Tara Reid Looks Tan And Trashy As Ever

Oh, Tara Reid. You never cease to amaze me with your spindly figure and overly tan skin. Darling, at this rate you’re going to resemble an old leather shoe by the time you’re 35. Wait, are you 35? I can’t even tell anymore.

Here you are partying it up in St. Tropez with Michael Axtmann - it seems like these kind of photos surface at least once a year, where we all sit back and wonder how nitwits like you afford this traveling lifestyle but can’t seem to find a decent colorist or hair accessory that doesn’t look like it was made from a Toys R’ Us crafting kit.

You intrigue me, Tara. I really wish you didn’t, but somehow you continue to be strangely fascinating…for no particular reason at all.

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • Sara

      You think she’s tan in that pic, look at the pics of her when she was in the Bahamas (I think), where she looked anorexic. Yikes!