Lady GaGa’s Purple Beehive Hairstyle

Lady GaGa, what am I going to do with you? Between brillo pad sweaters, Minnie Mouse interpretations and a whole pile of wacky outfits in between, I think it’s safe to say the most surprising thing you could do at this point is show up on the street in a t-shirt and jeans and no makeup.

Possible problem there: no one would recognize you.

Moving on to this particularly ridiculous outfit, considering how much effort usually goes into making you look like a circus sideshow, I’m disappointed to see the purple beehive sloppily resting atop your long blonde hair (another wig?). That combined with the nude leotard makes for quite the picture. It’s not as creative as some of her eariler antics but hey, maybe this is the Lady Gaga version of a normal person’s flip flops and sweatpants.

Lady Gaga Purple Beehive

Image: Fame Pictures

Lady Gaga Purple Beehive

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • pafos

      Cool hair-do, as usual in the repertoire)

    • rachel

      where can i buy this leotard or something like it?

    • ♥ Girl23 ♥

      ♥ yes its a free chat room under