

      I think her products are incredibly over priced and I’ve heard there is a no return policy. If you actually take the time to READ the ingredients listed on the products, you will see that most of her moisturizers contain mineral oil, which is awful for you skin. I don’t trust her products. She had perfect skin before IQQU so don’t be fooled!

      • moogli

        There’s nothing that says that mineral oil is bad for you, but it seems that some react badly to it. That does not mean that everyone will though.
        My skin handles mineral oil perfectly well, but I avoid alcohols and parfume.

      • Julia

        mineral oil, a common ingredient in commercial lotions, creams and baby care products. Mineral oil is clear, liquid oil with no scent and will not spoil. It is produced as a byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. Mineral oil is leftover liquid, and because it is abundant, it is very inexpensive. In fact, it is more expensive to dispose of mineral oil, than to purchase it.

    • Molly

      Way to over priced for the amount you get. It is 25 dollars just for one packets filled with 4 uses on the hydrating mask. And some of the ingrediants do not work well at all. But on the ones I would happily buy, she needs to definitly re-think those prices!

    • Mandy Tran

      i’m from Vietnam. I don’t know how to buy your IQQU .Could you answer my question as soon as possible, please?

    • Eunbi Jung

      where can i buy skin rejuvinator??
      I couldn’t find it on IQQU website..

    • Aliceson

      I love this! Its great! Its not like most products.But i think the prices should be lower becasue I can’t afford it. I need to do some extra jobs. She should reconsider.

    • Haan

      Jessica you have a point. All bad things that they say about Michelle are pure lies, contradictions, and obvious epic fails.

      • Rocket

        Really? Because IQQU is currently being investigated by the FDA for her false FDA claims. Apparently, she’s selling them with an expired license… which is illegal.

    • hanna

      I saw Michelle Phan’s videos …and they are amazing and this cream….ofcours!!

    • hanna

      you can also apply it over your makeup…so cool…but i dont know to get IQQU :(

    • Anita

      I found a website :Michelle Phail tumblr, they posts about 5 articles about how Michelle Phan lies to her fans about iQQU products are US FDA approved, the products are revealed to be a fraud business and Michelle denied she is not the owner, only worked for them before and no longer work for them now. They have all the evidence from US FDA and all the screencaps of how Michelle lied and she ran away from it now.

      I just can’t believe Michelle Phan is so greedy, how could she fool her supporters that way, she made so much money from selling these expensive products. I read the tumblr’s comment section, people believed with that false statements, Michelle Phan should be punished for committed false claims on US FDA. They also advised the dissatisfied purchasers should contact her for a refund because she lied to them to sell such NOT SAFE AND EFFECTIVE product as US FDA lists on their websites.

      • mary

        if that was true she wouldnt be working for lancome anymore or making anymore videos on youtube

    • Mina

      Love it!

    • Reilly

      Ive been reading some of these posts are they are bull. Dont post anything if you have never tried it. IQQU is well priced (for average people) , and works great. I acctually use there brushes and products. They do not test on animals. The mineral oil in the scrub wont clog your pores and it softens the skin. You can order there products from And this all coming from a 14 year old. HA.

    • Michelle

      Hi, Visit Michelle Phan’s Fan Blog…

    • khim

      where can i buy the IQQU products?? and in what store! ? im from artesia.calofornia. thank u

    • Shikha Patel

      I want a fair skin give me a suggetion or your product for me.

    • Maigan and ambrosia

      Hi this is me Maigan and my friend ambrosia we just whachet your vidoe
      And this is my address 55 place behind the big O please come and do our makeup and hair to look like a barbe

    • Maigan ambrosia

      Hi this is Maigan and ambrosia we just whachet your vidoe can you come to my house and do our makeup and hair please my address is 55 place behind the bigO

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    • http:///members/star1/ Star Stevenson

      The link to the website is within the text of the entry. :)

    • monica e

      this sunscreen is not stable. the active ingredients counteract each other.

    • Leez

      Iv’e seen many of Michelle Phan’s videos and actually took a look at her Website. She Clearly states that her product is not tested on Animals, but rather willing participants.

    • Aliceson

      I’ve been to her website and it CLEARLY says that its not tested on animals. Michelle Phan isn’t a bad person.

    • Amy

      just go to and thats it :)

    • Jessica

      nobody has perfect skin. if you watch her videos, her skin has large pores. and honestly, if it dameges the skin so badly, why would she use it on herself? seriously. plus, she has home made alternatives to the products on her youtube page. honestly do you think if it was so bad she would do that kindo of stuff? mineral oil is actully VERY good for your skin. it has cleaned up my acne. i don’t buy her products simpely because i can’t afford them. but if i could i would plain and simple

    • Eunbi Jung

      nevermind, i found it sorry!! T^T;;

    • Belen

      I can’t find it :( that’s the product I want to get and all I see Is the acne serum, the suncreen, and rice scrub.. Am I missing something?