Return of the Classic Timex 80 Watch

I love all of these retro product comebacks!  I definitely had an old school plastic Timex with the signature Indiglo backlit display that I got at a drugstore when I was in grade school.  Now the original simple plastic Timex watch that was popular in the 1980′s has been released in new vibrant colors and updated designs as the Timex 80.

I first spotted the Timex 80 on high-end fashion online retailer Net-A-Porter’s website and found it quite amusing that this simple little watch was now being sold next to Christian Louboutins.  But I also have to admit that I immediately wanted one!  Now I have been spotting this retro watch at every high end department store.  I love all the bright colors and whimsical feel of this timeless style.



Timex 80 Pink Blue and Lime Tri-Colour Watch $82.50

The popularity of the Timex 80 has made some of the best colors slightly difficult to track down.  This candy-colored style is my absolute favorite, but I couldn’t find it in any American department stores.  It’s so fabulous!

Image: Net-A-Porter

Image: Net-A-Porter

Timex 80 Metal Digital Watch in White $60

This is the classic white stainless steel elastic strap design…definitely a close second.  This is the perfect casual women’s watch.

Image: Barneys

Image: Barneys

Timex 80 Jumbo Digital Watch in Red Mars $60

This is the new Jumbo design from the Timex 80 Universe Collection.  This is an oversized update to the original 1980′s version.  It is also available in tons of fun colors like Blue Neptune, Pink Venus, and Green Earth.

At around $60 per watch and tons of color options, it is definitely tempting to buy one in every color.  You can see all of the available color options for the Timex 80 Classic and Jumbo at the Timex 80 website.

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    • thingymajigy from space

      Wow nice post kelly, those pictures are intensely captivating! The timex in pink/blue is a one I havent seen before, seems wicked and I’ll def add it to my retro watch site directory. The 80 jumbo in red aint bad either, although it kinda reminds me of the toy watches (WHY?!) I had when I was small where the face was actually just a picture!
      nice stuff!


      PS ive searched the pinky on amazon uk and nada…u know of any eurotrash dealers that could help me on that one? It almost looks like a marshmellow sweety…

    • Danny

      great post!

      I want the white metal one.
      …but i’m a GUY!!!

      What do you think: too feminine? No go?