Kohl’s Back To School Collection & A $25 GC

It’s back to school for our young fashionistas. One of the best places to go for trendy, and affordable styles is Kohl’s. For this occasion, Kohl’s is presenting Candie’s Back To School line.

Kohl's Back-To-School : Candie's

Kohl's Back-To-School : Candie's


Kohl's Back-To-School : Candie's

More from Candie’s Back To School collection, and a chance to win a $25 Kohl’s gift certificate after the fold…..


Kohl's Back-To-School : Candie's


Kohl's Back-To-School : Candie's


Kohl's Back-To-School : Candie's


Kohl's Back-To-School : Candie's

Kohl’s Candie’s collection features Pop Princess Britney Spears as the spokesperson. By the way, I love the shoes. Even though I am not going back to school, I’d definitely wear it. The cropped blazer is so chic. I can see myself wearing that over a tank top, jeans, and the Candie’s shoes.

Now here’s your chance to win a $25 Kohl’s Gift Certificate. Use it to purchase your back-to-school shopping at Kohl’s or give it to someone who could use it for their own BTS shopping. Either way, I’m sure you’ll love it.

On the form provided below, leave your name, a valid e-mail address (don’t worry e-mail won’t be revealed to anyone but me) and a short comment about what you think of the Candie’s collection or any other brands that you like from Kohl’s. Vera Wang for starters :) .

Contest ends on August 16th, 11:59pm, Eastern Time. Open to US residents only. The winner will be picked randomly and announced the following day, August 17th. Good Luck!

(Images : Kohl’s Press)

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    • MaryEllen S

      The candies selection is great, style but good prices.

    • caren

      omg!! i went to kohl’s the other day to return something and walked out with over $200+ worth of clothes and spent LESS than half of that! of course it was ALL for the kids! they had some great deals for boys and girls clothes! TONY HAWK brand for boys especially! great style and quality! one my sons’ favorites!

    • Pamela S.

      I would use it to buy shoes for my neice.

    • Ruth Bousquet

      The Candies collection is very feminine and upbeat. I love everything Kohl’s for the entire family.

    • Sara

      I like that black and gray blazer and I do happen to like the Vera Wang designs for less, when shopping at Kohls.

    • Susan Alles

      My granddaughter loves the Candie line, Kohl’s has something for everyone, shop there so it stays in business please!

    • http://anywhere-is.net Ronni

      I LOVE the Candies collection. I saw Britney wearing that blazer on some commercials last night (Kohl’s sponsers Make It Or Break It now–it’s even written into the script on the show!). It’s very trendy and cute, but even for someone who is not necessarily a “junior”, the outfits are classic enough to wear to work or something.

    • Kimberly Ripley

      I really like the Candies collection. It’s always so stylish and the color palette is always so bold! ♥

    • Carolyn Benson

      I love that pink Candies blouse you have on the blog!

    • Angela C

      I love the Daisy Fuentes line at Kohl’s…such cute stuff.

    • Charity S.

      I love the Candies collection. I love all of the brands at Kohl’s. Thanks

    • Claire

      I dig the Candie’s line but I can’t fit into most of it!

    • Cindy Thurman

      I love the Candie’s collection! It would look so good on my college bound daughter!

    • Tracey Byram

      The Candie’s Collection is fresh and colorful. Any girl will be a fashion plate in them.

    • Karen

      I love the Candie’s collection @ Kohls.

    • Louise B

      love the clothes

    • John Rasmussen

      Every little bit to hlp with back-to school costs is welcome.

    • Amanda S.

      I think the Candies collection is adorable! I’d wear any of it! :)

    • Marilyn Wons

      I love the Candie’s collection. The collection is so fresh and fun looking!I am so glad there are Kohl’s stores!

    • http://stealsdeals.blogspot.com Abby

      What an adorable line of clothes! I love that they are cute, sassy, but not street walker looking ;)

    • joye

      I love the Candie’s line because they are cute and stylish, but not over the line into “trashy” territory.

    • Mary T.

      My son likes the fit of the Sonoma Life & Style clothes. I like them too because they are made strong-enough-for-a-boy’s rough and tumble kind of life. These clothes are always decent enough to pass onto another boy to wear, when my son grows out of them.

    • Valerie

      I love Kohls, great clothes and deals!
      Candies looks sweet, cute

    • Tonya Wesley

      I think the Candie’s line looks great. It’s very fashionable at a price I’m sure I would appreciate.

    • Vicky H.

      I like Avril Lavigne’s line, Abbey Dawn. There are a lot of vest-shirts and checkered items, which are in right now.

    • Diane Baum

      Avril Lavigne’s line is great and colorful. Kohl’s always has great style

    • Kim H.

      I like the yummie tummie freedom tank in black.

    • PatZ

      I love the pocket books they have in Kohl’s.

    • Margaret Smith

      I love the designs of this collection. Perfect for my daughter. Pretty and stylish.

    • Tyli

      I love Kohl’s and the Candie’s collection is SWEEEET :)

    • http://bosstownbabe.blogspot.com Meredith

      Candies Collection is a fave of mine… I love their dress pants and own quite a few! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Rita M

      The Candies collection is very youthful & trendy, Vera Wang has some lovely pieces, but even Kohl’s house brands are nice — pretty much a great place to shop no matter what age or fashion style!

    • Patty Almasy

      I also really like the Vera Wang line…. my niece is a big fan of Candies and Kohl’s prices let both of us be stylish for less!

    • adrienne Gordon

      the candies collection is so hip and sexy

    • Pat B

      I really love that pink top shown at the top. It’s too young for me, but my daughter would love it!

    • Kelly Ann T.

      I like the candies collection because I can look good without spending a fortune. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

    • Lauralee Hensley

      Well, I believe plaid skirts are coming back into fashion this fall, so I really think the one you’ve shown above on this page, is really cute. I like it paired up with the white blouse shown with it, yet I’d pair it up with black flats. Kohl’s Candies collection is just right. Cool and in style without being over revealing.

    • michelle lopez

      I like the Candies collection, it is fashionable and affordable.

    • Alicia Webster

      I love the Candies line but I wish that they would go a little more in the retro-70′s/boho direction. I like Vera Wang’s stuff too, especially her lavender and purple pieces.

    • Brett Vigil

      i think it is suoper cute

    • Carol

      I like Candies collection, but I couldn’t wear those high shoes. Kohls always has fabulous deals.

    • courtney s

      i love it not only because its super cheap but its very stylish

    • Mary

      Very nice collection. I like the cropped blazer best, since it looks young/modern but also sophisticated.

    • David Leavitt

      My gf would love to get those – she needs new clothes despartely

    • Patti K

      I love Kohls and the Candies collection, if I won I would put the money toward a pair of Candies Newmie tall boots. They would look so great for fall!!!!!

    • James

      I like the Sonoma brand. Their jeans are great.

    • Kiara

      I love the the Candies collection, and I love Kohl’s.

    • Joleen

      The Candies collection is great. Very stylish, and fun to wear.

    • Jonnalyn

      I love the candies collection. Its mature but fun at the same time and thats just what i need considering im not longer a too but not too old either!

    • patricia

      I like the tried and true Lee Jeans for guys and girls. I like the JanSport messenger bags too..they are fun and flirty!

    • susan varney

      caddie has a great line right up my niece’s alley

    • Cindy Merrill

      I’m thrilled that Plaid is back in style for fall- I’ll be a fashion plate for sure with Candie’s skirts, or a nice wool blazer

    • jeff drake

      looks like a very nice afortable line of clothing

    • Stephanie V

      Love it – especially those shoes you featured! Wish I still had a youthful figure. Been to Kohl’s the last two weekends to buy Fall clothes – great sales!
      tvollowitz at aol dot com

    • Aric Thomas

      This shindig is the gnarliest pad ever. Awesome prices and groovy threads.

    • kig71

      I love Kohls, it’s the only place I get my clothes and anything for the house

    • Stacy D

      I love everything about Kohl’s! The Daisy Fuentes line is one of my favs.

    • Meaghan F.

      I like the Candies line, it’s very flirty and funky.

    • randi

      I really like the Vera Wang collection, I just wish she designed for the plus size woman!

    • Kati Corbett

      I love Candies shoes and I love Vera Wang sunglasses

    • Steve Scott

      We travel 120 miles to go to Kohls. It has the best clothes for the kids.

    • sandy

      to me the candies collection has improved 100 percent over the past few years- its modest yet stylish and versatile and affordable. The collection was completely horrible and too sexy for teens a few years back and I did not buy becuase of this, this year I am loving the versatility and style.

    • http://myheartblogged.blogspot.com/ vanessa

      I love the Vera Wang collection. It looks so high end and I can actually afford it. The fabric is even luxurious. I can’t believe you can get her designs, she is so down to earth for doing it. I hope Kohls continues to pair up with great designers.

    • Susan

      Candies is very cute, a bit young for me. I love Kohls.

    • Kacy

      I really like the Vera Wang line at Kohl’s. The clothes and the purses all use high quality material that lasts through wash and wear.

    • Katie J.

      Kohl’s is the best bang for the buck!

    • Sheila B

      I have always loved Candies. I hate that I got rid of a really cute pair from the 70s that would be back in style now. Cant even tell my 27 yr old daughter cause she is really into fashion as well as vintage clothing. She would be crushed!

    • Jennifer G

      I like everything from Kohl’s. The Candie’s clothes are very cute and colorful.

    • Amber G

      I like the classic back-to-school style that Candie’s offers but the Vera Wang collection is still my favorite!

    • Renee C

      The Candie’s collection is cute, but I like the Daisy Fuentes line better!

    • Jamie

      I like the Candies line, but it’s probably too young for me (insert sigh here). My niece would love it!

    • http://lissaxolove-melissa.blogspot.com Melissa Williams

      I like the Candie’s brand because it also provides more fancier clothing that’s sooooo cute and still inexpensive :)

    • Liza Cardona

      I love the “Candies” line. It is completely adorable. However Vera only looks good in hanger. It always make me look fat and does not mold to my body.

    • djp

      sign me up

    • Cody Endres

      I actually haven’t been to Kohl’s in quite a while, so I can’t really comment on brands they carry. I did buy a few jackets there years ago. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Jess D

      I love the new candies line. the clothes are so sophisticated yet everyday wearable. I love the new modified blazers and vests that are so in right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win. :-)

    • anna kuznetsov

      Candies******Easy,chic and sofisticated*****Candies

    • angie

      The Candies Collection is so fresh. I do love the Vera Wang collection, though. It is so classic.

    • Mary Catherine

      I love the Vera Wang line–so elegant and lovely!

    • Rebecca Graham

      I like the Candee’s brand clothes on the younger set. They can look stylish without looking sloppy.

    • JANICE R


    • Pamela Callahan

      The Candies collection is nice but I think my favorites are Vera Wang and Daisy Fuentes

    • Deanna

      I think the collection is great! I love Candie’s :)

    • Tari Lawson

      I am not a big fan of the Candies clothes but I do love their shoes.

    • pat

      I love Kohls and the Candies collection.

    • Carol Lawrence

      My granddaughter loves the Candie line,and I like to shop there also.

    • scarlette

      I love both the candie’s collection and daisy fuentes

    • Marie Fink

      I love Kohl’s! The Vera Wang stuff is pretty nice! I love it all at Kohl’s! I get everything there!

    • Ronda Garnett

      I adore the Candie’s shoes :)

    • Heather S

      Candies is fun and Vera Wang has pretty clothes that are very modern.

    • david basile

      Candie’s collection cool

    • Alice C

      I like Fergie’s :0)

    • Elizabeth

      I like the Daisy Fuentes collection at Kohls.

    • Sharon Harmon

      Kohl’s Candies Collection is deliciously chic and sassy!! Thank you for the contest!

    • merle

      i love Kohl’s

    • Laura

      I’m a little old for the Candies collection :) but I love love the Daisy Fuentes line at Kohl’s.

    • Joannie

      I’ve always wanted to try the Vera Wang line!

    • Renski

      Candie’s collection is for your little pop princess.

    • Cujo

      I like Lee & Levis that you can purchase from Kohls.

    • Shelley Mitchell

      We love the Candies collection – it’s awesome!

    • Carol G

      I love just about anything from Vera Wang.

    • Linda Fish

      Love Kohls, the Candies collection is ok but a little too trendy for our schools here

    • Kathy Scott

      I like the 1923 Jewelry

    • Ari Favela

      I’m in love with Vera Wang. Give me more purses!

    • marge mckoen

      I love for their womens polo collection

    • toni sullivan

      i always wanted to go to kohls

    • Carolyn

      I think the Simply Vera Vera Wang Dolman Top is adorable!
      cjnedrow at gmail.com

    • http://bloggyfinds.blogspot.com/ jeanne

      I love the Candies collection and I love Kohl’s.

    • Linda

      Love their Gloria Vanderbilt collection in jeans and slacks, Kohl’s is my favorite store to shop!

    • Sylvie W.

      Color, color, color. Candies offers such cheery and bright clothing. I’d wearing it myself and call is my Back To Work clothing.

    • Katharine

      I love the Vera Wang clothes for me, and they have such wonderful clothes for my boys – like the OSHKOSH and Carter’s

    • Jennifer M.

      I think the Candies collection is young and cute!

    • Jacob

      The Candies Collection is cool. The Avril collection is pretty cool too

    • Pat

      Candie’s collection is very fashionable.

    • thinkingbrain135

      I have boys(2) so I tend to like the Urban Pipeline Collection or the Tony Hawk Collection from Kohl’s.

      thinkingbrain135 at gmail dot com

    • mitchell

      i love the colors in the Candie’s line. but i also like kohls for the levi’s .. thanks!

    • allyson ayala

      i love the sales that kohl’s has….everything they carry are quality products

    • krystal deblasio

      I think the candies collection is very cute and appropriate for school.

    • http://yahoo pete

      not bad

    • Carol V.

      I think the Candie’s collection is cute.

    • Kerrie Mayans

      I have a couple of Candies dresses that I love from Kohls’ I would love to win this gc so I could buy another one.

    • Jennifer M

      Candie’s is super cute for older girls (although a wee bit trashy for the younger set.)

    • Angela J

      I like this: Simply Vera Vera Wang Pleated Bib Front Top

    • Anne D

      I like Candies for teenage girls.

    • http://gmail.com Linda

      Love Kohl’s and a gift certificate would make it even better!!!

    • arielle

      I like their seven7 jeans! They are awesome! :)

    • mark

      I love the Vera Wang collection.

    • kristi blackstone

      Kohls is my fav shopping place! I love Candies, just bought two new pairs of flip flops from them last week!

    • Linda Lansford

      Candies has such a youthful look

    • Monique Rizzo

      Kohls has awesome sales! I love that store. Thanks for the chance. mogrill@comcast.net

    • Holly

      I love the Candies Collection, It is always on the forefront of fashion. I own a few of the Jewelry pieces and get so many compliments!

    • dianne

      The Candies Collection is great. Even my daughter thinks it’s cool.

    • denyse

      Kohl’s has many great clothing lines. I do love Candies though because it’s so much fun.

    • Selene M.

      These are cute fashions for the younger generation.

    • Cheryl W

      I love Candie’s collection of shoes. They are so feminine!

    • Tara

      I love all things Kohls! Vera Wang is one of my favorite lines at Kohls

    • http://tecknojock.deviantart.com Jonathan Davis

      I think the candies collection would be cute on several girls I know.

    • Daniel M

      my gf likes some of it and she’d love this card to get some!

    • Lori Walker

      I like the collection because it’s modern.

    • Stephanie

      Awesome prize. My daughter and I love Kohl’s.

    • Denise Blados

      I’m a big Kohlsoholic, but I’m not into the Candies collection. Around here, it’s straight up shirts and jeans.

    • laurie

      i love the collection, hope i win so i can buy them. thanks

    • Donna Thompson

      Really cool reved-up retro.

    • Jamie Z

      I think the Candies collection is super cute. There clothes are very stylish and they have great colors

    • Darlene T

      My daughter really likes the Candie’s stuff.

    • Chris G.

      I think the Candies shoes are so cute, just as they were back in the 70′s when all the girls were wearing them. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • nicole

      I really like the simply vera shoe collection. I have a pair of really nice looking brown strappy sandals from the line that I love.

    • Christine V

      love Candie’s collection of shoes

    • Tina J

      I really like the Elle collection from Kohls. That is the first thing I look at every time I walk in!

    • http://jdaniel4smom.blogspot.com JDAniel4smom

      I like Carters.

    • Pat Connors

      My daughter loves it. Thanks for the chance to buy more.

    • Paula H

      I remember when Candie’s first became popular in the 80′s :)

    • Anna

      I really like most of the Candie’s Collection!

    • Erica C.

      The Candie’s line is great. It’s modern, stylish, and thankfully available at Kohl’s, at a great price!

    • Susan T

      Love the Vera Wang bags at Kohls. This is a favorite shopping place of our, especially on extra percent off days.

    • Kris Lindsey


    • Kris T.

      The Candie’s brand is so trendy without being trashy. Thanks for the chance to win the Kohl’s gift card. Awesome prize.

    • S. Glinsey

      Candies shoes are cool. The Elle line is my fave!

    • Janna Johnson

      I love Kohls! The Candies is nice for teens!!!

      Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

      Janna Johnson

    • Sherry

      I love Candie’s shoes.

    • Justine

      I love a lot of the stuff Kohl’s has, including Candies which is a young, fresh, and vibrant brand.

    • Chalyn Coleman

      The candies collection is very trend forward.

    • rachel burke

      i love the vera wang

    • carole rossi

      I am impressed that Kohl’s now carries Vera Wang. Love it.

    • alycep

      Love Vera Wang! Even if I am not a size 4 I can still feel comfortable in her clothes. And with the great sales at Kohl’s I can get a lot with the $25 GC!

    • Kimberly

      I like how the Candies line looks more expensive than in is. I also like the SO jeans for casual wear. They run extra big so I can wear a size smaller and feel good. :)

    • Jennifer C.

      I like the Sonoma products from Kohl’s.

    • Heather Mitchell

      The Candies collection is extra cute! I especially love the shoes, and dresses!

    • Gayle J

      I like Kohls a lot, Candies is very cute and up to date

    • Ken Robinson

      My sister would love this gift certificate. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

    • Greta

      Wow, some of the most stylish clothing I’ve seen in a while. Feminine…a little sexy, too.

    • Donna L

      I love the Vera Wang collection at Kohl’s

    • Leslie Price

      Love the Vera Wang.

    • Julie Hawkins

      I adore Vera Wang’s Kohl’s collection—affordable luxe for me!

    • Katherine Gray

      I am huge fan of the Vera Wang collection at Khols but I am even more excited for Lauren Conrad’s new line to arrive there!

    • Mimi the kitten

      My favorite Kohl’s collection is 1928 Jewelry!

    • Kimberly

      The Candies line is really cute. Seems to be targeted for teenagers.

    • Ashley

      my fave thing at kohls is definitely the vera wange collection i LOVE it and it also has some great shoes =)

    • Courtney

      I think this line is adorable. My daughter loves shopping at Kohl’s for back to school clothes.

    • Apple

      This Candie’s line is fun and cool for teens and college students! :)

    • Elizabeth J

      I like Vera Wang and Elle aat Kohls

    • Emily R.

      I love Vera Wang at Kohls:)

    • Letessha

      Love all Candies and Vera Wang!

    • Carissa

      I love the Candie’s line; they have a lot of excellent, stylish pieces of good quality. And their shoes aren’t bad either. =P

    • Teresa

      I really like the Candie’s collection!

      :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    • http://www.madamerkf.blogspot.com wendy wallach

      I think the candies collection is appropriate for teens as well as being affordable and well made.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Caroline

      Kohl’s is my first stop for everything ….. clothes, gifts, toys…. great value for price…

      thanks for the opportunity…. keeping my fingers crossed !

    • Theresa D

      I think the Candies collection has some really cute things for teen girls.

    • Laura G

      Candies is cute, but I heart Vera and Daisy

    • Geoff K

      I think the Candies collection offers a refreshingly age-appropriate (but still stylish) look, but for something with a little more edge to it, I think Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn line for Kohl’s is a pretty cool alternative. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Janet Zavoral

      Candies is cute for juniors. School appropriate for the most part.

    • Renee C.

      I am an avid Kohl’s shopper. My son loves Tony Hawk, My daughter loves Candies and Abbey Dawn. I love Daisy Fuentes, Elle, and Vera Wang.

    • Tweaka

      Vera at Kohl is wonderful. Stylish without sticker shock!

    • Craig Johnson

      Great stuff!! I love it!!

    • Isa

      Very nice collection! Great prices

    • http://sanityisforthosewithoutchildren.blogspot.com/ Sonya

      We adore Kohl’s! We can get great brand names for the same price as discount stores! I like Candies brand, although it’s not a style that works for me!

    • Christie

      Love, love Vera Wang. Candies not so much. I think the shoes would be silly for school but there are plenty of colorful, fairly practical selections from Candies for school.

    • Erma

      I love Kohl’s clothing. I like the Abbie Dawn line.

    • Rosey

      I was thrilled when Vera Wang began selling at Kohl’s (and I still am!). My daughter really likes the Candie’s line, and I do too. I really like the pink shirt you have showcased. I also like the Ralph Lauren clothes in the baby/toddler section.

      Thank you!

    • Janice Wright

      I like the daisy fuentes tops. They are so cute & so affordable at Kohls.

    • Eric Breunig

      My mom always liked shopping here for their NFL themed merchandise (tshirts, etc)

    • Jillian Veit

      I love the Candies brand

    • Tammie

      I most like the shoes but my trouble is that when I shop at Kohl’s I’m like a kid in a ‘Candie’ store! :)

    • Annette

      I found some wonderful Vera Wang shirts for my mom at Kohl’s. I love Vera Wang. Thanks!

    • Katrina Waite

      I love the vera wang collection for myself, it’s stylish and affordable. For my daughters, I love the candy collection, it’s trendy and affordable.

    • Paul Duca

      I prefer the classic casual pants like Dockers and Haggar

    • http://SheilaVeit@msn.com Sheila Veit

      nice prize

    • Heather M

      I think the Candie’s Line is fantastic Good Lasting Clothing! I own a few items already and they’re still in great shape!

    • Diane Baum

      my favorite at Kohl’s is the Vera. I love her style.

    • Barbara

      Candies is very hip, nobody will make fun of your kids at school for wearing anything from that line, that’s for sure!

    • Valeen N

      My daughter would absolutely love the candies collection! And I’d love to buy some for her! Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores.

    • Carol

      Vera Wang is so special and pretty. What a designer name to find there.

    • Carol
    • Gena

      I really like the Avril collection. I just wish she didn’t put her name all over it


      i think kohls has some neat clothing

    • Kate

      The Vera Wang collection is great! Kohl’s always as some amazing clothes.

    • http://smalonedesign.com Stephanie Malone

      I am a Kohl’s fanatic. I spend way too much money there…but I always get such great deals and my dollar goes really far. My favorite collection is the Vera Wang collection. But I’m also a fan of Elle, Candie’s, Apt. 9 and others. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    • Julie

      I like Candies and Apt. 9

    • Gloria

      Kohl’s is a great store with reasonable prices! I love Vera a lot and the Candie’s collection is so cute!

    • Linda J.

      I love the KitchenAid product line that Kohl’s carries.

    • Debra F

      My son loves the Tony Hawk line from Kohls, and I’d love to win this to get him a thing or two for back to school Thanks.

    • Isaac A.

      My friend loves the Candies Collection, I usually buy Nike or Adidas, but Kohl’s has tons of great shoes.

    • http://iblameitonthecat.blogspot.com Heather Goldsmith

      My daughter loves the Candie’s collection, and I can definitely afford it at Kohl’s. Thanks!

    • Julie K

      My husband and son like the Tony Hawk clothes and I like the Vera Wang designs the best. We love shopping the great sales they have at Kohls, too. Thanks!

    • Lori Hilts

      My daughter loves the Angels brand jeans. I just bought some of the Lee secret fit jeans – they are remarkable! Extremely soft with a little bit of spandex so they don’t cut in when you sit down!




    • shawna

      I love Candies and Vera Wang.

    • Kathy

      I really like the Candie’s collection! They really have great style

    • Susan Ledet

      The Candies Collection has nice clothing for young teenagers at affordable prices.

    • jennifer h

      I love Kohl’s! It is my fave store.

      The Candies collection is very cute and stylish for teenage girls, and affordable for their parents!

    • chris h

      i like this collection, its sweet

    • Yvonne Butler

      I love the Candies tops but those shoes, Wow, but I’m not looking for myself but for my granddaughter who is in college and She would love all of them. Thanks for the chance to win it for her.

    • Barbara M

      I think the Candies Collection is well designed and I like the styles.

    • Lauren

      I love Candie’s collection at Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s too!
      I hope I win!

    • Jennifer M

      I love the Vera Wang because it makes me feel much more luxurious.

    • Kelsey

      I love the candles collection!!



    • chastidy

      I like the Candies collection and I love the Vera Wang :)

    • http://myloonyverse.com Dddiva

      The little divas love the Candies collection at Kohl’s. I love the prices. Win, win for everyone. ( I seriously think I need to get the mini-diva the sundress. And the shoes.)

    • checkers

      I think the Candies line is stylish and fun. What young person wouldnt luv to be dressed and or shoed in these fabulous wares. I liked the Candie’s® Ruffled Blouse alot and I dont like that Britney is representing Candies, would of much liked someone like Hayden panettiere or Jennifer Garner in that place.

    • dawn

      Love Candies shoes, clothes and accessories great brand. Cute and trendy

    • Lindsay

      I love the candies collection especially the shoes!

    • Jennifer gersch

      I love the vera wang style, unique but classy

    • http://www.sofachip.com Jessica Rae

      I love Vera Wang for Kohl’s especially the flip flops she had there last summer, and the pillows she has in the decor section :) Thanks!

    • Paula Harmon

      Really cute shoes, but my daughter would never wear heels to school. Comfort is important, at least I think so, you are going to be at school all day, you should be comfortable!

    • Cynthia C

      Vera Wang is one of my favorite designers. Now I can afford her clothes!

    • Jere

      I love Vera Wang’s collection at Kohl’s, especially her t shirt line. They are comfortable great quality, stylish, and now affordable.

    • pam day

      I love to shop at Kohl’s for my little girls clothes.

    • http://mom2anutball.blogspot.com Sheila Hickmon

      I really like the Candies collection! It’s so cute and fashionable!

    • Chasidy Pate

      I love Kohls

    • Gabriel J.

      My son loves Tony Hawk! Make him a winner!

    • Audrey M.

      I love brittney spears collection at Kohl’s. Thankyou for the contest! :)

    • Candie L

      I have always contemplated emailing the Candie’s company and asking if I could have some things comped since we have the exact same name (spelling and all). Have been too chicken to try. We love Kohls. We are able to go there about 3 times a year. My husband buys all of his shoes from there. Thank you

    • tonya williams

      I love the candie’s collection..I remember having some of their shoes back in the 70′s..the kind with the hard wooden bottoms…they sure have come along way!

    • Shane Davanzo

      I love the Candies collection… and it’s cheap too!

    • amy delong

      I love the Candies&Avril lines
      Awesome lines


    • Trish

      i love the candies collection, they have a fun and fresh look!

    • Gloria Dornin

      I think the Candies are perfect for school clothes and I love the daisy fuentes clothes

    • Susan Smith

      The Candies Collection has a nice clothing selection for young teenagers.

    • George

      We love Ver wang, it’s classic.

    • Lacey

      I really like the Candie’s line. A lot of the pieces are casual mixed with a little bit of elegance – I like that.

    • Denise

      I like that the Candies collection has stayed current with the trends. I love the stylish new line of shoes, especially. I’ve always been a fan of the brand.

    • http://stormsafety.blogspot.com Auriette

      I was surprised that so many of the Daisy Fuentas clothing items appealed to me. When I heard the name, I expected it to be for young people, which I’m not, but the line has a lot of cute items I would feel comfortable wearing.

    • ktanjatk

      I like the Vera Wang collection. Basic and classic pieces which you can wear anytime and can pair nicely with everything.

    • Mya Brooks

      I love everything about Kohl’s!!!

    • katie

      I love the Candie’s Collection at Kohl’s! The cage style shoes you pictured are way in this season :)

    • Sarah G.

      I love how the Candies collection is super cute AND affordable :)

    • john ferris

      Kohl’s is one of the top department stores in the USA.

    • Pamela S

      Kohl’s is usually our first “go to” store. I love the hot pink top and the dress you show here on your post. Thanks so much!

    • joanna smith

      I love, love to shop at Kohl’s! They offer so many fashion forward designer brands of clothing and I think the Candies Collection is super cute! I am loving each item you pictured above, especially that black and white short sleeved little jacket. How cute would that be to wear back to school with a hot pair of jeans or a sleek black pencil skirt?! I love to dress fun and flirty and yes a little sassy so the Candies Line is just my style. I do like the Vera Wang clothes, they are a little more sophisticated and very classy indeed! I find her designs perfect for special occasions or to wear to work where a more polished classic look is called for. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

    • Annemarie

      The Candies Collection is awesome!!

    • Latisha DePoortere

      I like kohl’s the candies collection is nice!

    • Sarah Lehan

      Candies collection is great for the young-uns, but not for us old-fogies. My granddaughter will look good in those. Thanks for the contest.

    • Jammie

      I think the candies collection has some adorable clothes. My daughter would love some of the shirts they have,

    • katiea

      Daisy Fuentas actually has some good looking clothing… stuff that I wouldn’t feel silly wearing because I’d never have my photo in elle or vogue. There needs to be more ‘normal people clothes’ available at most stores, luckily Kohls has plenty!

    • Betty C

      I love the variety of styles at Kohl’s. Candies is a very nice style although not for my age bracket – this would have to be for my granddaughter who love be thrilled.

    • Patti Sherman

      I love the Vera Wang collection. I buy my grandchildrens school clothes @ Kohl’s and this would be great

    • kathy pease

      my daughter loves anything by candies :)

    • Leilani

      the candices collection is GREAT(:

    • djgroz

      Everything is great at Kohl’s.
      Thanks for the chance to win a prize!

    • jjean

      I think Kohls has some stylish lines. I like the Vera Wang line, especially the bags, though I would prefer leather or natural materials. I saw that they have a Dana Buchman line. I’d like to check it out. Thanks!

    • kathleen yohanna

      The style is a little young for me but I love the Candie’s shoes. If I win I might give the gift card to my daughter. She would love this collection.

    • Julie

      I love Candies shoes!

    • DanV

      Great collection for the new school year

    • Anne G

      I like the Candies brand, it is fashionable but still reasonably priced. Great giveaway.

    • Nettie

      I like Candies and also Vera Wang. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • http://www.mamamakesmoney.net/ Chelsea

      I love the Candie’s collection because it’s age appropriate for me, a twenty year old.

    • http://brdgcombs@aol.com Bridget Michelle Combs

      I have the Vera Wang comforter set that I purchased at Kohls and I love it!

    • Shannon

      Kohl’s has the perfect back to school attire for all ages!

    • Tina Bowen

      My famliy loves Kohl’s!

    • Sarah Z

      My daughter loves the line from Avril Lavigne!

    • Veronica Garrett

      I love the Vera Wang Collection. I feel so sophiscated waeinf the dresses, Solid Tees,pants. I love the Simply Vera Vera Wang Floral Mesh String Bikini Panties.

    • Maja

      candie’s collection is cool

    • Michelle H.

      I think the Candie’s collection is cute. I am not a fan of Britney, though.

    • Gail Crawford


    • R Hicks

      The candies collection is very hip and cool as I see it.

    • http://twitter.com/j_dawg8 Jessica

      I really love candies stuff, some of it runs a little small but all in all it’s totally awesome stuff. I love their dressy stuff :)
      Awesome give away thank you!!!

      jessicasjunk08 (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Deb K

      The candies collection is really cool~Thanks for the chance :)

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      i love the candie’s line! i always get something when kohl’s is having their sales.

    • Pamela White

      I like Bali and Bre Necessities from Kohls.

    • http://thriftyjinxy.blogspot.com/ Chrysa

      The Candies line has so many cute things!

    • Sand

      Candie’s isn’t really my style but I love the Vera Wang Collection, there are a lot of great pieces that go well with previous collections.

    • lilshuga2001

      I am in love with Candies new line! The clothes are so much fun to wear! :)

      thanks for the chance!!

    • Donna K

      I love their clothes.

    • Lily Kwan

      I think the Candie’s collection is very cute!

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