Tiffany Star Pendant

Yes, it’s from Tiffany’s! I am faklempt.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving an unexpected gift–and then seeing it in that tell-tale blue box. I think it leads to a sort of chemical reaction, and no matter what is inside, you just may need to change your panties.

OK, not quite…but how pretty is this???

From Tiffany & Co, this star pendant is a permanent fixture around my neck. Till the end of time.  The star is crystal – and large – and it’s on an 18-inch silver chain. I must also report that it makes everything it touches look better. It’s like magic!

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    • laura

      Love it! I may have to not-so-subtly hint that I’d like that for our 10th wedding anniversary in October. :)

    • http:///members/star1/ Star Stevenson

      So pretty! Totally agree, there’s just something about Tiffanys! :)

    • mineola

      I agree, that particular box revs up the adrenaline! Appealing star design, too.