• Sun, Jul 5 2009

The List Maven’s Faves 07-05-09


Lipstick Powder and Paint
– Effortless waves are a cinch with this step by step guide, complete with photos through the process and of the final look.

Flipgloss – Perfect for planning an urban garden oasis, there are some great product recommendations including a few things I can’t believe even exist!

Wardrobe 911 – If you had $1500, how would you spend it? Here’s what Jill would splurge for.

Running With Heels – No excuses for skipping mascara after you read all these key tips and tricks.

SheFinds – The top five best how-to guides from one of the greatest resources for style and beauty info online.

InStyle – Part of the allure of travel is having a classy set of luggage to tote around the airport, so which colorful variety is meant for you?

Makeup and Beauty Blog – A list of lists from around the web about how to properly tend to your perfectly manicured nails.

Viva Women – There is no reason you shouldn’t have a tube of sunscreen you’re committed to daily once you read over this lengthy list of top recommendations to figure out which one is right for you.

Simply Stated – Now all I want to do is go shopping after perusing all these fun and flirty summer dresses.

BV HairTalk – Get down to the gym without messing up your hair (too much) just by following a few straightforward, easy suggestions.

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