Giveaway: Scarf Fingerless Gloves Headband

Fashionable cold weather accessories are some of the hottest items for Fall and Winter fashion this year.  Innovative fabrics and fun colors add personality to basic outfits.  My absolute favorite accessory for Fall is the long fingerless gloves, so I was so excited to find an adorable pair by Curations with Stefani Greenfield found on, that was paired with a Lurex headband and scarf.  I am happy to announce that Curations is now hosting a Giveaway for a matching set of their Lurex fingerless gloves, headband, and scarf on Splendicity!

Lurex Fingerless GlovesLurex Fingerless Gloves

These long fingerless gloves are exactly the design that will be in style this Fall.  The design is practical with the open fingers allowing for you to have use of your hands and not have to remove your gloves all the time…which is always a pain!  The elbow-length design not only looks super fashionable, but also allows you to carry your shorter sleeved styles into the cooler weather months.

Lurex HeadbandLurex Headband

This wide stretchy headband with a rosette is also right on target for Fall fashion.  The stylish headband looks adorable and is a great option for keeping warm when you want to incorporate a great hairstyle into your cold weather look.

Lurex ScarfLurex Scarf

The third piece in this stylish cold weather set is a matching soft scarf with a scalloped edge.  I absolutely love the idea of using this soft fun fabric to create fabulous pieces that can be worn together or mixed and matched with other accessories.

Curations is hosting this amazing Giveaway for one Splendicity reader to receive a set that includes a Lurex pair of fingerless gloves, a Lurex headband, and a Lurex scarf in a color of your choosing.  These pieces are not available to the general public until the Curations show debuts the entire Fall 2009 collection on HSN on September 15, so you are getting a sneak peek at their newest products!

To enter the contest you must leave a comment on this post by Sunday, September 13 at 11:59pm answering the question:  Which color would you choose if you won the Lurex winter set? The color options are all pictured above and include Purple, Navy, Grey, Black, Ivory and Brown.  One winner will be randomly selected and will be notified on Monday, September 14.

Good luck!

UPDATE:  The winner for this Giveaway is Happi Shopr, who will be receiving a grey set of the Lurex scarf, fingerless gloves, and headband.  Thank you to all of you who entered!  If you would like to purchase the Lurex set, it is available online at Curations with Stefani Greenfield on HSN.  The Knit Headband and Scarf Set is currently on sale for $39.

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    • Natalia

      I would choose the grey one!!!!

    • Lauren

      Purple! It’s a gorgeous, rich autumn color that goes great with everything (esp my brown autumn coat)!

    • april brooks

      Purple, purple! This is a lovely giveaway. Thanks!

    • Sara

      I’m really diggin the brown it’s looks like bronze!

    • Debra Bashford

      It would be the purple for me!

    • dana

      Black, it goes with everything!

    • Jennifer K

      I would go with the heathered gray set! It matches a lot of different colors and looks warm!

    • ShootingStarsMag

      Oh, hard decision!!! they are all so pretty. I think I’ll say purple though. it’s my favorite color.

    • adrian

      I like the grey

    • Danielle L.

      I would choose the grey! Very versatile!

    • Liz

      Purple of course!

    • Anne Taylor

      Purple!! I love Purple!


    • sandy


    • Que Banh

      I’d choose my favourite colour, purple!

    • Lizzie

      I would pick the gray color! Wow, these are so pretty and what a wonderful giveaway!

    • Vicky H.

      I would choose Ivory so it’d match either of my coats and jackets.

    • Marilyn Wons

      I would choose the color purple if I won!

    • Eliane T.

      Purple is gorgeous! Thanks a lot.

    • Carol

      The Purple for me!

    • Adrienne Gordon


    • Sharon Harmon

      I would choose black because it makes me feel chic and classy! Thank you for the contest!

    • Apple

      All the colors are pretty! But I’m digging gray now since Fall is coming. :) Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    • Shari D

      I would have to choose the navy set.

    • Tracey Byram

      I would choose the Ivory because it would go with any of my jackets.

    • sara marcy

      since i would be giving this to my beautiful grandaugther, her favorite color is purple!!!

    • Kelly Nicholson

      Grey my mother needs this

    • Deedles

      I would choose the black.

    • Renee Richardson

      I love them all but I would choose the purple. It’s gorgeous. Thanks for the great contest :)

    • Jess

      Grey. Well…yeah, grey.

    • Shirley Hodge

      Well, truth be told, I want them all but since I have to choose one it would be the brown. It is such a lucious colour as they have defined it, I think bronze wonder would be a better name than brown.

    • cathi rushing

      I really like the brown

    • Lisa

      I would def choose the brown! Loves!

    • Lyudmila


    • virgomomwriter

      I would go with the lovely blue.

    • HilLesha

      I love the grey. :)

    • Kimberly

      I would pick the black. I really like the heathered texture that give it the graphite/gun metal look.

    • Christine V

      would choose black

    • yvette

      Purple for sure..what a beautiful scarf!

    • Laura DeLuca

      I like the gold one

    • Lucy Schwartz

      Purple please.

    • Yumi

      I’d pick the purple one. I wear a lot of black and am trying to incorporate more colors in my wardrobe. I feel weird wearing colors now that I’m so used to darks, so the purple accessory would be a good baby step! Haha :)

    • Fionen

      Navy for me. ^_^

    • Rian

      I’d pick purple…and I so need fingerless gloves (you try doing wedding photography outdoors in December without them!)

    • Damla

      I choose black, thanks.

    • Audrey M.

      I would definitely chose purple. Thankyou :)

    • tara2407

      Navy, it will match best with my daughters school uniforms, Thanks and good luck all !

    • Crystal F

      I would choose the black/gray ones. Thank you!

    • wendy wallach

      I would choose the purple color.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Dddiva

      I’d go for the navy.

    • Happi Shopr

      gray for me

    • Heather M

      Purple! Thanks

    • latiah

      I would love the purple set.

    • Susan C

      I have to go with the purple. I have to have some color to chase away the winter blahs!

    • styleezta

      would love the purple set :) my favorite!

    • Michelle Draveski

      the purple here too

    • Erma H

      I would choose the white set.

    • Chris Brownell

      I would choose purple, because that matches my new jacket, and would look fabulous!!!

    • Christina N

      I would love the Black Set. Thanks

    • Valerie

      black, maybe blue?

    • Andi

      These are awesome! I’m digging the beige…goes with everything!

    • Erin Brae

      Love all of them, would choose purple first!

    • Lori Walker

      I would love the brown color!

    • Shilo Beedy

      I would love the purple set

    • Stacie Rasmussen

      I would say blue, since I am planning on giving this to the wife, and that is her color.

    • charline

      I would chose the navy.

    • Jennifer

      the purple

    • Kelli Watson

      Definitely the black! Very classy, very sexy!

    • Charlotte V

      WOW>> the purple is fabulous and it would be my first choice, but the black will go with everything!! Susan brought up the winter blahs and that is true, but I love winter best! Okay, Okay>> purple is my favorite but black is my first choice… I love black

      Ya know, they are all more than wonderful and I would love any color they have! Thank you for the chance to win

    • El Valente

      it would have to be the navy

    • Joanna Smith

      I really like the Taupe color because I can wear it with all my Black coats as well as brown coats and it will work nicely with both of them! These look so super soft and warm and I sure need scarves and gloves like these in the winter that we have here! Thanks for the chance to enter.

    • Joanna Smith

      Oops, in my comment above I wrote Taupe but I meant Grey, I am so sorry! I was thinking about my Taupe boots as I was writing!

    • Colleen S

      The purple would be a fun change to the usual black.

    • Kim H.

      If I won this set I’d chose Navy, although I like all the colors here. thanks so much for this giveaway!

    • Lisa Duffy

      I love the purple set.

    • Kate

      Personally I like the blue!

    • Sarah Z

      I would choose the Ivory set!

    • Alice C

      ivory :0)

    • Carolyn G

      the Taupe color because it matches anything

    • Pamela S

      My main winter coat is black, so I’d pick the black. Thanks so much!

    • Sandra

      I love the Navy. I like a couple of the others, but yeah, Navy, LOL

    • Gianna

      The blue :)

    • Vicki Andrew

      love the purple, my daughter rides a moped to classes and this would be great for her for the fall and winter months

    • Cinthia V.

      I would love to get the black winter set, its so adorable and can go with most anything.

    • Debbie Welchert

      I love the black ones

    • Jennifer gersch


    • Antonette Chin


      im obssesed with that amazing color!!!!!! :)

    • Helena Chin


      as usual =)))

    • Charlotte Lapham

      Give me Black anytime.

    • Candie L

      I would choose the ivory color. THankyou

    • Marilyn R

      the blue is beautiful

    • Susan D

      Blue! Blue! Blue!

    • MMW

      Navy would go perfect with so much that I own. I love the fingerless gloves. Perfect for my cold arms!

    • Leslie

      Love the purple.

    • Brittney

      i’d pick the black, that way i would wear it with pretty much anything

    • ktanjatk

      I’d choose the black

    • Angela Johnson

      The Navy colored items (well all of them) are lovely. So cool!

    • Elizabeth J

      I’d go with the Black

    • Deborah R

      I’d choose ivory. Thanks!

    • Kim f

      Black, definately, the Black

    • Cristi

      I would choose the black. Thank you.

    • Sarah

      I would choose the purple!

    • Susan Bs

      I would choose the purple – would go great with my gray coat.

    • Susan Bs

      Following you on Twitter – susitravl

    • tanya

      I would pick black, with navy as a close second choice.

    • Shannon

      If I won this amazing giveaway I would absolutely choose black! It goes with everything and it’s my favorite color.

    • Marcy Strahan

      I would love the black the most.

    • Sand

      I would choose purple.

    • Veronica Garrett

      I would choose Purple.

    • Donna K

      I would love the purple.

    • Lily Kwan

      I would choose the Navy set.

    • Charlene Kuser

      I would choose ivory set

    • dawn

      I would absolutely choose black!

    • Shellie

      These are so cool! I would choose black, my favorite clothing color!

    • sylvia kriksic

      this would be great to win

    • Michelle

      The purple set looks like a great way to add colour to winter.

    • beltz

      the black is awesome

    • C. Beard

      Oh those are the cutest, I would just love the purple set…

    • Crystal Farmer

      I am n luv with the scarf and gloves and headband, would make a great look even better!!