Helena Bonham Carter Needs A Hairbrush

A hairbrush. A stylist. A little gremlin that goes through her closet and purges it of items like clunky Mary Janes.

These are all things Helena Bonham Carter could use.

Is there ever a reason why a grown woman should wear pink socks and Mary Janes? Even for a casual day of shopping? Alas, no. It’s never a good decision, darling Helena…and neither are the little hair accessories sticking out of that pile of knots and tangles.

You are a talented actress. Accomplished, recognized, and hilariously funny at times. Which makes it all the more disappointing to see your perpetual state of disheveledness all the more perplexing, Helena.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News

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    • me

      Actually, I find her disheveled-ness quite endearing

    • Daryl Wright

      No No No! This woman, this Bonham Carter is a pillar of confidence and strength. There are Alot of men who drool over her because of her, “Busy Maiden” and sometimes gothic looks. What she needs is a equally eccentric man who will match her wonderful display of self confidence and gift to be different. I mean come on, she’s so Goddamn gorgeous she doesn’t have to be normal. Believe it or not, ive seen her in worse and its still empowering. In a society such as this modern age, she dresses with a freedom that is so wild and kinky, which makes her even more attractive to people. This woman, this Helena Bonham Carter is my new Hero.

    • Nella

      HBC is so refreshing. She should not change the was she dresses so that she can look like every other ‘styled to within an inch of their life’ celeb. She looks lovely and individual. We need more like her.

    • VictoriaElizabeth

      Eff you, if you think she should look like everyone else. Its sad that you have to judge others, to feel good about yourself. Helena Is Beauty my friend.

    • Bela

      She looks Amazing as always…..And I LOVE her hair……Why should it be all prim and proper? She is who she is and that is why she is so LOVED!!!!!!

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    • Lindsey

      Lol, she doesn’t NEED anything. She’s unique, and that’s what counts. Her style is her own. Don’t be so close-minded.