Ujjwala Raut Attempts to Have British Husband Deported

Indian supermodel Ujjwala Raut reportedly is trying to have her British husband deported after a serious of fights. She has accused Craig Maxwell Sterry of attacking her.


Raut has covered magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire and her husband is claiming she is using her fame in India against him. She wants his rights to live in India revoked, so that she can claim full custody of their daughter.

Sterry, who is a former model himself, in a letter of petition to the country’s supreme court has said, "Ever since the birth of baby Ksha in 2005, things started getting sour in the relationship between the petitioner and Raut.

"The petitioner has been single-handedly looking after Ksha throughout as his wife was busy with her modeling assignments.”’

Their marriage supposedly was great until the birth of their daughter in 2005, when Raut gained weight and tried desperately to get back in shape. It’s being reported that Sterry took over the care of their daughter and the couple spent more and more time apart. They’ve been married since 2002.

Sounds like one big mess!


Image Credit: Newscom

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    • maxwell Raut-Sterry

      This from Maxwell Raut-Sterry:
      Things are not going my way the High Court Mumbai, Goa has again rejected my Writ petition against there first order revoking my PIO card. This card is Valid until 2021 and can be taken away on grounds of national security and other substantial acts against India, As I have said I have been looking after our daughter for the past two years here in India while my wife worked in NYC, I would bring Ksha to NY every three month to see her mother. Ksha was with me in Goa until five months ago when she arrive in India came to our home in Goa told me she was leaving for two days to Mumbai, the very next day in a local paper Ujjwala had placed a Public notice saying I had abandonned my child and no longer witshed to take care of her… she has not let me see or talk to my daughter since that date. The case of the knife incedent was Ujjwala’s unprovoked attack on my while I was with my daughter Ksha was screeming sitting on the bed while my wife was trying to kick down the door… I was terrified and ran for my life with daughter in hand. She is doing everything with and against the law to get me removed from India (A place where my mother was born) she is trying to wreck my life and sepperate me from my Daughter… what kind of mother does this to her child? I am a loving father who will fight for true justice and the right to be part of Ksha’s life as I have always been. I do not smoke Drink or take drugs I am hard working and a good person. I need help from anyone who is intrested in helping… all my money is going on legal expensise and I am up against a powerful and rich wife, You can imagine how you would feel if this was to happebn to you, I have done nothing wrong and myself and my daughter deserve justice.

    • june sterry Payne

      i am maxwells sister. he is being portrayed as a bad person in the indian press. unfortunately ujwalla s beauty is only skin deep. she is hell bent on having her own way. maxwell is a wonderful father, the fact that he cannot see ksha is killing him. anyone who knows my brother knows that is he a good kind & gentle man. ujwalla was lucky to have had him for a husband. marraige is supposed to be a two way relationship, maxwells career was at its peak when they met he helped her on her way, how sad that she has so quickly forgotten that and chooses not to help & support him when he was raising my niece.