• Mon, Aug 31 2009

36th Annual Daytime Emmys: Kristen Storms

Is Kristen Storms concerned that she might find herself in the ladies room during the 36th Annual Daytime Emmys…without toilet paper? I can’t seem to come up with another reason why one might be alright with such a strange embellishment for any other reason…certainly not for reasons related to “fashion” or “style”…it’s too out of place and ultimately the downfall of an otherwise simple and elegant sillouette.

One can only hope that a fashion savvy photographer or seat filler saw this monstrocity and took the liberty of pulling it off before the night was done. The classy, strapless number that lies beneath the filmy white strap of fabric is a beauty. Would be nice to see it get to shine solo.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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