Paris Hilton’s Hippie Dippy Shopping Wear

Would you even really know for sure that these two are sisters if they weren’t The Hiltons. I mean honestly, it would be hard to imagine them looking any different. Here is Nicky, all chic and understated for a Friday stroll through various boutiques in Hollywood. But right next to her is Paris, all hippie-d out and overly pink for day time. Make that any time.

As Paris has slid farther down the woe-begotten reality television path, and Nicky has stepped back more and more from the spotlight, I’ve grown to not mind the less outlandish sister. Sure, there is a bit of humor to be found in the antics of Paris, but the younger sister certainly has the end when it comes to including color in an outfit, instead of letting one color (oh, I don’t know…maybe baby pink?) overpower the outfit.


Image: Fame Pictures


Image: Fame Pictures


Image: Fame Pictures

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