Philips Norelco Trimmer And Clipper

Philips Norelco wants to bring sexy back by introducing two products in their collection. The Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer and Philips Norelco 180 Degree Clipper.

Philips Norelco DIY 180 Clippers

Philips Norelco DIY 180 Clippers

Philips Norelco 180 Degree Clipper is for when you don’t feel like or have time to see your Barber. The DIY rotating head will help you give yourself a haircut. It can clip hard to reach places around the neck and ears. The 10 adjustable length settings and 2 combs will help you customize the hair length you want. Other details include :

# 180 degree pivoting head allows for easy do-it-yourself hair clipping, even in the hardest to reach areas
# Customize your haircut with 10 adjustable length settings, up to 7/8 inch, and just two combs
# Self-sharpening blades for a precise, “clean cut” every time

Whether you want an even buzz or a maybe just a little bit off of the top. $39.99 from Amazon, Target, and

Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer

Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer

Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer is pretty much the 1st one in the US market to give you that precisely cut facial hair. It’s actually called “the perfect stubble”. Known be the hardest look to maintain without constantly doing the shaving and growing routine. With the Stubble Trimmer, everything is possible. Other details include :

# Hardened Inox Steel blades are sharper than titanium and cut hairs without pulling; they also have a long life for a consistently, convenient cut
# Proprietary Steel-Wave technology with wave-shaped, self-sharpening blades that channel and cut hair for a precise and even trim
# With a 10 hour charge, can be used for up to 35 minutes cordless, or anytime plugged in

Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer is available today, August 13th at Target, Kohls,, and and Bed, Bath & Beyond for $39.99.

(Images : Philips Norelco Press)

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