Drop-Crotch Sweat Pants From Oak NYC

OAK NYC is releasing a limited edition oak black label for Fall 2009 which includes perforated leather tank, rabbit-fur lined pancho and cashmere drop-crotch sweat pants. A what?



Those my friends are called Drop-Crotch Sweat Pants from Oak. Obviously it’s probably high on the comfort level. I’m sure it feels nice and soft since it’s cashmere after all. It has the usual drawstring elastic waistband which most sweat pants have. Other details include welt pockets with metal studs and patch pocket located at the rear.

This is the kind of style that I will consider an acquired taste. You must really like dropped-crotch styles to pay $465 for a drop-crotch sweat pants. That’s almost $500 for a spacious and comfortable crotch area. To top it all off, this is only made to order in the US.

Isn’t fashion grand? You can pretty much find all the impossible things in the world. If you can’t find one yet, I’m sure some designer have thought about it today and will be part of collection in 2010. Well, enjoy fall and winter with this cashmere drop-crotch sweat pants.

(Images : OAK NYC)

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    • http://www.olymanifesto.com Oly

      HAHAHAHA! I guess if you wear diapers, these would be perfect…you could load them up and nobody would notice!

      • rainah

        HAHAHAHA ! i guess if that was funny, this comment would be perfect…you could be comedian and EVERYONE would notice !

    • http://www.geppebba.com/ geppebba®

      ….but when you get erectile dysfunctions because of tight pants it´s maybe better to change the aesthetic view/opinion -
      I know …. some versions look very funny but it´s a playground with an experimental character to find new styles, what do you think ?
      we do geppebba since 2003 and … please write me your thoughts about our design… because I like geppebba with no underwear ; )