• Tue, Sep 1 2009

How to Wax Your Legs at Home

My favorite home waxing product is Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit. This kit is a low-temperature, aromatherapy-based hair removal system and it works on all parts of your body. From face to bikini line to legs, you can remove stubborn hair very gently and effectively.

Image: Macy's

Image: Macy's

The key is that it uses a special Pre-Waxing lotion to keep the wax from sticking to the skin. So it grabs the hair without damaging your skin.

The Poetic Waxing Kit includes:

  • one enamel mug filled with 200 g of Poetic Wax
  • one 50 ml bottle of Poetic Skin Prep
  • one 50 ml bottle of Poetic Pre- and Post-Waxing Lotion
  • three large spatulas
  • three small spatulas
  • complete waxing directions

You can get the kit for $45 at Macy’s, drugstore.com, skinstore.com and a variety of other retailers.

What home waxing products do you use, or do you always head to the spa?

Recently, I came across this video with some great tips on waxing your legs at home using waxing strips. You may find it helpful if you wax at home.

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