Nordstrom Guide To Men’s Style

DETAILS magazine has already released it’s Men’s style guide book, Men’s Style Manual in 2007. Esquire recently launched a book as well called The Handbook Of Style. It’s Nordstrom’s turn with it’s launch of Nordstrom Guide To Men’s Style.

Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style

Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style

Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style is by Tom Julian and foreword by Pete Nordstrom. This Men’s style book promises to be an easy-to-use system which will provide important facts and tips in identifying every Men’s identity when it comes to style and fashion. This definitive guide book showcases information on how to incorporate the staple items like suits, trousers, coats, shirts, etc, that are found in your wardrobe into your daily lifestyle.

The are also additional tips and tricks that you could use in traveling, easy DIY, as well as tailoring. You can get your copy of this book at Nordstrom for only $19.95.

(Image : Nordstrom)

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