Prince Felipe, Princess Letizia Visit Dairy Factory

Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia visited the Danone Dairy Factory and International Development Centre in Tres Cantos today.


The royal couple covered their street clothes with clean laboratory garb before taking a tour of the facilities. During the visit, they peered into samples under a microscope. The factory is located just outside Madrid.

More photos below:




Image: Zuma Press

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    • Wende

      Even though I really admire Princess Mary, Princess Letizia seems to be juat a fraction in front of mary in the fashion stakes. But thats just my personal opinion and taste. It is refreshing though, to see beautiful young ladies dressing in a manner that suggests they are having fun with their ‘look’, but in a refined and modest way (modest isn’t quite the right word, but at least they keep their ‘bits’ covered). Of course being Royalty they are obliged to be careful in their dress, but I am so sick of ‘celebrity flesh’ that I am finding more and more I am looking to Mary and Letizia for fashion inspiration. Mary and Letizia, YOU ROCK!!!

    • Maricar Macalincag

      Hi Wende, Princess Mary and Princess Letizia have slightly different styles, but they are both lovely to look at, and great to take fashion hints from.

      I find that Princess Letizia’s green dress above is an example of refined and “keeping their ‘bits’ covered” (LOL).