What Happened, Elizabeth Banks?

Erm…did Elizabeth Banks‘s twelve year old niece do her hair and makeup for the premiere of Funny People in Hollywood?

Because if so..well, good job little girl. But, in case there were actual professionals involved in the matter, I have to wonder if they are playing a cruel joke on Elizabeth, because the wild hair combined with the rosy cheeks and bright pink lipstick is a wee bit much if you ask me.

Everything else, well – it’s fine. The dress works, shoes look nice and her little clutch fits in well. But everything from the neck up just baffles me. Especially since I would have expected her to know better by this point. But apparently…she doesn’t.

As I said. I’m completely…utterly…and wholeheartedly...baffled.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News

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