• Mon, Aug 31 2009

80′s Doubledown Sunglasses on Moxsie

Moxsie is a great website for finding independent designers with extremely creative and passionate work.  I respect the Moxsie team’s ability to handpick up-and-coming designers from around the world who create unique merchandise from sunglasses to handbags to dresses.

I originally discovered Moxsie through the funky Cassius Eyewear collection that is being worn by celebrities like Kanye West and Rihanna.  Moxsie also has stylish and vividly colored sunglasses from independent designer Doubledown NYC.

Image: Moxsie

Image: Moxsie

Doubledown NYC eightyfourseries in Blue $180

The eightyfourseries is a re-make of an original pair of sunglasses that debuted in 1984.  The updated version has the same square frames and gold detailed temples, but is paired with new brightly colored acetate and gradient lenses.  I love the funky retro feel with the boxy frames and thick flashy gold.  Doubledown NYC has styles that are inspired by important eras of music and hiphop culture.  The eightyfourseries is based on the turning point in the 1980′s when the Doubledown founder believes that “hiphop became a global phenomenon.”

Image: Moxsie

Image: Moxsie

Doubledown NYC eightyfourseries in Gold $180

The eightyfourseries is available online at Mosxie in Blue, Gold, and Red.

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