Giveaway! Sally Hansen HD Nail Color

I’m an equal opportunity lover of all things beauty. So when I discover a drugstore line that delivers high-end results, I get a little excited.  The perfect example is Sally Hansen, whose stellar nail polishes are a staple in my stash.

This month, Sally Hansen is introducing HD Hi-Definition Nail Color, a totally new nail color experience. This unique, patented formula with real liquid crystals translates the clarity of High Definition into an unprecedented nail lacquer.


HD Nail Color offers eight spectacular shades with pure, vivid pigments, multi-dimensional color and extraordinary brilliance. And of course, like all other Sally Hansen polishes, these babies are long-lasting and deliver intense shine.

To celebrate the launch, I have two pieces of good news.

First off, Sally Hansen is hosting a sweepstakes on their website from now through September 15, 2009.  Check it out and enter to win:

  • Grand Prize of a 32 inch HD TV
  • An iPod Nano awarded each month to a randomly selected winner
  • 10 winners total will be randomly selected to receive a Sally Hansen gift bag

OR If you’d rather test your luck here at Makeup Minute, enter a comment below telling which Sally Hansen HD Nail Color you’re most excited to try and you’ll be entered to win a complete set! Five lucky winners will be chosen.

Giveaway ends next Wednesday, July 22 at 11:59 PM!

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    • Lakish

      I’d have to say Pixel Pretty! I’ve been obsessed with teal and turquoise ;)

    • candice

      I have picked up Cyber and Digital in the store at least 10 times and have yet to buy it…. still love it!

    • jennifer

      I’d like to try Carribean cool because it looks like it would go well with my complexion.

    • Krystal

      I’m Cyber and Lite. I’m a purple junkie, yet I’ve been looking for a sun-bright yellow for the rest of the summer.

    • Kymberlie R. McGuire

      Wow! These colors are great! I’m torn between Cyber, Blu, and Pixel Pretty, but probably Cyber would be the one that I would be most excited about.

    • Heather (Kiraling)

      I’ve really been wanting to try out BLU, but oddly enough NONE of my drugstores are carrying it yet!. Pretty unbelievable being located in a part of New Orleans, but it’s the truth. :)

    • Grace

      I’m looking forward to trying Cyber. I love purples at the moment whether it’s on my nails, a bag, scarves, eyeshadow..I love purple!!! :) This collection is amazing and I would LOVE to win it. Thank you for the giveaway.

    • Lachelle

      I want to try Hi-Def and Lite because I’m loving the combination of those as a lemon lime for summer!

    • Irene

      I’m excited about Lite b/c there aren’t enough yellows on the market! Thanks for this great giveaway!

    • Lesley

      Hi-Res. Looks like a great red popsicle.

    • Jacie

      I like Pixel Pretty the best. I love teals!

    • Holly

      Definitely want to try intense orange–especially for pedis!

    • DJ

      I’m definitely up for another yellow and super excited to try Lite.

    • Sweetpeacali

      Pixel Pretty! My gawd, I just love it!

    • Vee

      Pixel Pretty, because it’s a stunning color that reminds me of emerald, and I usually never wear those colors!

    • Paula

      Just adding to the chorus for Pixel Pretty, with Cyber a close second.

    • suze

      Can’t decide between Blu and Hi-Res….totally different, but I love ‘em both :)

    • Emi

      I actually already have Digital the hot pink and I LOVE it. The colors change in the light and it’s soo pretty. I find myself getting carried away staring into my nails.

      However I really want to try Cyber, that great purple. I’m really digging purple lately, and if it’s like Digital I know it’s going to be incredibly deep and iridescent.

    • Sarah


      I am digging the Cyber color a lot.



    • Marcy Strahan

      I love the Lite Meag Citrus Power HD!

      Yellow is a hot color this Summer!

    • Lackoholic

      What a great giveaway! I’m most excited to try Pixel Pretty. It looks amazing!

    • Ling

      I’d love to try Lite, I think yellow is a great color for the summer.

    • Dawn H.

      Its a tough decision, but I think I’d say Digital.

    • Maria

      Ow i love that Blu one :))) Really fresh colour ;)

    • Chrissy

      They ALL look fabulous in this collection, but ThreeD is unlike anything I own, so I guess that would be the one I’d be most excited to try out! I think it would look great with a lot of different skin tones and would be the perfect summer shade! Thank you for the opportunity to win! :0)

    • Deanna

      I’m most excited to try “burst of berries”!

    • Heather

      All of these colors look amazing, but I would love to try Hi-Res!! It is the perfect color for a pedicure!!

    • Halifax

      I like Lite and Three D, but they are all so lovely. Haven’t seen them popping up in stores around here. Thanks so much for the giveaway

    • Mariela

      Pixel Pretty is gorgeous color. It will look great on the beach. All the colors are nice and bold.

    • Cindi

      Definately need to try Hi-Def. Maybe Digital.

    • Julie J.

      Intense orange looks awesome. I have a pair of shorts in that color that would make a great match. Thanks for the contest.

    • Apple

      I’m all over Digital! Hot hot hot (pink)! :)

    • Christa

      I love the color of Hi-Res. I’ve been avoiding super-hot-pink but I want a cheerful pink color. The berry color of Hi-Res looks perfect!
      Thanks so much for the give away! Would love to win (& wouldn’t we all!)

      : )

    • Brenda

      Can’t wait to try Cyber!

    • Sara

      ooh there are 2 that I’m interested in- Pixel Pretty and Hi-Res

    • Heather

      I want to try Hi-Def, Green is awesome!

    • Holly

      Powerfully Hot Pink because pink is my signature color and this one is especially gorgeous!

    • Vichy

      I’d love to try Blu because I love blue!

    • Kate B

      I’m definitely most interested in Lite, because I really want to try yellow nails, but yellow isn’t usually my color. Since these polishes are so vibrant, maybe Lite is the yellow for me!

    • Georgina

      Pixel Pretty – 4 def!

    • Amy L

      I’d like to try the Hi Res burst of berries

    • Cairine

      I would like to try the futuristic purple – Cyber! I often wear purple nail polish.

    • Tanya P

      I would love to try burst of berries, intense orange looks like a great one too!

    • April

      I’d love to try Digital. Of course Pixel comes in a close running up. They’re all lovely really.

    • Laura

      I love the Hi-Res, burst of berries! Such a great shade!

    • Damla

      I like hi-res frost (08).

    • Melissa

      I love them all . . . how to choose? I think if I could only pick one, I would go with Cyber. I love purples!

    • Mariza

      I’d love to try Pixel Pretty! It’s such a pretty color.

    • Eve

      I want to try out the hot pink one (digital). I love bright colors

    • Tee

      That envious green is on point!!

    • Miranda

      pixel pretty

    • Daniel M

      well, uh not me but my gf would love pixel pretty-deep, caribbean cool

    • Yasmine

      Id love to win a new set of HD nail polish!! I really like the “THREE D Orange”, such a pretty summer color!

    • Valerie C.

      Hi-Res for me. I love berry shades. This formula sounds great too!

    • Tina B.

      I’m really excited about Hi-Def because I’ve never tried green before!

    • Kat C.

      I love them all, but if I were to choose, i’d choose HI-RES…i think it’s the prettiest!

    • Nazia

      All the colors really look amazing! I’ve narrowed it down to Pixel Pretty!

    • kathemc

      It’s a three way tie between Hi-Def, Lite and Three D.

    • Heather

      Pixel Pretty definitely!

    • anna

      i would love to try Cyber purple- it seems like a great color for upcoming fall

    • Huguette E.

      Love these colors, thanks for the chance! As purple is my favorite color this summer, that’s the color I’ll go with :)

    • Laura DeLuca

      I like the Blue Frost-Its just a really great shade that stands out

    • Janet F

      I like Hi-Res color the best.

      Thank you!

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Amanda G

      I would love to try Cyber. I’ve been looking for a good purple nail polish.

    • Carla

      Three D is an interesting, different color I’d love to try

    • cindy-ann

      I like pixel pretty the best

    • star

      I’m most interested in Lite

    • Dawn

      I am looking forward to the Hi Res color myself. I also think the quick dry line will be awesome as I can’t seem to wait around for my nails to dry. lol

    • Anna

      I want to try Pixel Pretty because it reminds me of the amazing week at spent at the beach in June!

    • Ayesha

      Hi-Res looks fabulous, its a twist on classic red.

    • agata dabrowska

      Cyber Frost (01)

    • DebbyC

      I would like to try the hi-def polish! its such a pretty green!

    • Catherine

      oh wow! all the colors are really pretty but i especially like “Three D”

      well, orange IS my fav. color. ahah.

    • Celina

      OMG Cyber: A futuristic purple.
      I am in love with the color purple and futuristis suits me just fine. I’ve always been a little different than everybody else. lol :)

    • Taryn


    • angela

      Lite (citrus) really intrigues me. i’d love to win the set.

    • Nita

      I would love to try Digital

    • Candice

      Ooohhh…so many pretty colors to choose from. I think I really want Digital…but truly love them all.

    • Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez

      The Cyber Purple and all the bright colors are beautiful and I would love to win this prize. Thanks, CECE

    • Emmy T

      Is everyone an option for color most wanting to try? Hi Def is my fav, because I have been collecting green nail polish for a while, and this one looks like a winner.

    • 21moe

      I’m very excited for Pretty Pixel! Its my favorite color, but i have not been able to find a good quality nail polish in that color! I know Sally Hansen’s will be just what i need! :)

    • tara2407

      Lite, mega citrus power, bright and beautiful colors Oh My!!

    • sylvia kriksic

      what great colors, i love them all

    • Whitney

      Cyber: A futuristic purple.
      Purple is my favorite color, & I’ve just bought the HD Green and i LOVE it, Hoping to have the whole collection one way or another. This would be the best way =) or hopefully it will be a birthday gift from friends lol February isn’t far away.