• Fri, Jul 31 2009

Tori Spelling unveils new Q-Tip Vanity Pack

Celebrities are fun to follow for fashion purposes, but sometimes style can go beyond what you’re wearing. If you wear make-up, you already know how much value a simple Q-Tip can hold. I use mine regularly, mostly for smudging purposes or to wipe away makeup that ended up where it shouldn’t me (like mascara on my brow bone!). However, I keep mine in my vanity cupboard because a big cardboard box of Q-Tips doesn’t really work on my bathroom counter.


Tori Spelling was at Macy’s this week to launch the new Q-Tip Vanity Pack which gives you the same Q-Tips that you’re used to buying and using, except they come in cute little packs that aren’t enormous and don’t look ugly sitting on your dresser or bathroom counter.

Get Tori’s Vanity Pack …


Each vanity pack is small enough to not take over your space but there are still 285 Q-tips packed in there. I know that not everyone really cares about packaging, but I actually like when I can buy things in cute little nicely-designed packages that can sit out and be a part of the decor. I’m particularly fond of the red one!

Images: Newscom // QTips.com

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored in any way, and simply demonstrates a celebrity-endorsed product that looks useful and cute to me.

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  • sherri gordon

    where can i get the q tip vanity box?

  • Sherry Osborne

    I haven’t seen them myself yet but I figure they’ll probably start becoming available in department stores and drug stores where you can already buy regular q-tips.

  • Shana

    You can get them at Walmart.