DIY Knitting with Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang has taken wool scarves to a new level of cool for Fall. However, there’s a small catch – the person you give it to has to actually knit the scarf themselves. Fun, right? This is such a cool way to try something new, learn a new craft and get a fabulous new accessory to wear through fall and winter!

(Image: Net-A-Porter)

(Image: Net-A-Porter)

Wool and the Gang makes knitting glamorous with their DIY knitting kits. The kits come with everything one needs to learn how to knit their own scarf, beanie hat, legwamers and matching gloves and even a waistcoat (vest)! Pretty cool, right?

If you get the Lula Hoop Scarf Kit, you’ll receive the following:
Scarf pattern (of course!)
2 balls of Peruvian 100% wool yarn
a pair of 15mm wooden knitting needles
a sewing needle
2 logo patches

This is a fun project for someone who wants to get into knitting but hasn’t taken the plunge. It’s also a nice gift idea for the avid knitter! You can purchase Wool and the Gang DIY kits at Net-A-Porter for about $85 to $150 each.

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    • /members/ashley/ Ashley Shute

      I saw this yesterday on their website. I’m just finding it a tad ridiculous to spend close to $200 on yarn, some patches, and instructions that you can buy at a craft store for a total of $15-$20. Yes, the wool is Peruvian. But, if I want something that fabulous and Peruvian I can take a trip to Peru, go to some little market and pay something like 10 pesos and get something made by a nice little old lady. And spend my left overs on some scrapbook memorable site seeing instead of a scarf that I’ll probably screw up after 2-3 stitches because I’m not that crafty. :)

      If I’m going to spend $150 on wool it better be made into something wearable…or be donated to a good cause…I’m just saying. :)

    • http:///members/star1/ Star Stevenson

      Haha that’s true. I love the idea of it though and some of those craft store kits are so not even cute or good quality. So it’s a toss up between your budget and if you want to spend more to get something unique. ;)

      Btw, if you go to Peru I’m SO going with you! lol

    • /members/ashley/ Ashley Shute

      I’ll let you know when I go! Which will be…never! :)