Sharon Lawrence, This Isn’t Bingo Night

I have often thought of Sharon Lawrence as an example of exactly how I want to mature as a woman. She always looks sophisticated with a kind of cheeky glint in her eye and glow in her red hair.

But this closely cropped mop and grandma outfit is over the top bad, my dear. Are you going to play cards with the girls? Taking your grandson to the park? Catching up on your knitting? Oh no, of course not. You are at a movie premiere in Hollywood for the indie flick Spread.

The shirt has potential (if it weren’t borderline see through and draped over hideous floral pants) but the rest of it has demoted Sharon from hot woman to hot older woman. You see, that is the key differentiator, darling. As soon as you “look good…for your age” what is the use going to all that extra effort anymore?

Image: Sharon Lawrence

Image: Sharon Lawrence

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